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Fidget Cube Benefits atter to you Monta said, glancing at his eyes. Several from the bulletin board back to the classroom that girls through our side, they look to me with a look of disgust. It s her, Ma Qiuqiu, three shifts a year She She turned out to be a aid to communication Also to seduce Jin Yingming It s disgusting You give me shut up Montaigne one yelled at them. That several girls were scared ran into the school building. This in the end is how is it This in the end is how is it. I am more and more frightened, while Mengtai not pay attention, I ran to the bulletin board ran. Zhang Qizhen, stopped her I heard Monte too shout behind me, and soon I was Zhang Qizhen to tightly grabbed. I beg you to let me I desperately struggling, but Zhang Qizhen said nothing to let go, I am anxious to cry out. Mengtai a chase over, big step rushed to the front of the bulletin board, a tear off the poster, and then it torn pieces, and thrown into the trash. I stood there, no longer struggling, Zhang Qizhen also released his hand. Ma Qiuqiu class three students a year, please go to the principal s office immediately. Repeat again three classes of Ma Qiuqiu classmates immediately to the principal s office Broadcast over and over fidget cube release date again to broadcast, so I feel more afraid of panic following what happened. Standing in front of the principal s office, I feel that even the hand knocking on the door are shaking. Come in.e girl This kind of thing I want to be on it Kitahara love lost roof in the shed to find a place to nest up, we seem to have slept, but I can not sleep over and over again. I quietly got up and went to the river, the evening breeze gently blowing my clothes, because it is already autumn, when the wind to the body a little bit cool. Crickets in the grass with a cry of a high low voice, coupled with the river torrents issued a rushing sound, my heart was upset disorderly. Can not sleep Mr. Wood s voice interrupted my meditation, do not know when he has stood behind me. Can I sit down Yep What are you going to do in the future Mr. Wood s words to my heart suddenly sank, must face the brutal reality. Ma Qiuqiu You are simply a unique fool Unique fool Unique Fool In your heart, what am I What am I. What am I I hate the dirty crook. Dirty crook. Dirty crooks Their words in my mind kept echoing, I painfully clinging to his head, think the head will explode soon No I do not know Oh, Mr. Wood sighed, Qiuqiu, some things must be their own face. Do you think I really care about so baked a fish Like tonight, if you do not get the fishing rod, you will always eat Less than a fish. Mr I stare to see Mr. Wood, his face I have not seen the heavy. You can not be like me, has been nest in the bridge when the savage, right Mr. Wood and jokingly patted my shoulder, If you.

ility, I have some fidget cube design loss. Kim Ying ming, or as usual, so I think things that day, always felt like a dream. The morning sweep because of a person s sake, I went to school early, and finally the cleaning work done, the classroom was empty, I took the opportunity to lie on the desk began to add strength. Good itch Even a sleep is not stable, I scratched the ear, for a sideways, to continue Bells and bells, bells and bells class, the class Class begins Class begins I was surprised, and immediately sat up, but saw a huge face fidget cube gostwhite scrape together in the nose 1 cm place. Ghosts My first reaction to drill under the table. Ha ha ha small sparrow you are so afraid of death ha ha ha Good familiar voice Monte too I looked up in disbelief. Ha Ha you really are stupid ah How Think of me Who is not he A I the best in the world, the face, plus the arrogance fidget cube sale of the mighty. Why not speak, is not a dead mouse while I m not bullying you I ll help you avenge When it comes to Kim Ying ming, he becomes teeth. You you okay Although he is now alive, but the thought of the fragile look that day, I could not help but ask out loud. Of course good I am too a monk, but a hero Hit the win, lost the fight, the last laugh to be considered ruthless Now Mengtai a glimpse of gold. It s still early inverted This is what tongue.effort, and finally said a complete sentence. Yes will. I told her very positively. That you you give me down The side of the woman burst into tears, while life to pull my clothes, pulled me down from the bridge bar down. You you re blocking me I I have to You have to jump into the river Women fidget cube azure blurred eyes floating for a long time, and finally at my face, for Why I have to jump the river to grab someone with me why Yes ah, why her words like an awl, in my heart, mercilessly thorn a bit. I I am alive is simply unnecessary How could someone be worse than me Sister hysterically shouted, like a lollipop like a child, and her body mature dress is not consistent. He does not want me I choked. My boyfriend rolled up my money with other women ran Sister side sobbing side said. School expulsion My boss stole my plan and kicked me The best friend I forgot to tell you, the woman that ran with my boyfriend is my best friend Home I was an orphan since childhood, what relatives did not Sister seems to be afraid of being like me, and quickly interrupted my words said. I I stopped like a waterfall like tears, do not know what they can say. Haha finally grab but me, and I ll jump Sister excited to climb the bridge bar, and then like to think of what slumped on the railing, What am I doing, ah, I.o hear the sound when the basketball frame vibration. When we Hui Guoshen, the entire basketball are bombed Jinying Ming I love you Kim Ying ming I told you to set Jin Yingming Jin Yingming That it seems like a dunk it only in the comic book before seen today, even see a live show And this person is Jin Yingming However, he fidget cube brass he he he he was handsome But Kim Ying ming on the floor of the girls call completely do not care, on the contrary, he also showed a very impatient look, practice finished hurried back to the lounge. About twenty minutes later, Jin Yingming hurried out from the basketball hall. This time, the day has all black, and I followed behind Kim, he walked in the direction of the parking lot in the past, is to see Ling it. Well, along the way there are two poor girl confession failure, followed by the third male boys Is not it Boys also find him confession I hid in the corner of the curious to see the past, the day is too dark to see fidget cube benefits what they are doing, but vaguely heard What night eight I was listening, bad How he came in my direction, I immediately rushed out from the corner. Be careful I bumped into an embrace, how do you always work so reckless I m sorry How sound so familiar always I looked up to come. North facebr north of the stars looked at my hands the record book, and then washed me a small smile choting choting fidget cube purple ch.

Fidget Cube Benefits ying Ming. Purple bud Mengtai a tone like a child to the sugar, red lei Pieliaopiezui red. And then suddenly like to find anything like, pointing to the door like a pair of golden couple. You you You kid, is definitely you, you must be let me ignore fidget cube benefits the purple bud Mengtai a shouting directed at the gold Ying Ming wah wah. Shut up Now is not your time to identify relatives Discipline director Chong Chong Meng Tai a reproach. Your name Asked the Discipline Director of the cold boys at the door. Kim Ying ming. Or with the same answer on the tram. Well, one is the name of a small white face. Monte too sour in one side to say. Ah is the gold manager s son Hippo adults surprised to ask. Well, Kim Ying ming is still cold answer. Oh no wonder so, like me and so respect that year Hippo began to recall the past, completely forgotten that someone had just said not allowed to recognize relatives. I can go it Kim Ying ming of the hippo s memories are not interested. Of course, of course Please wait Hippocampus Director s face has become very kind, of course, only the gold son. Turned, he turned a fidget cube benefits serious look at the hands of a serious school record of the file, Ma Qiuqiu I heard a sudden point to the name, I have not sure. Ma Qiuqiu Which is it Give me out The impatient voice and repeat it again, I was afraid to hold up the handle Yes it s me. Do not wear fidget cube benefits the school.d their own free soul. From when The first time he was dead to save to gas The first time he was the one that he The first to see him with the action to say 800 Thank you The first time he saw the innocent eyes of the two car snacks Or, I asked him and the stars of the moon Death mouse Mengtai an angry voice pulled me back from the illusion. Mengtai one ugly face can no longer ugly, step by step approach to me The more beautiful, it never had the expression, so cold, so I am afraid Angry purple buds There River Shadow Moon Let go of your hand Mengtai almost rushed over a grabbed me, forced me to drag out. Head down I can not see all the expression, but I can feel, share of strange in the spread of Hands pain Mengtai a no matter what I do not keep up with, pulling me hard to move forward. His gloomy expression, I only seen in the purple bud event. The more the United States I whispered behind followed by the more beautiful. Where did he just touch you Meng Tai suddenly stopped, and hitting me hard. what I ask you Where Mengtai too violent to make me afraid to speak. Hand or waist here Monta a pinch my chin, pull over my face. Do not I subconsciously block the face. I will not cut your hand tomorrow you do fidget cube benefits not see the way to walk ah, actually let the mice only take advantage of cheap mice He he just just.

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