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Fidget Cube Bisque sponsibility to protect Ma Qiuqiu. Usually must be unified action Ma Qiuqiu if there is a personal will, must be allowed to be free to move too Strategic plan within a semester to prove that the Mongolian one more than Jinying Ming more out of the limelight, more talented than Kim Ying ming, more mannered than Kim Ying ming Completely out of the school Jinying Ming, from the Hayakawa Institute will be a Montana and Ma Qiuqiu the world At the end also added an exaggerated smiley symbol. God Why I am always involved in the center of the hurricane Come Sign it Is not it Also signed. I did not no pen Oh I found a good excuse. Then press the fingerprint Press fingerprint. There is no ah Is not a deed But not much better than the sale of the body is also strong. No no printing platform I quickly thought of a reason. Mengtai original fidget cube a drop of beads to a turn That easy to handle Say, press the fingerprint, after a few days do not admit it He grabbed my hand, forced out my thumb, hard to dawdle on the ground, the pain I wow who cried. Only to I feel that they are grinding out the bones, he put my thumb to the contract book force a press A very clear gray ash does not leave the finger print will appear. Mengtai a happy to put away the paper, folded back to hug the arms, happy like a child. From now on, we have to go home fidget cube light blue together from school, do you know Why I said one hundred thousand unwillingly.t classic one turned out to be me Unconscious secretly shocked the day Doue E can be sing Chivalrous woman Ma Qiuqiu Last year s first class party, took place in a scene of shaking ZZZZZZZZZ beauty rescue hero event. School students Jinying Ming and criminals encounter dangerous times, the courage of girls Ma Qiuqiu life and death will be placed outside the collar body out for the gold Yingming block dangerous knife, but since they fall outside the floor, is now in hospital for treatment. It is reported that the cause of the incident is Ma Qiuqiu assistance to the Department of Friends of the fidget cube khaki United States framed the incident, criminals caused by uneven distribution of stolen goods caused by internal strife. More exaggerated, I see the following leaflets and I do not know when the picture was bullied, indicating the victim and the more beautiful Q version of the image, is holding a I am a sinner. Ma Ma Qiuqiu I see passing by, even someone I put things into the story that day, between the students read. This world in the end how The original the original love sister I was not crazy I am a little panic pulled the sleeves of Kitahara love. Oh, how could I let the purple bud over you How, this is the power of the media ah God I want to come, that day, Little White Dragon is the emergence of Kitahara love is arranged Really horrible woman ah To Kitahara love dragged me into the.

ice interrupted a certain mood. Is not there simply no happiness The girl raised his head and looked fidget cube bisque at the direction of the sound came, such as asking, like muttering Or am I not worthy of happiness Seems to meditate for a while, and pass a sigh Hayakawa Admitted to Hayakawa it, maybe you can get what you want Hayakawa girls looked down Really Are you sure I was admitted to Hayakawa can be happy As in the dark to find a ray of light, girls become urgent A figure suddenly not far from the swing stand up, the girls would like to focus on the focal length, but could not see the shadow of human appearance. Maybe Each fairy tale has a pair of crystal shoes, on behalf of happiness, waiting, only to find its owner The first war the sparrow girl debut 1 VOL 1 Dark blue, cut close, but highlights the elegant and noble temperament of the sailor uniform. The Sleeping Shoulder Milk White Glne Doll Bag. That guy in the mirror, is that me Although a little freckled face or bluntly long N acne, the most terrible one is more long in the nose. Although a little fat figure always break my beautiful girl s dream, only in the passing window when secretly looking at two. There is a pair of big scary glasses cover half of the face, accompanied by obedience of the Obasan style tails. but But that guy has a cheap fidget cube happy face I ve never had ah. I carefully reached out to the mirror to exploreeat has been empty, Jinying Ming in the morning in the thoughtful, calm and disturbing morning Class bell rang, Mongolia too one has not come yet. Get out of class, and Mongolia too did not come. After school, Monty one still did not come No one knows why he did not come, and no one knows where he went. A series of three days, have not seen a shadow of Mongolia too, the day was a bit tranquil people panic. Jinying Ming almost did not speak, more and more time to meditate. Today, I and Monte too do a duty day, he is not, so I am the only one. Erase the blackboard on the value of the list of the moment the moment, I suddenly a little sad this guy even if I fear he was looking for him to debt, do not not appear ah, say he does not give, then who can get him any way. Immersed in their own thoughts, I did not find the sky late, the campus becomes very quiet. Meow meow Huh cat meow Monte too Probably my hallucination Meow meow Huh. Really is a cat called Could it be said and Monte too a first encounter scenes quickly replayed in my mind again, is it a fool. I had no time to think about it, then quickly ran to find the sound in the past. The school s parking lot was a basketball hall, rumors had been haunted events, has been fidget cube camo wasted. Now, the day has all black, looking for cat cry I stood on the first floor of a small wooden door outside, hesitated to enter or not in.t to To comfort her. Uh do not say anything today, will you Uh well. Thank you, my name is Yue Mei. I I am Ma Qiuqiu. You are Ma Qiuqiu The more the United States to hear my name seems to be surprised, uh you are famous. Yes My God, I can think of my famous way is what, just as just heard. Oh. The more the United States heard my name Puchi smile, no you want to be so bad, I want to go home early, you too Meng Taiyi know I did not stare gold Yingming, then, will certainly die miserable. Fortunately, looking for gold Yingming is not a difficult thing, just take a decibel measuring instrument can accurately find his position Ah Jinying Ming Jin Yingming Girls screaming sound of the gymnasium ceiling to overturned I love you Kim Ying ming Come on Jinying Ming Girls in the stadium like a mad, eyes and mind are only gold Ying Ming, and pulled his throat shouting. Jinying Ming in the field running practice, every time he ran, shooting baskets, in exchange for a wave of waves inside the cheers. Finally understand a little bit of China s entertainment is what the rich. I was thinking about this, Jin Yingming suddenly accelerated dribbling, approaching the basketball rack, he suddenly vacated the sky, single handedly grasp the ball, with the ball into the basketball box All the people inside the venue to see this scene are stunned, the basketball hall silence, only t.

Fidget Cube Bisque mbrace of a fidget cube bisque Mengti initiation of a trace of nostalgia can not do this He is the victim of the gold Ying ming, he harmed me I repeatedly warned myself. VOL 4 Exclusion and targeting the drama continues to be staged every day, the school girls on my hatred seems to have not appeared because of Jinying Ming and increasing. Almost every day, I will receive two to three letters of intimidation, curse more and fidget cube bisque more vicious, fidget cube bisque but also attached to the dissected beyond recognition of the frog, slugs, textbooks have been painted, tearing beyond recognition, often so the fidget cube bisque class Was severely criticized by the teacher, and then stand. Monta one always insisted and stubborn accompanied the face of all this, I feel a corner of the psychological collapse, because of his dedication. Jinying Ming will come back, I struggled to survive Autumn weather, do not know is not affected by the atmosphere, began to become cold. Drops SMS Is the more beautiful. Qiuqiu, you all right, I do not go to your class to find you. Can you come to the rooftop of the school building after school Do not call Monte too, there or be square Is the United States, she still believe me. She still treat me as a friend Clutching the hands of the phone, my tears do not live up to the fall, at least in Hayakawa I have fidget cube darkorchid a friend Look at the Mongolian one fell asleep, I am busy wiping away tears After school, I have not w.e to die Old woman old woman Uncle in the side of the uncle happily parrot learn tongue. Well, well, you stop it, I have something to announce. Mr. Wood s words to the chaotic situation quiet down. Qiuqiu, I am glad you become more beautiful than before, but glad you decided to go back. Mr. Wood, I would like to thank you, let me understand a lot, I cost of fidget cube want to change not only my appearance, and my heart Can not go back on Hayakawa is not important If it is Hayakawa high school, I d have a way Mr. Wood smiled at everyone. Mr. Wood has a way. Everyone was very surprised, and all the focus of attention shifted to him. You love the original things are said, I have friends in that may be able to help busy Thank you Mr. Wood Thank you Original love sister There Thank you Mongolia too I looked at everyone moving. Congratulations to you, little sparrow At least you do not look as stingy as before Monte too What do you say I shouted angrily. I was shocked by their reaction, my God I just said something I never dared to do this before ah I bit his finger, some looked up and looked at the fear of a too what He was laughing He was watching me laugh. He is not angry I looked at Mr. Wood and stood beside him the original love sister They are smiling at me, the original love sister also towards me than the victory of a V g.

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