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Fidget Cube Black peak surrounded by dozens of people, are excited to discuss what, how a bit like a friend party Standing on the top of the hill from afar, the whole school panoramic view, flashing lights like telling a moving story, the sky and the sea of lights connected, like a goddess to open the gem box, bright and charming. We pay attention to it Xia Xia s voice to quiet the crowd down I am the vice president of Astronomical Society Shang Xia Xi, today is the first time this semester star will be under the telescope for the interpretation of the seniors, and teach some operational knowledge.New students are free to visit each different Position of the telescope. On the Xia Xi a declared finished, the following crowd began to save moving. The more beautiful I subconsciously turned away, the more the United States disappeared tiptoe would be better Huh It is not purple bud She also participated in the Astronomical Society fidget cube in india Always feel the purple bud with the telescope into the mix, a bit fidget cube black strange. Purple bud, it is not the old sticky in the next one too Mengtai girls I To Mongolia too optimistic about a point, nothing else to bother me. Purple Lei frowned at me. Well well I did not hit you, nothing else do not associate the daughter in law phase, looked at the eye catching. Purple Lei left me at a glance and his companions left. 5555, I provoke the My intuition is right, to the.see you The original love of the suppression of the monte a protest, while pulling me out of the door, completely ignoring the fidget cube black roar behind. Have you ever thought that Jin Yingming will save you The original love suddenly burst out of a word so I have to face reality. I Why why would he save me he is not always indifferent to you The problem has been entangled to the next day I went to the hospital, Kitahara love asked me to stay in the hospital for two days of instructions, made me more touched North. Why are no one to send me nutrition lunch Mongolia too waving a thick plaster of the hands of the name, Qi Jinming looked at the gas filled with flowers and gifts fidget cube black of the bed. Did not I bring you a lunch Hey this kid really do not know what to eat My heart secretly despised him. You do not count What do you mean Although I do not lunch delicious, but I was forced to make a special trip to go home to complete the trip Yeah You give me lunch is a matter of course, ah And who do you want to send Mongolia too suddenly a red face, quiet down. Do the one too much of this guy on the purple buds I would like to have not wanted to grab over the Mongolian one hand on the fidget cube black lunch, thrown directly into the trash to go Mengtai a silly for a while, and then Puchi out laughing, and finally into a laugh moron I fiercely stared at his eyes, or Jin Yingming lovely, cute How do.

ake up while Mongolia too, ran out. Hurriedly climbed the roof, I really want to see more beautiful, these days all the depressed mood, let me breath. The more beautiful the more beautiful Open the roof of the door, the roof whiz cold, a person did not. The more beautiful The sky was overcast, and it was going to rain. I stood on the rooftop of Connaught wrapped in uniforms, thinking that the United States should be immediately over. Purple buds, is the voice of purple bud, fidget cube demonstration I turned around and saw the terrible buddies and her group of buddies. How could they be here I subconsciously rely on How Afraid Montr al one now can not help you, I think you have any good arrogance, dead girl Do not be afraid, Ma Qiuqiu I keep telling myself, I have not done those things, I do not have to fear them. You are really thick skinned, doing so much nausea thing, actually still stay in Hayakawa I I did not Well, actually still do not recognize the death, I tell you, today you d better write this confession to the whole school, and then obediently rolled out Hayakawa, or else Confession To seduce you too one, framed those things Jinming Ming write clearly Yes, shameless woman, apologize to everyone I did not, I did not. I shook my head hard, I have not done, why no one believed Snapped I was hit by the sudden slap on the ground, purple buddy side of the., how so familiar. Para The door was opened, the attendance of the teacher led the other two students came. Ah, it s you I was stunned by the cyclist. Come in a man and a woman turned out to be beautiful boys on the tram and be indecent girl. Boys are still a matter not related to the expression, the girl is a very impatient expression. Purple, purple bud, is me, it is me Cycling men can not wait to waved to the girls at the door. What is your name Called the purple bud of the girls are very impatient to ask one. what s your name What is your name what is your name My God How do I forget the montana a metamorphosis of the name, there are a few days of nightmare a monster can not see the face kept chasing me, while the side kept to ask what s your name what s your name VOL 4 My thoughts back to a how to buy fidget cube few days ago in high school teaching building Wakasawa aisle. Not the school building is particularly quiet, I can not wait to visit the next three years of life, only the first came in Meow Meow Huh what sound How will a cat called Is the school kept a cat I stopped thinking, the body becomes alert. Meow Meow Meow This voice is not so professional, the cat is called it May be someone in the mischief. Obviously, the sound came from the end of the aisle. There seems to be a female toilet ah Is it metamorphosis you Nosy Nosy The alarm sounded in my head. Subconsciously, I leaned again.mediately awake more than half, bass from the bed to sit up. Is Monte too one So late, what ah Little sparrow you sleep ah Ah sleep has more than two points, he would not call to ask this stupid question That today s lunch I m sorry Well, what are you saying You want to die ah Ma Qiuqiu Dare not hear Shit Jinying Ming You dare to throw pillows hit me Could it be that he is to facilitate things to apologize to me My heart suddenly lit up, completely awake over. I took the phone listening to the phone came the voice of ping pong, the hospital nurses must be very hard these two days it A minute later Hey Sparrow The phone finally came the other end of the Mongolian too breathless sound. Why Tomorrow will you come Well, I do not know. I am not interested in taking their own mind to spend so much to do how much is a fidget cube lunch, to fight when you fight the bullet The last injury or me And Jin Ying ming s apology today, but also I did not organize their emotions. I like to eat beef you do The brats in the end there is no good listen to me ah If not then the mouth of the horse I do not want to go. You do not come I put Jinying Ming dropped from the upstairs Monte too What do you want Do you so urgent Mengtai a voice suddenly low down. Hey And how If I fall from the upstairs, you will be so anxious This kid is crazy. Even say such words. Monty one, you are stupid ah Nothing c.

Fidget Cube Black ming suddenly thought of what, in the dumps to find them in the debris. Suddenly he dug out from the inside of a piece of wood, carefully opened, handed the river shadow in front of the moon. Give me River Shadow Moon seems a bit surprised, put down his arms Ling, carefully received over. Beautiful I saw the River Shadow took the painting up Is the piece, that day I saw the unfinished painting, the girl gently bowed his head to touch the Ling, as I do a thousand times as but That person is not me Painted buy a fidget cube inside the gentle smile, is the river shadow month Ming, thank you.You painted is the first time we meet River Shadow Moon smile so I wanted to tears. Yep Then I ll take it home and take care of it. I can take care of it, month. Clearly, but I really like it, can I No Can not beg you, do not promise her My heart was suddenly grabbed I was afraid to get a little breathless Yep Suddenly eyes fall like something it rained How a little bit floated into the eyes fall in the heart So I can not see their face Obviously only separated by a wall, but I feel far away. Let me not even stay there in the courage, fled. Ma Qiuqiu, what you want You silly, really silly Will Jin Yingming draw you He has always been painted River Shadow Moon, Ling does not belong to you, has not been you ah VOL 4 Heythe most spurned. Uh A red, two step on the six quickly flash. Just I have a few, just six Montana a heroic rule Is not it There is such a thing Small sparrow, to accompany me to a place Go to a place Look at his sudden serious expression, it will not be called on me to go with him to Jinying Ming and purple bud pulled out thousand knife million cut fidget cube black it I swallowed nervously. Go where Ten minutes later, we sat in the box on the Huaihai road box. I did not think this guy actually pull me to sing, he is in the end is a gas confused, or simply nothing ah Yep Twenty beers Fortunately, a full forty I silly stare at those wines, he will not use these beers drowned himself Oh, so, a cup, grunt, two cups, grunt, very fun This kid is really stupid to play purple bud. See I did not reflect, Mongolia too simply do a direct demonstration, a glass of wine, Gulp Guru on irrigation down The second cup The third cup The fourth cup Filling the fifth cup, I have decided to run for the best Mengtai a very fit with the sleeve fidget cube mexico to the mouth of a touch, fidget cube silent grabbed me Little Sparrow Is the brother, drink No no I will not, will not drink Let you drink and drink This guy s rude and up, casually grabbed a glass of wine, can not be said to plug into my hands. Dry Monte with his glass and my hit a bit. Half drunk and half awake Montague ha.

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