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Fidget Cube Blueviolet nk, mind only echo one thing Jinying Ming has gone back there is no way to explain how to do I staggered back to the classroom. Ma Qiuqiu fidget cube blueviolet Dare to dare to blatantly come in Come out to me Math teacher angrily directed at me shouting. Classmates are snickering, the girls are scorned at me rolling his eyes, from time to time to play a few grimaces. I looked woodenly turned and walked to the outside. Wait a minute Meng Tai suddenly stood up from his seat, grabbed my hand Teacher, Ma Qiuqiu uncomfortable, I took her to the health room Montana a reason not to care for the teacher angry at the podium wah wah shouting, then took me out of the classroom. And I like a robot with no perception of the same behind him, his eyes dull. Sparrow, you listen to me, that poster is not my paste Montana an anxious to say My eyes stare too big one too Monte. Not you Who else Only you confiscated my cell phone, this thing only you know Little Sparrow Regardless of Monte too in the back kept calling me, I numb toward the school gate. I broke the promise I broke the promise My head repeatedly repeated this sentence, I do not know how long to go, actually home Ma Qiuqiu, how come back so early today Your bag it Mother heard the door open, came out from the kitchen, was surprised to see embarrassed me. I did not say a word, directly back to the room. Mom knock.s, facing the front shouted abuse. Get out of here Help Bang Tom Clatter It all happened so fast, so many people have not recovered a time, including me. The whole process will probably six or seven seconds now When I recovered, when, in front of all scared silly Poor uncle was large font down from the school gate in my near the cement floor, white shirt left a crooked black wheel India, is still very clear from his round bulging belly, the shock was exaggerated fidget cube blueviolet large Face to extend to go. Although I do not want to admit, but really like a wheel just ran over the frog. Looking backwards along the wheel print, my mouth was even bigger Leaving the school gate about ten meters at the fountain fidget cube lightyellow pool floating in a boy, do not know is dead or alive. The motorcycles had been broken in half, and a wheel was rolling like an iron ring on the ground. The culprit, the boys driving the motorcycle helpless standing next to the fountain. After a moment, cycling seems to stimulate the cohesion from the incident just come back, rushed to the fountain to a poor floating corpse carry out seniors, you have to hold on ah Your car quality But also bad, thanks to help me check out Then he carefully walked over, explore the probe Uncle s breath. The ground finally lifted his hand slightly trembling, pointing to cycling man Mongolia Mongolia I I want to declare, the teacher, I do not del.

d States, the school s decision I have no way to change, if you suspect that you can go to the principal s room complaints The United States seems to be surprised the more I change, and sometimes did not Huiguo Shen, and then wronged cry I I did not do anything how can you bully I swear I see the United States more force pinch a bit of his thigh, and finally know where she comes with the tears come. VOL 4 You Ma Qiuqiu You really too much today You are not like a Popeye as to eat spinach Meng Tai a desperately swallowed a large piece of steak has been stuffed into his mouth, very excited Shouting. There I looked suspiciously at the exaggerated guy. Of course, but Mengtai a sudden low voice down. I chewed the stewed fish stolen from his lunch box and looked at him curiously. But what However, you do not need me to protect the Meng Tai a like a ball of diarrhea. Oh, tell you, you are not allowed to laugh Oh I quietly pulled him. Why In fact, I was still very afraid, legs are weak, or I ran out doing Really Well, really Oh, Oh, I ll say How can you be so brave ah This guy is really good coax. Monte too For me and the United States noisy, worth it I do not know why ask this question. Of course, I want to protect you I said Looked at his firm, I feel good warm. Hello That classmate Which class you Even in the playground for lunch School cleaning social wo.midst of the auditorium. It is now the most popular admirer in the culture festival, and participants can express their affection for the object of love in an odd and curious way, and the final prize is the fairy tale of the last day of the cultural sacrifice, which they can ask for, drama Uh, what does it matter to me I was stumped by a lot of explanation. That is, your admirers win, you can participate in fairy tale performances, you can look, you can improve the popularity, you can defeat the purple bud I am stunned to see Kitahara love cause and effect to explain, the next made me stunned A girl is to show fidget cube mashable her all collected Jin Yingming do not use things mineral water bottles, waste paper, eraser Another boy performed his back to the river shadow on the 18th generation genealogy Oh, good play Kitahara love mysteriously red one means the stage Monte too How could he be on stage. And how his head also wore two fluffy ears Days, his wife too cute, right. Here we have a Monta classmate, he will bring us what wonderful performances Moderator in the side of the endless to explain, Oh he squatted in front of what he is Monta one went to the center of the stage, and then squat down, like a dog in front of things like sniffing in fidget cube blueviolet front of him, thinking about it, and finally proud to pick up one of them, hard to wield. Montaigne in o.although I kindly made friends with you, but did not think you are such a person you you even want to use me to lie, lie to all people, I will not do what Poor Use Lying I looked at the more the United States, the kind of signs like a smile, a moment like a pot of cold water poured on my body. Qiuqiu, you all right, I do not convenient to you to find your class, you can come to the school building after lunch break to rooftop Do not call Mengtai one, there or be square I m sorry, I do not know they will meet you teaching building has two rooftop, I actually forgot to tell you which is Qiuqiu, you try this your parents are workers, certainly did not buy you this kind of clothes Ah, the time just right She is ah Her real name Ma Qiuqiu, a little nervous today, and I came with her A Tiger and Little White Dragon is my friends, very good people Delicate is my help you compile the screen name, you should also pay more friends ah I understand, understand everything. In the rooftop of the purple buds try to deliberately contrast there are well arranged friends to meet Why I really do not understand, really. We have always been there is not it Looked at the more strange the United States was so I was afraid Why do you want to Are you you are intentional, right Ma Qiuqiu, you are not pe.

Fidget Cube Blueviolet l. But this time, I feel the body has completely lost its fidget cube 3d model balance Even from the second floor of the railing turned down Ruined fidget cube goldenrod I was afraid to close my eyes tightly, my mind was blank. Huh who is it There is a hands seems to be two hands clasped me. Falling down with me falling The fidget cube mistyrose twelfth war the unprecedented melee Princess fight 1 VOL 1 Boom what God Are they still alive Do not Jinying Ming fidget cube blueviolet hum whining In a burst of noisy argument sound, I slowly opened his eyes. My God My ass hurts But when I saw I just stood on the second floor of the railing, I began to glad that he was still alive Why is that Strange strange Oh When I looked down, I found more than two under the buttocks pad Two people who can not tolerate Monta and Kim Ying ming were all I sat in the ass below Mom Death Sparrow You have to me how long ah Hurry roll down Oh I was reminded to stand up quickly to his feet, only to feel a bunch fidget cube make noise of people coming up behind him, there are girls screaming, the original command of love in distress, a boy s cry I forgot how he was to the hospital, fortunately, Kim and Ming Tai yi are not a big problem, only to be hospitalized for two days. We are going to die, autumn and autumn, we go back, the original love sister to solve all the students back to the ward, You two give me points, tomorrow we come to. how is it. I can not see anything Suddenly plunged into the dark panic I stood still did not dare move, but we all seem to panic, I was too busy fidget cube discount code to hold the body fidget cube blueviolet Suddenly, I feel a cold hand caught me, gently dragged me to the corner, I breathed a sigh of relief who is it. Just who s hand Is it Suddenly Light suddenly lit up, I looked back, is Kim Ying ming He looked at me some uncomfortable look back to the side You re blocking me. Oh, I m sorry I hurried to the side. Students, today is the first meeting of the first year of Hayakawa high school, tonight let us crazy for the youth it Kitahara love on stage warmly opening. Oh All the students are excited to cheer up. Then we first asked Jin Ying ming for everyone to a opening song how Wow Kim Ying ming Kim Ying ming Field girls screaming one after another. Cool on ah Jinying Ming Boys are also followed booing. However, it seems that Jin Yingming does not want to stage performances, but surrounded by applause, the most important thing is the threat of the original love sister eyes, Jinying Ming finally came to the piano with black face. Good looking, good looking, I still can not forget the original HOTLINE performance. Jin Yingming gently raised his finger, suddenly all the people all quiet down All the lights dim, only a soft beam from the top of the diarrhea down, enveloped in the circle that placed the piano small sta.

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