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Fidget Cube Burlywood e wallet, open the time suddenly dumbfounded So even a big purse inside, even only five cents What happened Waiter immediately with vigilant eyes glanced at me and sleep like a pig too. No nothing Oh How to do I stared at the mysterious Monta One, the slowest speed from the bag and pulled out a passbook. Use this with can. All my belongings I save a full two months of lunch Hum ooo Waiter wanted to take the passbook from my hand, but I pulled the more tight. Excuse me, are you going to pay cash Do not Then please give me your passbook, and I will take the password in. I fidget cube black and green reluctantly let go of the hand The waiter took my passbook and left. Mengtai continued to sleep on the couch. I suddenly felt drunk should be me, a good book on the left a piece of five cents In my very heartache, I almost forgot how I find a home too Monty, and then sent him back. At home, the clock has been bluntly pointing to the 11. Mother s hands in the chest ring, sat on the sofa. See me crept into the door, the sound raised than usual octave I m home Well, uh I agree to promise. How do you engage, and now come back I called to ask you fidget cube review class teacher, she said you only one morning class today Before I answered, my mother and machine guns, like the first to ask How do you dress all wet pants Run where mixed go Tell you every day before 7 pm must go home, how you s.o sad for a man Come Drink and drink Lengao a finally understand how the matter, pushing me tightly in the hands of the bottle, desperately to encourage. My brain is now completely chaotic, I do not want to, put the rest of the half bottle to filling down. Soon, Jiujin up, and my emotions completely out of control, the whole people like crazy like crying and laughing. Good drink, how do I feel the more the United States their voice more distant Sight slowly began to blur I just feel that some people continue to give me the kind of drink to drink, and then someone hugged me, I am so sad, these days seems to have all grievances in the chest, I began to cry VOL 2 We ll take you home, OK Ah I want to go home Cold, the wind was blowing, I played a shiver, people suddenly wake up a lot. The more beautiful I found myself being stuffed into a car, next to the tall and small white dragon. The more the United States in the back of the car, we first send you home Two people clasped me in the middle. I m looking for beauty I began to struggle. Yue Mei said, we take good care of you Lankao a hand touched my face, I suddenly feel sick. No, I want to get off, I want to find the United States Extreme fear made me completely wake up, but my body because the role of alcohol can not move. Give me down The car finally stopped, lanking a tall I pulled out. Is this what the hotel is. Do not. Let m.

esture. I changed the Amoy book off www.taoshuke.Cn I feel I really changed. Completely changed Wow Oh I exclaimed excitedly, threw himself into the body of a Montana, hanging his neck desperately circle. Ma Qiuqiu Do you want to die ah I was too angry to breathe, but too much to a Monte too cursed. Ha ha ha ha ha Our laughter came out of the tent, echoed on the Hongqiao River VOL 2 Already late, this little street without pedestrians, I looked at the front of the high rise, warm lighting fidget cube burlywood and laughter, everything is so familiar Call did not expect to leave only two weeks, standing for 16 years downstairs actually feel nervous. Mom and Dad to see I will be very angry Since the night left, I never contacted them, maybe they think I do not go back home does not matter, maybe I hesitated in the downstairs, the mind in the fierce fighting. Hey, little sparrow You do not go up in the end ah You have been here to walk back and forth for an hour, ah Monte too leaning against the wall impatiently looked at me. Bad, just looking at the tension, forget this guy is still there He has such a rare patience, no noise is not noisy I know, you go back first I looked up at the big open windows at home, took a deep breath. What is it Still afraid ah Meng Tai a fidget cube marketing joke to ask. No Although my mouth to say so, but his face written a big two words tension. That is also, that is.y worried. it Ling I whispered a cry, immediately Yuemei said I m sorry I ll go first, wait I ll. Immediately fidget cube burlywood with Jin Yingming straight to the parking lot, opened the door Ling really listless fell to the ground. Will not Health disease yesterday Well Yesterday Go to see the beast medicine Now only the case This guy actually have to think about this time Go Autumn sky is gloomy, still under a little drizzle. I sat behind the bike Jin Yingming, one hand to seize his clothes, one hand tightly clinging Ling. I felt a little effort of Jin Yingming gasp, through the two streets, and finally found a pet corner of a hospital. No problem, indigestion, you feed what Oh, aunt stared at us like the embarrassed, laughing out. We both looked at, because the rain, Jin Ying ming hair messy, clothes are crooked, and tie all loose, I should not be good to go I picked up still lethargy Ling, Jinying Ming suddenly anxious to see the watch, riding a bicycle began flying. I looked at Leng Leng disappeared in the back of the night. Ling how to do ah how he so go Ma Qiuqiu How you come back so late Mother pointed to the living room wall that clock has pointed to the big clock at 10 00 thunder and lightning. I want to do homework I spoke, while the top of her mother s bullets burst into the room, locked say Well you do so many hearts do not guilt Why do you blame me and abusive, and even want me to get out of Hayakawa, the more the United States have done all the nausea, but for her to borrow my cell phone, stole the photos, there will not be Jinying Ming things Not she took me to see what friends, and I drunk, it will not harm me almost dismissed by the school I heard the sound of breathing around, and purple surprised a face, I fidget cube desk toy for adults firm my courage. You think you framed someone else and fidget cube burlywood I ll believe you I do not need your belief, purple bud, but you know things are you see it If not, then why do you have to believe that Do not you have been framed fidget cube tan by the time My words actually let the purple buds calm down, then purple buds behind a voice. Get out of here I looked in the direction of the sound is too one He turned out to be the same and Jin Yingming black and blue Purple Lei first surprised to see the person is a Mongolian too unnatural explanation Oh, Monty I just heard the aid of communication back to school, so come to make a face to face Go back I did not expect Mengti a staring purple bud roared back. Purple bud absolutely did not expect to have been like their own for a while with this attitude to her. You what you said I told you to roll Do not come to Ma Qiuqiu after the trouble You Lei Lei arrogantly pulled a bit draped over the shoulders of long hair. How.

Fidget Cube Burlywood e animals, like around me around. No wonder you back so late every day so late, the original is to work, ah Yes, I said how do you have NOKIA latest mobile phone, it really is the kind of thing to do How do I have you this kind of pig sister, too embarrassed Summer life, let alone Dad angrily put down the hands of chopsticks, kept sighing. How do you so shameless You Mom almost to the edge of the collapse. Ma, do not be sad, and when the students did not have a good girl, and you are not me and summer life Ma Xia sheng in the side quickly to comfort, from time to time stare at my fidget cube burlywood eyes. I I really no, my mother This sentence I can not remember saying how many times, I know no use can be in front of me, after all, is the mother of my ah You do not call my mother I do not have this shameless daughter how do I so disgraceful Shame Shame. Shame enough I looked at the tears for the face of the mother, looking for the face to smile back to the two brothers, but also ignore fidget cube burlywood my father Enough, really enough When it is a farce, it has never Ma Qiuqiu, this result is what we want I turned out of the house, rushed into the darkness of the end can not see Eighth war Savage Savage career 1 VOL 1 Seems to be the fate of ridicule. The streets are particularly lively on weekends. Street lights flashing, the shops on both si.e this I looked frightened at the love of Kitahara Kitahara love sad looked at me, nodded his head. boom I feel the sky falls Afternoon, both physically and mentally damaged I hold the only half life, and the North returned to the original love Hongqiao days. On the road, met these days I have been trying to escape the Monte too. I can only pretend not to see, head down to go over. Hey Sparrow Monte too suddenly stopped me I can only stop in place, but did not dare look back. You really decided not to return to school yet Meng Tai a low voice came from behind. Back to school I Leng Leng to himself. You can not stay here for a lifetime. Monta one ran to my front, and then eyes to the river, you do not go back I do not go back I hesitated, why did he say so Is it important for me not to be here I have always felt that I was a superfluous person, not to mention I have also to fidget cube darksalmon him, why he did not blame me, but also insisted that I go back I looked blankly in front of the Mongolian one, Mr. fidget cube darksalmon Wood s words also appeared in my ear. You can not always like me, have been nest in the bridge below when the savage, right The first time, I actually hesitated, do not know how to do. I do not know how to answer Mengtai one, even if the world is cold to me, but I should also be the only hope to go back to do something Yes no do not want to go back unl.

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