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Fidget Cube By Antsy Labs The door came the headmaster deep voice. I opened the door, the principal, discipline director, class teacher Shen all in the inside You shameless base hoof, my face makes you lose out. My mother came to see me rushed to a slap in the face, hard to beat me. Please calm. Shen teacher immediately pulled my mother. Mother cover his face kept crying, my father in her side Yinlian Lian Doom smoke. Ma Qiuqiu students, please come here. The principal pointed to his desk. This is an anonymous letter I received this morning, which revealed that you have done a serious breach of school discipline and discipline of things, we would like to ask you to explain. I opened the principal handed over an anonymous letter, a soft feet, feel dizzy The letter actually described yesterday and I went to the fidget cube by antsy labs bar with the United States And those two people meet, and I do what aid communication, private life chaos How how could this be I was surprised and anger is fear, the hand could not help shaking up. Is it true The principal asked sternly. No no I do not I said in horror. Your photo in the bar is a fake The instructor said, threw the photo on the desk. photo My God This turned out to be yesterday when I was drunk in the bar photos. Stumbled I actually do not know Little White Dragon when the hand on my shoulder But also someone else took a photo. Is this you Asked the headmaster, raising.nyone dares to move the people in our class, I will make them die hard Shen is the teacher of the Mongolian one by one earth overlord of the anger of the face of anger, to hold back no seizures, I begged him to escape the death of the ugly eyes Fortunately, Jin Yingming does not seem to reflect too much, still the focus gathered in one place Montana one in the students applause and praise under the return to the seat, proud nose nose to the sky. Soon it was my turn, pounding I feel my heart to jump out. But I quickly went to the podium, because I was fidget cube by antsy labs anxious to leave the two giant explosives quickly. fidget cube orchid Can face 30 pairs of eyes under the podium, face burning, the mind in addition to blank or blank. First of all tell you what your name The most dear Shen gently remind me of the teacher. I I am Ma Qiuqiu This year 16 years old My birthday October 10, Libra I live in Every time I will be a nervous incoherent, and now is the case, I almost put my little treasury account password the secret does not even know my parents are shaking out. Fortunately, Shen teacher stopped me in time. Thank you Ma Qiuqiu students, please return to the seat The next student please come up Shen teacher said with a smile. Wait a minute, can I ask a question Mongolia students, you have any questions to ask Hey I than Kim Ying ming, handsome, right Montaigne a problem for Jinying Ming calm aft.

ter. The original love sister can not go, that morning has enough shame The thought is still cold wind giggle my face on a burst of weakness. You listen to me can not be wrong Rest assured The original sister mysteriously blinked his eyes. But I m going to help you collect the popularity, specifically to find the school for the party ah. I was pushed on the road of love, a lot of pedestrians frequently look back at me. The original the original love sister fidget cube violet Always looked back fidget cube by antsy labs at me, is not my face dirty ah The original love sister Minzui smile, said Qiuqiu, you have a little confidence in their own good Tonight, but you are very beautiful Oh Is is it Oh Although the training under the bridge, but to wear such a person is still a little guilty. Into the hall, the students came a lot, a rare opportunity to exchange, we are particularly happy laughter, playing noise really extravagant, did not expect a grade even friendship will be wrapped under such a large venue. The auditorium is two stories high, in front of a performance hall, on the left side of the hall also stood a grand piano. I suddenly remembered Jin Ying ming in HOTLINE piano look, my heart throb. Small sparrow Do not know where to jump out of a big mouth looked at me too. I looked at Monte too surprised, I do not know where to put hands and feet, so I am more upset. Montaigne, you first take the aut.the doorway. Jin Yingming see I did not keep up, turned back to point to my arms Ling food, I do not know. I followed behind Jin Yingming, carefully looked around, I actually hidden in the bag into the supermarket Ling. 555 Fortunately, no one was found. And my tension is different, Jinying Ming leisurely in the selection of food for the Ling. To I was immediately back to the front of the scene to intimidate A wide variety of snacks, drinks heap full of the two carts, Jin Ying Ming s hand still holding a few packs inside. You to determine all these fidget cube by antsy labs are to the Ling My God Potato chips, dried bean curd have. Do not know Jinying Ming seems to be some embarrassment made my face. God, I have a little doubt how he had spent the past 16 years. I sighed the cart to pick out the things in place to go, go to the pet counter to pick out two bags of cat food. Drops drop I subconsciously dig their own mobile phone, but see the gold Ying Ming took out his cell phone Hey month Well Well I ll come. Oops, I seem to forget one thing Now What time is it I asked Jin Yingming carefully. Four o clock. When I pant to rush to the entrance of Fairview Park when the clock in front of the park has been pointed to five points. I did not find a circle to find Montana too, have been so long, he should go back to the bar Want to die, tell you not t.Ma Qiuqiu I honestly answered. Very cute name The first time I heard someone praise fidget cube grey and black my name, I could not help but hesitated. Carefully looked only to find, although he looks very rough The shaggy hair, the twittering beard, covered the half of the face, the ragged clothes, the blistered shoes, but if they were not to be looked at, he should be a tastier. Xie thank. I am a bit embarrassed to him nodded his head, walked over to sit next to him. Yesterday I am a little worried that he would ask yesterday s things, after all, it is not a good memory, did not expect to hear him say. Yesterday, you ordered large, just fell out of my boat and Bingshu, anyway, fishing do not care about fishing more than two people. You you do not ask for why You want to say that No I thought of what happened before yesterday, my eyes darkened down. Since I do not want to say, why should I ask He pouted me at the pout. The fishing line drifting down the river twitched down twice, and he quickly brought the fishing rod, but the end of the line was nothing, and he sighed in disappointment, and put the line back into the water again. I m sorry, he went on, forgetting to introduce myself, I m a wanderer, and everybody calls me Mr. Wood. Bingshu is my good friend, but he s a little problem here He and two fingers and point his own temple. His head has a problem That he is not I pu.

Fidget Cube By Antsy Labs ying Ming. Purple bud Mengtai a tone like a child to the what's a fidget cube sugar, red lei Pieliaopiezui red. And then suddenly like to find anything like, pointing to the door like a pair of golden couple. You you You kid, is definitely you, you must be let me ignore the purple bud Mengtai a shouting directed at the gold Ying Ming wah wah. Shut up Now is not your time to identify relatives Discipline director Chong Chong Meng Tai a reproach. Your name Asked the Discipline Director of the cold boys at the door. Kim Ying ming. Or with the same answer on the tram. Well, one is the name of a fidget cube pink small white face. Monte too sour in one side to say. Ah is the gold manager s son Hippo adults surprised to ask. Well, Kim Ying ming is still cold answer. Oh no wonder so, like me and so respect that year Hippo began to recall the past, completely forgotten that someone had just said not allowed to recognize relatives. fidget cube release day I can go it Kim Ying ming of the hippo s memories are not interested. Of course, of course Please wait Hippocampus Director s face has become very kind, of course, only the gold son. Turned, he turned a serious look at the hands of a serious school record of the file, Ma Qiuqiu I heard a sudden point to the name, I have not sure. Ma Qiuqiu Which is it Give me out The impatient voice and repeat it again, I was afraid to hold up the handle Yes it s me. Do not wear the school.Astronomical Society to no good, do not put the United States also lost I took out my cell phone and looked for signals. 5555 or not, I squatted on the ground in frustration. Ming, this time aunt is not at ease, you know Good gentle voice ah, the person must be very beautiful to speak. I subconsciously looked around to find the source. Remember the stars and fidget cube by antsy labs the moon thing Sometimes peace of mind to do the moon, is also a good thing Oh I support your decision, you can not give up halfway your mother that I have told her that you recently in astronomy Like the people in the painting came out, bright and clear big eyes are softly watching her fidget cube orengered in front. Who is she talking to Strange feeling, I finally control the curiosity, his head in the past an familiar figure. That month, thank you That raised his head, in the moonlight more clearly than usual, he actually laughing, a bit like a spoiled child my wood at the same table Kim Ying ming He leaned against the trunk and pulled her hand. month She is the month Said a little uncomfortable, first go back, and Jin Ying ming on this charge. I knew he had him only for months Drops drops Kim Ying Ming took out his cell phone Hey month Well Well I ll come I m sorry, did not see the river Shadow Moon what Is the astronomical agency president, River Shadow Month

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