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Fidget Cube Chartreuse hes, with a pair of eyes as clear as the dew, Ying Ting s nose, like rose petals, like pink lips, and white skin really , Very beautiful You Hello such a strong visual impact makes me nervous, do not know what to say. He said you stepped on him A voice in the next good intention to remind me. Oh, right I m sorry because because that that I timid look to the location of the incident. He looked down the direction I indicated, frowned up If you think he will help, you are wrong. That kind of voice reminded me. I look back only to see the close up NIKE logo, Oh, this man is high ah I was just in his chest. Zhi not so I see the way people look, suddenly felt his body was a strong fall out. Please do not panic passengers, due to emergency temporary brake, and now the normal operation of the train. Broadcast came the gentle voice of the broadcaster, did not seem to have been affected by the situation. Fortunately, fortunately, their reaction quickly, easily grasp the handrails, or will certainly fall four Yang eight fork. Who Which do not want to live I dare to catch Vicious voice came from behind, looking down the past look That is you Smelly girl Even when I handrail The face of the rampant bully staring at my hand tie. Is not it Ma Qiuqiu how do you so careless ah I subconsciously look at the hands do not know where to com.ll four hours In fact, I was the victim ah But I was dumb to eat berberine Ma Qiuqiu classmates, do you realize your mistake Hum ooo I quickly hastened to nod. Shen teacher saw me a poor phase, but also moved the compassion, long sigh Oh In fact, I know, you sit next to them is also very hard Hum hum teacher really Shenqiuqiu Shen I finally know that I stay in the Bermuda magic of the pain of the bar. Finally, I finally wait for the seat of the day So be it Shen teacher thought. How Change seats Change seats. You write 3000 words of the review, this thing just like the past. what My eyes turned white and my chin fell to the ground. How could this be How could, how would VOL 4 Look is her, really shameless, even if ugly, but also wrapped around Kim and Monet too. Catch a night of review of the book, wore two huge dark circles in the morning but also to accept the students point fingers. All thanks to my two at the same table given, one heard of Hayakawa famous four family of a member, and the other is the school also holding a move can not big underworld. Hey early good morning Oh I am a cold sweat, trembling to put down the bag, sat down on the seat. The classroom the same as the silence of death, all the people are gloomy face, looking around a dark mass. Whirring whirring I find it difficult to breathe. Fortunately, the immediate a.

o hear the sound when the basketball frame vibration. When we Hui Guoshen, the entire basketball are bombed Jinying Ming I love you Kim Ying ming I told you to set Jin Yingming Jin Yingming That it seems like a dunk it only in the comic book before seen today, even see a live show And this person is Jin Yingming However, he he he he he was handsome But Kim Ying ming on the floor of the girls call completely do not care, on the contrary, he also showed a very impatient look, practice finished hurried back to the lounge. About twenty minutes later, Jin Yingming hurried out from the basketball hall. This time, the day has all black, and where to buy fidget cube uk I followed behind Kim, he walked in the direction of the parking lot in the past, is to see Ling it. Well, along the way there are two poor girl confession failure, followed by the third male boys Is not it Boys also find him confession I hid in the corner of the curious to see the past, the day is too dark to see what they are doing, but vaguely heard What night eight I was listening, bad How he came in my direction, I immediately rushed out from the corner. Be careful I bumped into an embrace, how do you always work so reckless I m sorry How sound so familiar always I looked up to come. North facebr north of the stars looked at my hands the record book, and then washed me a small smile choting choting ch.o you dare to call us to roll you A boy picked up a slap in the face. I scared to close my eyes, but the delay has not seen this palm down. I opened my eyes and saw Jinying Ming. How could he be He is seizing the boy s wrist. How was his face hurt No disruption in my seat. Jinying Ming said coldly, he was seized by the boys wrist pain tears DC. I m sorry sorry Jinying Ming The next time we fidget cube khaki dare not The boys quickly apologized fellow. Jinying Ming coldly snorted, throwing open the boys claws, forced clap. That a few boys stared at fidget cube chartreuse me fiercely, and then ran away. Why Jinying Ming Piele a stay standing I, coldly said. I quickly Huiguo Shen, from his face to recover their own eyes, whispered That, thank you Just learned him, and now they have been rescued. I really do not know what to say Ma Ma Qiuqiu You in the end you can not come out See Jinying Ming saved me, purple bud to speak anger some knot, a dragged out behind the more beautiful. The more beautiful heart before you as a friend, you should be so on her, quickly apologize to her I stand up straight to the body, the United States on the pair of innocent eyes. Ma Qiuqiu, I treat you as a friend You actually I looked at the more beautiful performance, the mood is exceptionally calm, this I had in the only friend of Hayakawa, but also deliberately out of my Hayakawa deliberate people. Ma Qiuqiu, what do.ans he is not a duck, nor is it Do not understand the words, and he do not roll. Your kid has the ability to report to the name, to see how I pack you. Orange head seems to be somewhat angry. Jin Ying ming. Cold blooded male cool to answer. You have a kind Get rid of him Oranges greeted around a few guys swarmed. I scared hastily shrunk to one side, then sprang from the crowd a few people. Master, are you all right Master He is just that young master Really trouble Just now the girl walked over from me, leaving a word I completely figure out the situation, while being entangled a few guys, while nothing happened like two men and a woman. Until the tram door closed the moment I recovered, they just get off the station is Hayakawa high school. VOL 3 Help ah Fortunately, catch up In my Kuangpao deep breath after N times, finally alive to see the new school Wakamatsu high school gate. Even the second time to see, Hayakawa high school brought me the shock is not small ah Two fidget cube for stress and anxiety post there are two floors so high, there are about four lanes between the road so wide, the arc shaped beams hanging above the Hayakawa high school four golden words and fidget cube chartreuse school signs. The post on the vertical and horizontal hanging a lot of brands. Really impressive ah No wonder everyone says that this is a noble school. The school gate today plug in two rows of flags, printed on the school logo. Flags standing.

Fidget Cube Chartreuse n can not afford to go Montana one to join and the original handle Shushu, so these days of life flies. To die Kitahara said to himself. You know I did not mean to scold them, I m just too angry Uh huh yes yes I can understand the origin of the storm in Kitahara love morning, more understanding of my stomach is hungry cuckoo called. North of the original holding a hamburger love to watch the left hand, right hand holding chicken wings, like a lifetime of hunger, I sent a note of super fidget cube sounds supercilious eyes. This can eat me, my fidget cube 2017 mother do fidget cube chartreuse Coke chicken wings I can Speaking of which I suddenly had no appetite, fidget cube wheat do not know how the family now My mother did not eat chicken wings for a long time, and I should not take this opportunity to make a phone call Small Miss, can I exchange a business card with you I m sorry, I do not have not to have. A deliberate strike up the guy interrupted my thoughts, north of love waved to strike out of people, proudly ineffectively ineffectively laughing, but also against the glass all the way to gather their hair. Oh vanity woman I reluctantly put a piece of chicken rice into his mouth, once again to consider whether to call home Oh Kitahara love suddenly exclaimed, his head twisted over, back against fidget cube chartreuse the window. How how is it I puzzled to see the table below the North of the original love, and then turned to look o.to. Meow meow Cat cry is still continuing, my heart desperately struggling, because too nervous, holding the handle of the door handle more and more tight grip, the result is not careful, the door pushed away. I feel shaking, legs like irrigation lead, can not move. A dim light, the old sports equipment piles are everywhere, rusty. While the open a few windows, accompanied by the sound of shaking leaves outside, and some did not open and co operation, the shadow cast on the ground. shadow. what Noisy dead. A cold voice interrupted my exclamation. Jinying Ming Or face goes on without expression, not who he is What is he fidget cube chartreuse doing here What is in his arms is, shaggy in the shaking. Scared it. He did not wait for me to speak again. it The original in front of him, is only about a month old kitten, is issued a poor call. Obviously, he came to me a bit surprised, and my mood is more complicated the peace of mind after the panic, did not see a disappointment Mengtai see Jinying Ming authentic fidget cube s surprise. I do not know why I cry, as if to take this time of fear, fear and grievances are crying out. So I cried a mess, tears, a nose, and finally come to an end, only to find squatting on the ground for the first time there is a focal length of the gold Yingming looked at me, and his face next to the kitten as innocent, but blankly looked at me. Good embarrassing Actually was such a big guy to see themselves crying like.

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