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Fidget Cube Colors ople, ah, the more the United States does not hold anything against you, to you as a friend, you accidentally dragged her to give you a false Yes ah, you really too shameless, and do not think there is too much to help you a Mongolian support, we are afraid of you, you are too shameless, and also the nerve to go to the United States and the more Why do this to me I do not care about everything, do everything to roar out. All quiet, everything is quiet VOL 5 Wow Has not speak of the United States even burst into tears, sobbing said to me Qiuqiu, do not force me, I do not want to do perjury Forcing Has been forced to be my people, ah, you have to be forced out of Hayakawa. Oh, this is what the world was the most intimate friend of the design, the cry is not me Bang I even with the table was pushed to the ground, a group of just girls siege up Ma Qiuqiu, how you have such a shameless person You know the more like the United States Jinying Ming, you even friends who like to get hooked Actually have to play too Mengtai a round and round Jinying Ming ignore you, you set him up, the United States does not help you lie, you bully her What do you have when the Hayakawa A nothing of the ugly, actually can make so many things, but also so arrogant, you immediately give us out of Hayakawa Yes, get out of Hayakawa No we do not blame hermbrace of a Mengti initiation of a trace of nostalgia can not do this He is the victim of the gold Ying ming, he harmed me I repeatedly warned myself. VOL 4 Exclusion and targeting the drama continues to be staged every day, the school girls on my hatred seems to have not appeared because fidget cube colors of Jinying Ming and increasing. Almost every day, I will receive two to three letters of intimidation, curse more and more vicious, but also attached to the dissected beyond recognition of the frog, slugs, textbooks have been painted, tearing beyond recognition, fidget cube colors often so the class Was severely criticized by the teacher, and then stand. Monta one always insisted fidget cube bronze and stubborn accompanied the face of all this, I feel a corner of the psychological collapse, because of his dedication. Jinying Ming will come back, I struggled to survive Autumn weather, do not know is not affected by the atmosphere, began to become cold. Drops SMS Is the more beautiful. Qiuqiu, you all right, I do not go to your class to find you. Can you come to the rooftop of the school building after school Do not call Monte too, there or be square Is the United States, she still believe me. She still treat me as a friend Clutching fidget cube promo the hands of the phone, my tears do not live up to the fall, at least in Hayakawa I have a friend Look at the Mongolian one fell asleep, I am busy wiping away tears After school, I have not w.

when the door suddenly heard a cry Open the door, I m coming Is the voice of Monte too How could he be How could he In my site dare so arrogant Kitahara love shoes are too late to wear, to furiously rushed to the door to teach the brats do not understand the courtesy, is hit the back carrying a super back into the tent of Monte too. Little Sparrow Only half a day not think I want to be like this Do not install ghosts in the great day scary ah North of the original helplessly twisted Mengtai an ear, want to bully our home Qiuqiu is not it Let go of the old woman Very painful eh Let go I want to move to live it North face north of love surprised to see him, I was surprised to forget the cry. Mengtai finally from Kitahara love claws under the break out. He rubbed his side fidget cube dice stress was rubbing red ears, one by one, one by one loudly said Yeah, I, want, live, come, come No No Kitahara love at him loud roar. Hum I said to live to live You give me less wordy Montaigne one fell on the bed fixed. You you actually dare fidget cube colors to say that I wordy brats you want to die ah you actually dare to lie in my bed ah my French sheets Kitahara love picked up a slippers on the ground to go to the head of a Mengtai thrown, who knows Monta a flash of dexterity, slippers unbiased hit the door is open to the door to Mr. Wood s head Who throws Mr. Wood faint smile hidden behin.n, hooks are hanging on a small shed of rags, the original love of the sister s lying technology really is not very clever. I how do I know Guilty of the original love sister face flushed answer. I hate people to lie. That What do you want The original love sister lie can not cover it, but also die to support the back of a. An apology, Mr. Mugro replied politely but politely. If not The original love of the strong temper and sister up. Everyone has to pay the price for their mistakes. I am sorry Stalemate for a long time, the original sister finally did not love her beauty and tough move by the man, whispered. I accept. Come on Mr. Wood has resumed his smile. Bingshu Come ashore Bing Shu has all the animals under the feces there are a lot of animal names I have not heard of are counted again, used to describe me and the original sister. He was a biologist Oh Mr. Wood explained to us with a smile. I and the original love sister fidget cube vinyl toy finally put away the last ray of light in the sun to catch up before the two fish, as our dinner. Qiuqiu you can now go home The original love to eat fish sister lips asked. I do not want to return me too Or we stay for the time being The original sister asked the test, and then thoughtfully said, This is really not a place to live, we can not live on this Well I am puzzled look to Kitahara love. Well, you know what a littl.e this I looked frightened at the love of Kitahara Kitahara love sad looked at me, nodded his head. boom I feel the sky falls Afternoon, both fidget cube colors physically and mentally damaged I hold the only half life, and the North returned to the original love Hongqiao days. On the road, met these days I have been trying to escape the Monte too. I can only pretend not to see, head down to go over. Hey Sparrow Monte too suddenly stopped me I can only stop in place, but did not dare look back. You really decided not to return to school yet Meng Tai a low voice came from behind. Back to school I Leng Leng to himself. You can not stay here for a lifetime. fidget cube lightyellow Monta one ran to my front, and then eyes to the river, you do not go back I do not go back I hesitated, why did he say so Is it important for me not to be here I have always felt that I was a superfluous person, not to mention I have fidget cube gold also to him, why he did not blame me, but also insisted that I go back I looked blankly in front of the Mongolian one, Mr. Wood s words also appeared in my ear. You can not always like me, have been nest in the bridge below when the savage, right The first time, I actually hesitated, do not know how to do. I do not know how to answer Mengtai one, even if the world is cold to me, but I should also be the only hope to go back to do something Yes no do not want to go back unl.

Fidget Cube Colors save you almost life I did not, you should not thank me Did not I just save fidget cube for adults it But look at him as fierce and fierce look, I had to whisper fidget cube colors Thank you Thank you Hey Mengtai a thief laugh twice. Back to the tent wet in exchange for a chaos, but I am more confusion is Monta one in the crowd asleep, quietly came to my side. Little Sparrow Asleep Monta turned around and looked at me, I can almost feel his warm breath I hard to close your eyes, motionless, but the heart has jumped into the throat, the feeling will jump out Today thank you he said softly. Although I did not open your eyes, but they feel that they were wrapped in a gentle atmosphere, do not know what his eyes are like I thought, eyelids slightly move a bit. Probably this little trick or Montague was found, he gently smiled. I hesitated, quickly and tightly closed his eyes. At this time, I feel a warm hand gently put aside my hair in front of a strand of hair, a soft and warm lips printed on my forehead Mongolian Mengtai he kissed me I think the pot of boiling water, desperately desperately directed at the steam Good night Montaigne finished a gentle turn over and down the bed. I glared at staring eyes, hard to pinch his finger, hum good pain It seems I m not dreaming Harm my head chaos into a mass of hemp, how to pull also pull not open and Mongolia too a bizarre encounter, and Monta a noisy in the.. she just wanted to absolve themselves Autumn the more the United States side of the ventilation side of the cling to me, quietly attached to the edge of my ears You are not always want to know who is published Kim Ying ming photos, as well as anonymous letters to the principal who are me you are simply a unique fool I am on the more the United States goes on gloating face Haha, what is the only friend What casual What friends to meet All lies. Ma Qiuqiu, you really so annoying Really so annoying Is Hayakawa not to be happy Happiness is what Happiness is the case A friend is not a friend, the truth is a lie I have been blame Mongolia too, but did not expect, in the end, I was actually the culprit This Zhang anxious to eat my face, I just want to hide I ran like crazy out of the classroom What are you doing I hit with a full body, once again severely fell to the ground, the pain of the present for me, nothing is. Ma Qiuqiu How do you not get out of school Purple buds sound from heaven. Oh the evil will never be single I rise to greet the next storm, but I see not only purple bud, Xia Xi thin, genius sister school, as well as Kim Ying Ming is it him Really is he Is that the name I have always insisted on to the present Do not Now is not the name, but Jinying Ming He really stood before me. Really is Kim Yin.

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