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Fidget Cube Copper badge on the first day of school Also crash the black fidget cube copper teacher on duty Go back and write a five thousand words to review I I did not hear it I have not looked up, not looked up to look confidently to the hippo director, but has been affirmed again. These are not cycling men do why why me And just me alone I glanced at the tram next to the man, he is boring to look around, it seems that has long been accustomed to such a treatment. But I do not, finally won the Hayakawa high school, finally won the care of the father and mother, or even think of my mother that I get into trouble after the expression of disgust I go. Indifferent voice in exchange for the hippo s bow. Kim Kim Ying ming. I do not know where the courage, I stopped to go out to the Jinying Ming. Perhaps, maybe he has a way. No not me Jinying Ming to go out of the figure paused, lightly glanced next to the guilty conscience of the hippopotamus. Noisy dead. Noisy dead Noisy dead Once when a similar figure, the same words, is he I looked blankly left the back, really is he Really VOL 6 Do not know how to get out of the big conference room, the mood of the guidelines in accordance with the guidelines, into my three classes a year. Most of the students have to, whispering do not know what to discuss. I head down in the classroom shuttle, and soon find the Ma Qiuqiu three characters of the desk, call.ying Ming. Purple bud Mengtai a tone like a child to the sugar, red lei Pieliaopiezui red. And then suddenly like to find anything like, pointing to the door like a pair of golden couple. You you fidget cube lightgray You kid, is definitely you, you must be let me ignore the purple bud Mengtai a shouting directed at the gold Ying Ming wah wah. Shut up Now is not your time to identify relatives Discipline director Chong Chong Meng Tai a reproach. Your name Asked the Discipline Director of the cold boys at the door. Kim Ying ming. Or with the same answer on the tram. Well, one is the name of a small white face. fidget cube retail price Monte too sour in one side to say. Ah is the gold manager s son Hippo adults surprised to ask. Well, Kim Ying fidget cube with case ming is still cold answer. Oh no wonder so, like me and so respect that year Hippo began to recall the past, completely forgotten that someone had just said not allowed to recognize relatives. I can go it Kim Ying ming of the hippo s memories are not interested. Of course, of course Please wait Hippocampus Director s face has become very kind, of course, only the gold son. Turned, he turned a serious look at the hands of a serious school record of the file, Ma Qiuqiu I heard a sudden point to the name, I have not sure. Ma Qiuqiu Which is it Give me out The impatient voice and repeat it again, I was afraid to hold up the handle Yes it s me. Do not wear the school.

u not far away from the shed, is talking and laughing. In front of them with wood gave birth to a fire, and aroma is from the shelf in the above fish came out I and Kitahara love squatted down next to the fire, staring eyes at fidget cube darkslategray the fish, desperately swallow saliva. Kitahara love is their own hand to get Are you hungry Wood is busy in the baked fish looked at us. Uh huh We both nodded desperately. But our rules are their own rice to do their own Oh Mr. Wood exposed his signature smile. Do Own Do it Baked fish has been the focus of the scorching scolding brow Bing Shu echoed. Bing Shu, your fish paste, oh Uncle tert to love to eat paste Bing Shu to love to eat paste Bing Shu pointed his voice to the good intentions to remind him of Mr. Wood shouting. Oh Ha ha that all right, and so will not be able to fidget cube copper grab my fish to eat Oh Mr. Wood said happily. On a fish, what a great Kitahara love to see their own been rejected, was so ignored, they angrily rushed into the shed. Good big temper ah Mr. Wood said cheerfully, then turned to me and said You also think that just a fish Although I do not say the mouth, Mr. Wood is now also too humane. Facing the two hungry people faint grilled fish, do not give us to eat no wonder the original sister will be angry. That there is a fishing rod may be difficult to have a fish hook Mr. Wood said smiling. I had to pick up on the shed near fall from the upstairs All in all, if you do not come tomorrow, I will want you to look good Hear Montaigne once again restored the bully s nature. Noisy dead Next to the phone came the dim sound of Jin Yingming sleepy. fidget cube copper Dead rat, you shut up No. 24 bed 25 bed You give me a quiet point okay The nurse is here, and I m going to hang it Hey, you are scolding me or praise me ah Toot toot the phone has been hung up. I really served him He Za Za whistling in the end is what you want to say ah But since he had just apologized to me, I Maqiuqiu is not a Xiaodujichang people, and Jinying Ming also said I only eat lunch the total can not let them hungry Tomorrow or go I smiled and drilled back to the bed, of course, I did not forget to turn off my cell phone Qingmeng. VOL 3 When I arrived at school, is already the fourth day of cultural sacrifice, and God, I told the purple bud in three days after the game I did not do anything it seems that my fate can not escape was expelled from Hayakawa ah. Qiuqiu, early Ma Qiuqiu, refueling ah A door to meet a few classmates, even with me say hello. I looked up, not ah, the sun or in the east ah Qiuqiu Kitahara love all the way to see me to say hello to me, to die, die, fast with me to see something good I was all the way to the North of the original love to the auditorium, the road gradually received a lot of leaflets, the mos.montmy, obsessed with that do aid communication Oh Listen to the United States said Ma Qiuqiu become beautiful a lot, it really is so Not only are those outside the old man, did not think you have been her fans have seven dirty eight elements Bang A loud noise interrupted purple bud. Montana one fist hit the door in the classroom. You Purple buds looking livid, Ma Ma Ma Qiuqiu You rely on men to support all day long, what kind of ability Have the courage to stand up to our field test How, ah Than on than, afraid of you ah Mengtai not to be outdone to back Road. You promised to be useful People support more than you one I promised. I interrupted purple buds coldly the following words, and even some fear she buy fidget cube kickstarter went on, than what Little Sparrow Meng Tai a look of astonishment at me. Good, Ma Qiuqiu A word for the set Purple bud to see her treacherous success, proud look overflowing. Half a month after the school s cultural offerings, the last day there will be school boys to vote, there will be girls popularity list, you win even if you win, I will not find you trouble, squid group you can send If you lose I beg your pardon, please get out of the gate of our Hayakawa and never come back again. Purple Lei forced her toss behind her long hair, disappeared in the classroom door. Squid than toward me than the fist, stared at me, followed by purple bud. I was covered in a.

Fidget Cube Copper take so many costly mistakes it My tears flow down, do not know is sad, or happy In the evening, I was absent minded to bake the fish, the things that happened in the morning has been in my mind somersault, let my mood disorder. Autumn fidget cube make noise Mr. Wood on the side of the fish on the shelves suddenly opened Recently, the fish are quite a lot of fishing ah Well more recent easy My mind is chaotic, not a clue. No one will be fishing down ah what Qiuqiu, if the first time I put the baked fish to you, now you will not say easy Mr. Wood suddenly muttered to himself, do not take their fishing rod to try, how to know the river Is there any fish in it chaotic mind flashed a little white light, but fast enough for me to catch. Qiuqiu, the fire quickly extinguished, and you help to move some of the tents over the wood over there please I went to the tent next to pick some of the firewood, but heard the inside came a quarrel. No, no, my baby can not be spoiled Dead woman, but to you a little Rouge, so stingy ah Is the original love and Montessori too They had no peace together, I shook his head ready to go back, but listen to mention his name stopped. Cut, you are those smelly moves useful words, Qiuqiu fidget cube copper already told you to go The last time you fell into the river is not enough shame is it, this also thought of what to play the clown Do not try to know h.sparrow, oh well Monta a pull me back to reality, I smile weakly toward him, and then sat on his seat. Deliberately forgotten the right side there is no sound, we have returned to the previous look, but now Ma Qiuqiu really can do and not the same as before I began to doubt Perhaps just unexpected performance, so that we have not yet clear, several classes down, in addition to a few supercilious, fairly calm. Other subjects through Mr. Wood s Catching Fortunately, mathematics has always been weak, listening to the teacher s lesson is still a little touched the North. The teacher loves to ask someone to say that the solution ideas, in case of pumping me I thought of this head buried buried down. Ma Qiuqiu students, please answer this question about the idea. Long time no see mathematics said to me smiling. I know, I know, looking at the blackboard a lot of XYZ, I look for help Mengtai one that guy actually this time to open the book, my day, even if the book has, that idiot can not find To ah The whole class turned around and looked at me with gloat. I blushed, and slowly stood up. fidget cube copper Page 5, question 5, row 2. Fortunately, montene one to find it I quickly opened the book to find a place. Well, x divided by the cube Looked at the teacher nodded fidget cube desk toy kickstarter with satisfaction, I finally relieved to sit down, too much of a Mongolian move I had to get stunned hesitated, not reflec.

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