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Fidget Cube Darkviolet have the same Or back to the school I had fired I shook my head. Go back Meng Tai a red I roared. I firmly shook his head, tears streaming down. Meng fidget cube lightgodenrod Tai grabbed my arm, forced me to pull out. Almost roaring Go back Hear no I call you back Do not do not I do not do not fidget cube toy I doomed to seize all the things around, screaming loudly I beg you I am too afraid of a Do not. I do not want to go back to that terrible place Has been struggling in their own, suddenly was a push in the ground. Mengtai a let go, tightly staring at me. Sadness, anger, anticipation, from his eyes toward me surging rushing, I feel unable to resist. Montana s lips trembled, his eyes red. I think his tears soon fell off the first second, he decided to shake off my big stride out of the tent. He went endless loss towards me hit, my heart suddenly become empty Who is he I did not say an apology to hit me what did you do Kitahara love rubbing his ass into the tent, followed by Mr. Wood. I shook my head sadly without answering. Kitahara love would also like to ask, but was Mr. Wood to stop. I actually went through a big robbery, whole body weakness, the eyes of the spewing out of the tears. Kitahara love kept in ramble next to the handle uncle actually abnormal fidget cube darkviolet listening to her words to help me hand towels. I thought the tears will go on like this, will not stop.a God bless you can be admitted to Hayakawa You are good, every day to learn your dad is not too late to come back Said, where s the phone Mom put a phone to the Montana one to throw on the table. Boyfriend to send it Ma Xia sound pig grins face to grin. Oh, no matter what My boyfriend Mother one, an incredible expression. The book does not read, you actually dare to pay a boyfriend No, it is not This is not your extortion to it Ma Xi Chun also join in the fun. Ma Qiuqiu, you blackmail this person is very rich Ma Xia sound that pig is still fueling the fire. Ma Qiuqiu You do not study hard to engage fidget cube darkviolet in these tricks Do you know your year tuition will be several thousand I put everything in the door, his face buried in the blanket, tasted the wet tears. You lie, lie you said admitted to Hayakawa, I can get happiness But I did not, did not Fifth war intertwined changes of the earth dance music 1 VOL 1 Want to die you go where you go yesterday, hit you do not answer the phone Mongolia too has been hold until noon, I carry to the campus atrium yelling. I I I can not answer. If you tell him to put his pigeons because of Jin Yingming, it is estimated that will die even worse. I said, if you run away to let you die ugly Do not remember your pig head is not ah Mengtai a gas, however, simply took a slap on my head. I shrink the neck ready to bear, the slap even mo.

t to To comfort her. Uh do not say anything today, will you Uh well. Thank you, my name is Yue Mei. I I am Ma Qiuqiu. You are Ma Qiuqiu The more the United States to hear my name seems to be surprised, uh you are famous. Yes My God, I can think of my famous way is what, just as just heard. Oh. The more the United States heard my name Puchi smile, no you want to be so bad, I want to go home early, you too Meng Taiyi know I did not stare gold Yingming, then, will certainly die miserable. Fortunately, looking for gold Yingming is not a difficult thing, just take a decibel measuring instrument can accurately find his position Ah Jinying Ming Jin Yingming Girls screaming sound of the gymnasium ceiling to overturned I love you Kim Ying ming Come on Jinying Ming Girls in the stadium like a mad, eyes and mind are only gold Ying Ming, and pulled his throat shouting. Jinying Ming in the field running practice, every time he ran, shooting baskets, in exchange for a wave of waves inside the cheers. Finally understand a little bit of China s entertainment is what the rich. I was thinking about this, Jin Yingming suddenly accelerated dribbling, approaching the basketball rack, he suddenly vacated the sky, single handedly grasp the ball, with the ball into the basketball box All the people inside the venue to see this scene are stunned, the basketball hall silence, only t.badge on the first day of school Also crash the black teacher on duty Go back and write a five thousand words to review I I did not hear it I have not looked up, not looked up to look confidently to the hippo fidget cube noise director, but has been affirmed again. These are not cycling men do why why me And just me alone I glanced at the tram next to the man, he is boring to look around, it seems that has long been accustomed to such a treatment. But I do not, finally won the Hayakawa high school, finally won the care of the father and mother, or even think of my mother that I get into trouble after the expression of disgust I go. Indifferent voice in exchange for the hippo s bow. Kim Kim Ying ming. I do not know where the courage, I stopped to go out to the Jinying Ming. Perhaps, maybe he has a way. No not me Jinying Ming to go out of the figure paused, lightly glanced next to the guilty conscience of the hippopotamus. Noisy dead. Noisy dead Noisy dead Once when a similar figure, the same words, is he I looked blankly left the back, really is he Really VOL 6 Do not know how to get out of the big conference room, the mood of the guidelines in accordance with the guidelines, into my three classes a year. Most of the students have to, whispering do not know what to discuss. I head down in the classroom shuttle, and soon find the Ma Qiuqiu three characters of the desk, call.o hear the fidget cube darkviolet sound when the basketball frame vibration. When we Hui Guoshen, the entire basketball are bombed Jinying Ming I love you Kim Ying ming I told you to set Jin Yingming Jin Yingming That it seems like a dunk it only in the comic book before seen today, even see a live show And this person is Jin Yingming However, he he he he he was handsome But Kim Ying ming on the floor of the girls call completely do not care, on the contrary, he also showed a very impatient look, practice finished hurried back to the lounge. About twenty minutes later, Jin Yingming hurried out from the basketball hall. This time, the day has all black, and I followed behind Kim, he walked in the direction of the parking lot in the past, is to see Ling it. Well, along the way there are two poor girl confession failure, followed by the third male boys Is not it Boys also find him confession I hid in the corner of the curious to see the past, the day is too dark to see what they are doing, but fidget cube keychain vaguely heard What night eight I was listening, bad How he came in my direction, I immediately rushed out from the corner. Be careful I bumped into an embrace, how do you always work so reckless I m sorry How sound so familiar always I looked up to come. North facebr north of the stars looked at my hands the record book, and then washed me a small smile choting choting ch.

Fidget Cube Darkviolet in front of two rows of welcome team, is probably welcome new students This battle to see that he has a little legs do not listen to dictates, did not think he could one day appear here, maybe three years to read the book here, really can change Come on ah. Ma Qiuqiu In my future life is full of longing and yearning, the head suddenly appeared in the tram in the picture, do not know why could not help but shudder. There will not be a bad omen, right. This is just an accident or quickly into it I played with their own cheer, walked to the school Get out of here Said a wild voice from behind me. Ah help teacher After the wild male voice is a weak voice. I, I did not wrong, right 100 meters outside the two boys riding a modified motorcycles, is a very fast pace to the school gate fidget cube darkviolet sprint driving boys in front of sweating, frowning kept shouting out of the way Out of the way, behind the boys are tightly clinging to the front of the boys, his face was shocked, tears, tears, vertical and horizontal An uncle wearing a red armband went straight to the school gate in front of the two men riding a motorcycle roared Which class you, give me Down Motorcycles and not as uncle expected to immediately slow down, and in front of him obediently stopped, on the contrary to a faster speed to the school gate rushing. Rabbit, you Uncle angry glare, his hands on his hip.d their own free soul. From when The first time he was dead to save to gas The first time he was the one that he The first to see him with the action to say 800 Thank you The first time he saw the innocent eyes of the two car snacks Or, I asked him and the stars of the moon Death fidget cubes for sale mouse Mengtai an angry voice pulled me back from the illusion. Mengtai one ugly face can no longer ugly, step by step approach to me The more beautiful, it never had the expression, so cold, so I am afraid Angry purple buds There River Shadow Moon Let go of your hand Mengtai almost rushed over a grabbed me, forced me to drag out. Head down I can not see all the expression, fidget cube darkviolet but I can feel, share of strange in the spread of Hands pain fidget cube tomato Mengtai a no matter what I do not keep up with, pulling me hard to move forward. His gloomy expression, I only seen in the purple bud event. The more the United States I whispered behind followed by the more beautiful. Where did he just touch you Meng Tai suddenly stopped, and hitting me hard. what I ask you Where Mengtai too violent to make me afraid to speak. Hand or waist here Monta a pinch my chin, pull over my face. Do not I subconsciously block the face. I will not cut fidget cube salmon your hand tomorrow you do not see the way to walk ah, actually let the mice only take advantage of cheap mice He he just just.

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