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Fidget Cube Demo ne, I looked at the bike is Jinying Ming, the phone closed secretly retained. Are deleted Jinying Ming pushed the bike to ask before me. Well I answered with a little guilty Jinying Ming did not say anything, riding a bike ready to go. Wait Wait I suddenly stopped him, but do not know know what to say, the atmosphere becomes very embarrassing. Ling very good. Jinying Ming suddenly spoke. Well I know I said with a little panic, you are you singing Jin Yingming looked at me blankly, said Do not say to others Gee God, I am really more and more courageous, and even a blackmail from the Jinying Ming. What Jin Ying ming is not pleased to ask. Health birthday October 25th. Favorite thing Do not know why I suddenly remembered the United States to me to transfer the chocolate. Jin Yingming thought, said croissants. The croissant I heard the wrong bar The croissant. So he would like the old bread I am surprised again for him. That I was Jin Ying Ming eyes shot out of the frozen light hit, then all stuck. I will never tell these people about it, I added. Well Jin Yingming stood up, he seems to have a good collection of their own emotions, everything is restored to its original appearance. Home is already more than 12 points, but fortunately the United States to help me play cover, my mother s 20 big typhoon did not brea.s still So I m still alive Big sister Big sister I pushed hard to push her, but she did not move, did not respond. Is she died. I frightened to stretch out a finger on her nose Call she still breathes I was relieved. But where is this I rubbed his head Yes, yesterday we fell from the bridge, the head into the cold river. A piece of cloth in the shed was lifted, and a shaggy man with his head explored his head. Hey You wake up Pompon speak. Ah ah I was shocked, Leng Leng nodded his head. He spoke very casual, but very polite. Sleep okay He said smiling, like a bright smile as the sun. Also okay She did not wake up He looked at me around the big sister. Ah also not yet. Today s weather is really good, do not come out with me fishing He is still smiled. Ah good, good I do not know how to refuse people, obediently stood up and went out. Well Outside the sun is great The thorn was my eye raw pain, and quickly reached out in the eye to take a awning. I looked around, I stand still can see yesterday s magnificent bridge Now fidget cube shop think of the scene yesterday, some scared. Pompon ignored my daze, not far to go along the river did not sit down in front of him stood a long bamboo pole, has been extended to the river center Come and sit Pompon was very gentleman patted the only piece of flat stone around, What s your name.

t the crazy word swallowed into the stomach. He just sometimes confused, huh, huh The original so You are still a student Look at your body uniform, should be Hayakawa high school Well He even knew the Hayakawa high school uniforms Mr. Wood is really very strange, obviously dressed very abjection, but the speech and manners are faint people feel aristocratic temperament. It s easy for you to stare at me like this. Mr. Wood jokes voice interrupted my fidget cube moccasin thoughts, I found his eyes are staring at Mr. Wood, motionless, quickly blushing to recover their rude eyes. I ve only been to a lot of places and I ve seen a lot of people, so I know more He could have guessed what I was thinking He lives fidget cube demo in Before you fidget cube lightgreen knocked fidget cube demo over our boat, I and Bing Shu live in the boat under the bridge hole that small shed, is a temporary home last night to build Mr. Wood said with a smile, the tone is very easy, as if to say someone else s Same thing. Ah I m sorry God, this This person will not have to read the heart of the book, right Haha Do not think too much Your questions are written in your face. Mr. Wood laughed people feel bright. Ah The shrieking shouts of the shed broke our conversation. Big Sister I followed Mr. Wood opened the curtain. A wore a bird s head, wearing a Taiji service strange uncle is squatting on the ground obsessed, looking at the face of the big siste.mediately awake more than half, bass from the bed to sit up. Is Monte too one So late, what ah Little sparrow you sleep ah Ah sleep has more than two points, he would not call to ask this stupid question That today s lunch I m sorry Well, what are you saying You want to die ah Ma Qiuqiu Dare not hear Shit Jinying Ming You dare to throw pillows hit me Could it be that he is to facilitate things to apologize to me My heart suddenly lit up, completely awake over. I took the phone listening to the phone came the voice of ping pong, the hospital nurses must be very hard these two days it A minute later Hey Sparrow The phone finally came the other end of the Mongolian too breathless sound. Why Tomorrow will you come Well, I do not know. I am not interested in taking their own mind to spend so much to fidget cube demo do lunch, to fight when you fight the bullet The last injury or me And Jin Ying ming s apology today, but also I did not organize fidget cube demo their emotions. I like to eat beef you do The brats in the end there is no good listen to me ah If not then the mouth of the horse I do not want to go. You do not come I put Jinying Ming dropped from the upstairs Monte too What do you want Do you so urgent Mengtai a voice suddenly low down. Hey And how If I fall from the upstairs, you will be so anxious This kid is crazy. Even say such words. Monty one, you are stupid ah Nothing c.that we can give the headmaster a good explanation. Mr. Wood said with a smile. fidget cube mediumpurpul Explain I looked at everyone in amazement. Mr. Wood and the principal have an agreement, an ice blue dress of the original love sister secretly squeezed at me eyes, within a week if you provide evidence to prove your innocence, let you officially return to school. If not How may not What the ghost photo cleaning address of the phone take you to the hotel bully phone With the love of the North of the fidget cube discount code endless stream, fidget cube instagram the more the United States face more and more green. I suddenly felt really lucky, really Little sparrow, what are you crying You do not become strong it How always crying Stupid, I was moved to pull I do not understand the girl s mind, I stared at the fool, dumbfounding Good pull, good pull, I finally completed the task The original love sister clap their hands happy. Original love sister Thank you I do not know what to say. Small sparrow, do not be so moved To repay, then kiss me about it Mengtai a hurriedly come over. Ah, by the way also counted me a. North Morningstar does not fall behind his face to scrape together. Monte too, you give me a point, whatever the outcome, I now identity is your class guide, actually in front of class so arrogant, you court death Class guide The original love sister And you, North Morningstar, do not think you are my brother I forgive y.

Fidget Cube Demo Ma Qiuqiu I honestly answered. Very cute name The first time I heard someone praise my name, I could not help but hesitated. Carefully looked only to find, although he looks very rough The shaggy hair, the twittering beard, covered the half of the face, the ragged clothes, the blistered shoes, but if they were not to be looked at, he should be a tastier. Xie thank. I am a bit embarrassed to him nodded his head, walked over to sit next to him. Yesterday I am a little worried that he would ask yesterday s things, after all, it is not a good memory, did not expect to hear fidget cube demo him say. Yesterday, you ordered large, just fell out of my boat and Bingshu, anyway, fishing do not care about fishing more than two people. You you do not ask for why You want to say that No I thought of what happened before yesterday, my eyes darkened down. Since I do not want to say, why should I ask He pouted me at the pout. The fishing line drifting down the river twitched down twice, and he quickly brought the fishing rod, but the end of the line was nothing, and he sighed in disappointment, and put the line back into the water again. I m sorry, he went on, forgetting to introduce myself, I m a wanderer, and everybody calls me Mr. Wood. Bingshu is my good friend, but he s a little problem here He and two fingers and point his own temple. His head has a problem That he is not I pu.first father Do not know what they are doing, has not contact, they are not worried about me, after all, there are four days out of the And I shook my head, do not let yourself think about it. At least calm life now, let me and the original love sister have been accustomed to the garbage field early in the morning, designated fertilization noon sun when the strongest swimming under the river also with Mr. Wood to help us do the fishing rod, looking for food. As naughty Bingshu, confirmed the words of Mr. Wood, became the most troublesome bad old love sister, tricks emerge in an endless stream, not to steal the original love sister s high fashion, is to use her cosmetics in the face Guihufu, tossing the original love Sister complain incessantly. Once, Bing Shu actually bought her from France to cut the beloved bed pulpy. Fortunately, Mr. Wood with his talent to craft the bed sheets sewn, or the original love sister eyes will cry. Sparrow to revolution I The fourth part Ninth war Hongqiao cave uninvited guests 1 VOL 1 I enjoy the fidget cube desk toy autumn sun while warm, while carrying the original donation of special love Kitahara unconditional toilet paper, go to the Hongqiao cave to go alone. Bang clatter Lang Lang Lang I suddenly turned around, behind empty handed but an empty cans are still rolling on the ground. No not I remembered yesterday Kitano original love ghost story, the.

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