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Fidget Cube Dodgerblue rth Morning Star, longevity and so on for a long time Well, immediately to North Morning Star side promised, while pushing me into a house. Smelly face Jinying Ming, looking at his purple buds, Meng Taiyi a hair trigger, quiet sitting blue girl are surprised to see me suddenly broke into. As if into a place should not come, was going to exit, North Morning Star to indicate me to sit down Well, well, people are together, a small thin, fast start it Blue girl stroked his supple hair, quietly introduced to me the rules of the game, but fidget cube dodgerblue even more surprising is actually offical fidget cube with a pair of white gloves on hand. She is on Xia Xi Little rare scourge, especially for men North Morning Star quietly said to me, in exchange for the Xiayi squint. Because there are new people to join, today we play the easiest way. This is the love and punishment game card, according to the tips you get cards, winners can be made to each other love or punishment requirements.No one can go back, otherwise Otherwise how Man woman Meng Taiyi seems intentional provocation. Otherwise, the car was hit out Everyone down a breath, on the Xiayi seem very satisfied with the results, I always feel that Xi Xia thin look too unpleasant, desperate to fulfill that poisonous oath immediately upon him. Start licensing The first win is Monta One, he was happy dancing, I want to choose love.erely beaten meal. Well I have no spirit, my mind is also circling gold Ying ming asked the question. Hey You give me the spirit of the point I did not say you want to hit you Mengtai a cry over there dissatisfaction. Misty too What, little sparrow. No nothing. You say half want to die ah I would like to ask you you Haoyue and stars can not be the same fidget cube dodgerblue there for Why What a good month What star your pig brain water I know what the astronomical agency is a ghost place you give me to shut up The next I thought I heard wrong, I quickly opened his curtains to see, in the following grimace in the teeth is fidget cube white and blue not too for a while. Give you three minutes, I ll yell when you do not Wait and so on and so on I was too Monty a scared to go half life, was found dead on me. fidget cube silent How how You jump down for me One, two, three You do not jump, I called Well so I take a deep breath, anyway, is a dead end, my heart a horizontal two closed a balcony from the second floor, jumped down. VOL 4 what I close my eyes hard in the heart screaming, but tightly bite his mouth dare not fidget cube thistle utter a sound. Bang I crashed into a warm embrace. You are a pig ah How so heavy Mengtai a voice ringing in my side, Mom Come fidget cube dodgerblue up to me Want to crush me ah bad I quickly from the arms of one too climb out. Go Meng T.

midst of the auditorium. It is now the most popular admirer in the culture festival, and participants can express their affection for the object of love in an odd and curious way, and the final prize is the fairy tale of the last day of the cultural sacrifice, which they can ask for, drama Uh, what does it matter to me I was stumped by a lot of explanation. That is, your admirers win, you can participate in fairy tale performances, you can look, you can improve the popularity, you can defeat the purple bud I am stunned to see Kitahara love cause and effect to explain, the next made me stunned A girl is to show her all collected Jin Yingming do not use things mineral water bottles, waste paper, eraser Another boy performed his back to the river shadow on the 18th generation genealogy Oh, good play Kitahara love mysteriously red one means the stage Monte too How could he be on stage. And how his head also wore two fluffy ears Days, his wife too cute, right. Here we have a Monta classmate, he will bring us what wonderful performances Moderator in the side of the endless to explain, Oh he squatted in front of what he is Monta one went to the center of the stage, and then squat down, like a dog in front of things like sniffing in front of him, thinking about it, and finally proud to pick up one of them, hard to wield. Montaigne in o.t tell you The fidget cube shop original love sister blinked, I began to doubt her motives. The more beautiful things, the school has been resolved over there, you really do not need to clarify in front of everyone No, now there are you who would dare to bully me ah Do not know why, although the heart is still a bit hate the more the United States, but there is no way to make anything, after all, she is his first friend. Moreover, I suddenly do not know how to face Jinying Ming Qiuqiu, I listen to Monte too say you want to match with purple bud, if you lose will be out of school cough cough cough I was drinking their own drink choke. My God I actually forgotten such an important thing Do not you do not know anything, right Kitahara looked at me like a loss, unable to pat his head I spent a day today to inquire about each year in late December is an annual cultural festival in early years, the fidget cube thistle school is an important one year results of the inventory, but for students is the most important Hayakawa Princess , Prince Hayakawa election. Prince Hayakawa Is the last day of the Academy Cultural Festival, announced the school boys do not count the votes, according to the number of votes, list all the girls this year, the popularity of the early Chuanchuan ranking.Many boys is the same procedure, only the opposite sex vote I inquired, purple bud last year was third, no wonder so arrogant I h.onsible for What I will really be responsible for you do not like that little white face, he should be protected every day, the four families is the most unpromising is his He said is Jin Yingming Four families What do you mean I was still thinking about what he had just, too much of a face, but closer the closer, the poor I have narrowed to the fidget cube reviews corner, retreat no retreat, can only be afraid to close your eyes. Do not Do he likes me Do not my first kiss I m going to vomit Mengtai one from the throat Biechu these words, even against me is a burst of wow wow wow to Kuangtu Poor I at least silly for three minutes, wake up when the body is full of Montana a spit out of the dirt I have no tears Rushed into the bathroom, all the way to see me all pinched my nose a look of disgust to escape, as if I was a huge fidget cube dodgerblue garbage. I desperately to wash clothes pants and hair on the dirty things, so after washing the body has been soaked. Hum ooo I began to regret today s impulse. Back to the box, Montana is still on the sofa asleep. A total of 250. checkout the waiter to see the dirt on the sofa, his face is not good, the tone of nature is not much better. More than two hundred, good luxury I have four months of pocket money. Fortunately, I did not pay. I am drunk from the mud into a mud on the Monta one to explore th.

Fidget Cube Dodgerblue . I suddenly felt the pupil suddenly zoom I I, I Oh, right, remember to record the situation in the book every day Oh Mengtai a revealing his righteous awe inspiring smile. My God Montaigne my poor high school life A tension not to digest the bread began to mischief, and I do not live up to the strength of a hiccup I, uh, back, uh, back in the classroom Less, er, less nonsense, uh, I have to go back Mengtai a brats even learn to speak to me, but also mercilessly laughed. I am angry face fidget cube dodgerblue Biede red, pretending to be indifferent to walk in front of him, and my heart to a Mengtai a thousand times a million times. But to see him finally a little normal, and my heart always feel a lot of peace. Hey Sparrow I was about to enter the classroom, Monte too suddenly stopped me. Uh uh I sat or not stopped, it seems that this gap to hit the old days to hit Oh Oh Thank you for taking care of me that day Mengtai a grasping hair, it seems a bit embarrassed. Ah uh uh Next time you talk to you again, I ll hit you He raised his fist. How there will be such a bastard I go Hurry into Montana s eyes and impatiently stare too big cattle. I see the potential is not good, and quickly slipped into the classroom. The fourth leg the fate of the game chase gear 1 VOL 1 On the Xia sister, you heard it The ugly woman to find Montenegro to the phone, he g.d their own free soul. From when The first time he was dead to save to gas The first time he was the one that he The first to see him with the action to say 800 Thank you The first time he saw the innocent eyes of the two car snacks Or, I asked him and the stars of the moon Death mouse Mengtai an angry voice pulled me back from the illusion. Mengtai one ugly face can no longer ugly, step by step approach to me The more beautiful, it never had the expression, so cold, so I am afraid Angry purple buds There River Shadow Moon Let go of your hand Mengtai almost rushed over a grabbed me, forced me to drag out. Head down I can not see all the expression, but I can feel, share of strange in the spread of Hands pain Mengtai a no matter what I do not keep up with, pulling me hard to move forward. His gloomy expression, I only seen in the purple bud event. The more the United States I whispered behind followed by the more beautiful. Where did he just touch you Meng Tai suddenly stopped, and hitting me hard. what I ask you Where Mengtai too violent to make me afraid to speak. Hand or waist here Monta a pinch my chin, pull over my face. Do not I subconsciously block the face. I will not cut your hand tomorrow you do not see the way to walk ah, actually let the mice only take advantage of cheap mice He he just just.

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