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Fidget Cube Firebrick a God bless you can be admitted to Hayakawa You are good, every day to learn your dad is not too late to come back Said, where s the phone Mom put a phone to the Montana one to throw on the table. Boyfriend to send it Ma Xia sound pig grins face to grin. Oh, no matter what My boyfriend Mother one, an incredible expression. The book does not read, you actually dare to pay a boyfriend No, it is not This is not your extortion to it Ma Xi Chun also join in the fun. Ma Qiuqiu, you blackmail this person is very rich Ma Xia sound that pig is still fueling the fire. Ma Qiuqiu You do not study hard to engage in these tricks Do you know your year tuition will be several thousand I put everything in the door, his face buried in the blanket, tasted the fidget cube firebrick wet tears. You lie, lie you said admitted to Hayakawa, I can get happiness But I did not, did not Fifth war intertwined changes of fidget cube dimensions the earth dance music 1 VOL 1 Want to die you go where you go yesterday, hit you do not answer the phone Mongolia too has been hold until noon, I carry to the campus atrium yelling. I I I can not answer. If you tell him to put his pigeons because of Jin Yingming, it is estimated that will die even worse. I said, if you run away to let you die ugly Do not remember your pig head is not ah Mengtai a gas, however, simply took a slap on my fidget cube firebrick head. I shrink the neck ready to bear, the slap even the opposite direction. From small to large, I have always abide by the family, indecent assault, meddle in the traditional virtues, inherited the father has nothing to do, hanging high and acting style. And in the mother s strict teachings never to get into trouble as the first, sacrifice for fidget cube firebrick me the biggest. Sixteen years, in general, I are safekeeping of the points, but occasionally will not control their curiosity. For example, now, obviously afraid of death, but can not help but to detect the crime scene situation. Who who s inside I said to the toilet. I Sure enough, people, but also a man, listen to the sound should not be older. You you re inside doing rest. But here is the woman female toilet I like, do you want to die Really is abnormal. Dad once told me, fidget cube mintcream if life is unfortunate met metamorphosis, do not let him know that you already know he is abnormal, otherwise, he will break jar drop. The correct way is, you should try to make him think you think he is normal Whirring, this phrase is a good mouthful ah But when my father was quite slippery Well, then do it I do not want to, I m sorry. I try to answer calmly. and many more what That leave the paper on your body is not it Special collection of paper metamorphosis More hasty point, but good seems to have You brought me in I, I do not want to come in. Although the big b.

of anger in his hanging wheel prints chest burning. Teacher, ah, teacher Cycling man seems to have fun I still hurry to go, stay in this certainly no good thing, I turned around and hit a person. And then heard the sound coming from behind We are not allowed to go Go to the Chamber In the communication room, the head of the instructor kept rambling in front of me, and I tried to hide myself in the back of the crowd. What happened today, a school on the occurrence of so many chain events. I know Ma Ma Qiuqiu but never discipline, and anything does not matter. Mengtai one you see what you have done a good thing I do not know how to say you Tram men bear the brunt and a group of students did not bring the school badge standing in front, looks a bit like a hippo discipline director cold face Looking at him. Ok Monte too I like the name where I heard. Think well familiar with Oh. Do not wear school badge Also crash on duty on the black teacher Hippo look to fidget cube antsy the cyclist. The cyclist s mouth was cramped, but he held back and did not speak. Charge director, these are first year students. Next to a bit wearing a glasses of the teacher handed the hippo stack of information, ah, probably we are a few guy s school file it. Hippo teacher took the school file, cold face read Your school badge Outside the classroom came the voice of the teacher on duty. Out. A voice without any emotion.nly remembered the North Morning Star told me about the Golden Hebei. 16 year old took the National Astronomical Institute s highest award. Bravo Ma Qiuqiu, what a ghost really astronomical meeting at 8 o clock Mengtai a very distrustful again to find me sure. Yep. Why get 8 00, ah, I am so busy at night. Mouse to join the community is strange, do not meet during the day, non get the night Deceptive, I am in the heart of a small refute him. Obviously because of his old face problems, death and Jin Ying Ming is not willing to a community. Well, little sparrow, I do not teach you how to monitor the dead mice, and for you the difficulty fidget cube clicker is a big point, but for our victory, that day you must swear to death in the end, you know Mengtai one side patted my thin shoulders, while a morally righteous look, as if to send me to the execution ground. Monte Monte too, I cocoa can not, do not participate in I try to do the last struggle, do not know why, my heart is always Huang Huang s. You try raised his fist, let me swallow the words back. Why do I let this encounter the devil. VOL 3 Time is always very strange, you want it short time, but happens to be very long and I do not expect the arrival of Wednesday, it seems a big blink of an eye. And so the more beautiful reason, we come to the event later the school after the mountain. Astronomical community really popular, a the Xia Xi, anxious to see me Jin Yingming puzzled to see me, and hesitate to see the river shadow fidget cube retail month The audience fidget cube firebrick s voice is getting bigger and bigger, it seems that came the father and mother s voice But I can not hear anything, what are invisible my mind has been an unprecedented chaos into a What s going on here What s going on here River Shadow Moon and Jin Yingming it. Shang Xia Xi how will have a marriage with Monte too. My God This in the end how is it This play in the end how to play

Fidget Cube Firebrick smiled and looked at Monte too one classmates, what is your name, really thank you I am very happy, Ha ha I called Mengtai a Ma Qiuqiu is the students Montaigne said, talking and found the atmosphere is not, the sound down. Monte too Just his face has clearly cleared the mother now suddenly became cloudy. Mom I also became nervous. The last time you call Ma Qiuqiu temporarily in your home Do not tell me the specific address, call me dead old woman Montoya had a phone call for me to go home But he even called the mother on the phone My God. He was impatient This is his suicidal, I can not help him Mengtai a wake up call, and quickly play ha ha Ah Aunt The weather is not early I should go back Bye ah Ha ha ha ha Finished, he quickly disappeared. This guy, run him fast I saw his awkward back, I suddenly relaxed a lot. Ma Qiuqiu Come back with me Mom said modestly. Oops, I forgot my disaster is not over yet I turned and followed my mother upstairs. But the strange thing is, I did not intend to return home bombing, the two ghosts brother showed extra quiet, my father just kept repeating back like, come back like. Back to their familiar room, skillfully turn on the lights, looking around the room. I came back nothing has changed the room seems to have carefully cleaned up the traces of Suddenly, I remembered something, opened the cur.o go north face north face Monta one that guy has long gone But ooo ooo Hongqiao cave everyone did not forget the day I said, but also became Ma Qiuqiu renovation project, fidget cube scarlet the firm performers. And I actually survived the hell before the general half of the month Ma Qiuqiu You have eaten half an apple today How to eat Turned to the north of the original love cruel to take away my apple. But I love the original sister hungry I bit his lip bitter begging. North korea love holding a tape measure in my body than to than, good good, great progress Quickly put on the last time we buy the skirt No, no Come, teach you how to wear contact lenses Well, give you a little makeup Do not move, let me get your bird s head Wonton North of the original love long sigh, then excitedly waved at me, a pull from the transformation plan began to be kept in the mirror on the cloth. I Why do you speak and become as hesitant as before, beware of Mr. Wood will be unhappy to know Oh I was a Northern love to the mirror in front of. God this this is me Is this really me Oval face, large eyes, straight nose, small mouth, uniform body, thin waist, and the other end of the doll like hair, coupled with the lovely doll that pieces, simply, simply I m not sure patted that lovely face, yes, really is me Mirror girl fidget cube early bird and I make the same expression Hurry up and let t.

fidget cube firebrick

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