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Fidget Cube Floralwhite ans he is not a duck, nor is it Do not understand the words, and he do not roll. Your kid has the ability to report to the name, to see how I pack you. Orange head seems to be somewhat angry. Jin Ying ming. Cold blooded male cool to answer. You have a kind Get rid of him Oranges fidget cube floralwhite greeted around a few guys swarmed. I scared hastily shrunk to one side, then sprang from the crowd a few people. Master, are you all right Master He is just that young master Really trouble Just now the girl walked over fidget cube floralwhite from me, leaving a word I completely figure out the situation, while being entangled a few guys, while nothing happened like two men and a woman. Until the tram door closed the moment I recovered, they just get off the station is Hayakawa high school. VOL 3 Help ah Fortunately, catch up In my Kuangpao deep breath after N times, finally alive to see the new school Wakamatsu high school gate. Even the second time to see, Hayakawa high school brought me the shock is not small ah Two post there are two floors so high, there are about four lanes between the road so wide, the arc shaped beams hanging above the Hayakawa high school four golden words and school signs. The post on the vertical and horizontal hanging a lot of brands. Really impressive ah No wonder everyone says that this is a noble school. The school gate today plug in two rows of flags, printed on the school logo. Flags standing.est is to get J s own method of making love. Haha small sparrow, count you smart Mengtai one by one to show their hands in the J, I asked the great J to give yourself a kiss of love Then, it is necessary to their own Mouth a Bata, that gave the love of care. Wait North Morning Star, then interrupted a Mongolian action. Why, I m all in the rules, I m not violating. Words are right, but North Morning Star, then how faint as if with a smile I looked suspiciously in the past, saw him overjoyed to open a gold medal in front of the card. J I take a breath, looking looking livid Jin Ying ming. Because the happy too Mengtai a forget they are playing two cards, it is possible that two people take the same suit situation. fidget cube floralwhite That that is not It is not to be a kiss with Kim Tae ming Do not Do not I do not want to kiss the dead face Mengtai a stand on the sofa shouting. Monty one, then you have to break the grandson Oh Purple bud snappily reminded Road. Do not, boring. Jin Ying ming faintly looked at the same as the orangutan jumping on the sofa in the Montana one, we must go out. Who are you boring ah I Zhangzhe the biggest mouth in my life, watching Monte too oblique from the sofa down overlooking the back to watch the Jinying Ming My God Play this card really can not go back Mengtai a heavy pro in the gold Yingming s lips VOL 5 Low pressure low pressure The Bermuda Triangle.

yes stabbed all the pain Yo, this is not a big hero Ma Qiuqiu it Purple bud and her attendant squid group , there are several other classes of girls surrounded me up. I head down, biting his lips, bite fidget cube official video the bullet and wait for the arrival of the storm. How do you so brave ah Even took the kind of photos, but also to make propaganda You are not afraid of death Purple Lei forced me a, said fiercely I bow in silence. I see you, ah, really show to the bones go A tall girl with my fist desperately twist my head, I have tears of pain came out. Do not always install the poor phase You this trick is only useful for boys The more violet bud more angry I tell you Ma Qiuqiu If Jin Yingming what happened, I will make you die very ugly Purple bud see me quietly, become furious Ma Qiuqiu You Zi Lei raised his hand want to hit me, but did not fall Mongolia is too one It seems you are still very guarding her Well Purple bud sneer Shuaichai Mengtai a grasp of the hand. Purple bud, do not Meng Tai said with a sullen face. Hey Purple bud is a very exaggerated sneer, turned to me and said Ma Qiuqiu, did not think you really charm is big ah Seduce the end of gold seduce again Monet too one How do you so disgusting ah Purple You give me shut up Meng Tai a roar up. But the purple bud simply ignore Montana one, but Jiuqi my ears, facing the students around, said You see You fidget cube lightseagreen see T.an fall from the upstairs All in all, if you do not come tomorrow, I will want you to look good Hear Montaigne once again restored the bully s nature. Noisy dead Next to the phone came the dim sound of Jin Yingming sleepy. Dead rat, you shut up No. 24 bed 25 bed You give me a quiet point okay The nurse is here, and I m going to hang it Hey, you are scolding me or praise me ah Toot toot the phone has been hung up. I really served him He Za Za whistling in the end is what you want to say ah But since he had just apologized to me, I Maqiuqiu is not a Xiaodujichang people, and Jinying Ming also said I only eat lunch the total can not let them hungry Tomorrow or go I smiled and drilled back to the bed, of course, I did not forget to turn off my cell phone Qingmeng. VOL 3 When I arrived at school, is already the fourth day of cultural sacrifice, and God, I told the purple bud in three days after the game I did not do anything it seems that my fate can not escape was expelled from Hayakawa ah. Qiuqiu, early Ma Qiuqiu, refueling ah A door to meet a few classmates, even with me say hello. I looked up, not ah, the sun or in the east ah Qiuqiu Kitahara love all the way to see me to say hello to me, to die, die, fast with me to see something good I was all fidget cube mistyrose the way to the North of the original love to the auditorium, the road gradually received a lot of leaflets, the mos.e automatically put all the blame on the account of Jin Yingming. fidget cube floralwhite Now he is like a fiercely staring at the prey of the tiger, with claws kept on paper to draw the kill to kill the sound. And I will hinder the hapless in the middle of his eyes strangling prey. Safety first Safety first As long as nothing happened, let me go a few times an hour I have endured, right when the weight bar. If things always as I wish, I do not call Ma Qiuqiu, should be called the Phoenix and the like. To the third section of the language class, Montana finally caught a chance. Jin Yingming fidget cube floralwhite was the teacher named read the text. Although I want to ignore, but the next growing voice, so I had to look over his head turned. Here you are Mongolia too mysteriously God gave me a bag of things, I opened it, turned out to be a large piece of chewing gum this fidget cube bisque is Put there Meng Taiyi pointed to a gold Yingming stool. My God Again Mongolia uncle, Mongolia emperor, you can not let me Let me more than two days of peace you will die ah But think so, I finally yielded to the one in the montage of a person with me who Chang against the momentum of death, the trembling to put the chewing gum on the gold Yingming stool Good Jinying Ming students read very well Please sit Language teacher flattering smile said. Please, please Golden Master you look down ah Although my heart prayed millions of times, in the whole class girls eyeful peach.

Fidget Cube Floralwhite school, there is a monta to safeguard my situation those scenes scenes In my mind flashed. I rolled around in bed all night, only to the day before the light was asleep. VOL 6 Early Early in the morning, the original love to open the curtain from the outside sister to come in. As early as just asleep not long after I was unable to sit in bed and say hello to them. Well, it seems that these two guys had a very moist yesterday Qiuqiu What happened to your face The original sister looked surprised at me. face I do not understand from the bed to get up, look in the mirror My God I did not sleep well at night, my eyes were black like painted with ink cheap fidget cube If you let Monte too see me like this, he must say I m a ghost Montaigne I suddenly thought of that troubled me one night GNK good night kiss , I squeaky asked Mongolia Mongolia too one Go, we just met him on the bridge Mr. Wood said softly to me. gone gone. I was surprised to look back at the ground floor of a Monte too fidget cube maroom His quilt was stacked well, as if it had not been started the same. There are and his backpack was gone. How did the guy suddenly said to go back The original sister did not understand the question asked Mr. Wood. But after hearing the news panic stricken I simply could not hear the original sister in love to say something He s gone Why did he does fidget cube help suddenly leave. He came so inexplicable, go s.at the Xia Xi, anxious to see me Jin Yingming puzzled to see me, and hesitate to see the river shadow month The audience s voice is getting bigger and bigger, it seems that came the father and mother s voice But I can not hear anything, what are invisible my mind has been an unprecedented chaos into a What s going on here What s going on here River Shadow Moon and Jin Yingming it. Shang Xia Xi how will have a marriage with Monte too. My God This in the end how is it This play in the end how to play

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