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Fidget Cube For Adults des of the street from time to time came the noisy lively music, was decorated with gorgeous bright window in the night in the gorgeous, a pair of sweet couple hand in hand from behind me. In this bustling world, it seems that only I am a heterogeneous. I am like a lost soul of the shell, in fidget cube for adults the night walk. I do not know where I m going. However, for a single mind just want to end their own lives, this seems to have completely unimportant. I follow the fate of the guidelines, keep walking down the street. The end of the road turned out to be a bridge This is probably the end of my life now I smiled sadly, staggered on the fidget cube mediumblue ground. The wind on the bridge is great, blowing my whole body cold, frozen shivering. Has been dazed brain suddenly awake a lot. I put my head down from the bridge to see wow Good high Inheritance of the father of fear of heights I just felt a while dizzy, pale, almost fainted to the ground. This This height is absolutely enough for me to pieces. Ma Qiuqiu, you you really want to jump from here I bit my lips, cautiously retracted my head, my heart painful struggle. Quickly stood up and ready to flee here, can just run a few steps, I stopped. Where am I going Go home To see Mom and Dad s supercilious, listening to the ridicule of two brothers Go to school To be Jinying Ming cast aside, bullied by school girls Do not go, I do not go The earth is so big.e never been to When I recovered to find gold Ying ming figure, he was found to be a HOTLINE bar. Why does he go there drink Is it not expressly prohibited for students to enter bars Why did he go in If found, the punishment is very severe, ah Whether because of tracking the task Ye Hao or my personal curiosity Ye Hao, in short, I quickly followed up. To the bar door, I tiptoe toward the inside look, hoping to see Jinying Ming. But here is too many people, and more to be constantly crowded in and crowded out, I was unfortunately caught fidget cube for adults in the middle of a group of crazy women squeezed in Black bar whistling, flashing lights played with people simply do not see next. In the middle of the bar that a large circular stage, there are a few body clothes just like the girls did not wear the same as the snakes on the stage as hard to twist. The music here is more than just those girls call loudly, shook my ear Shengteng. Suddenly, the noisy music stopped, a man in a white suit of fancy white dress took the stage, said loudly Ladies and gentlemen, please calm down The noisy bar began to calmed down. Moderator see we have been looking at him, then down the sound mysteriously said People you ve been waiting for for a long time to come welcome Shadow fidget cube on twitter Moderator fidget cube for adults announced the end will leave the stage. Suddenly the applause inside the thunder, whistle cheers come and go. A white smoke on the stage, a clear an.

k out. Eyes just closed, the phone suddenly rang. I scared a bomb, God Mongolia is a call too Hey I cautiously answered the phone. Ma Qiuqiu Do you want to die ah Do not call me so late Monte too shouting at the end of the phone. I m sorry too late. What have you found today Ah fidget cube for adults ah, there are Very well, tomorrow to the school again Mengti a finished suddenly thought of, remember to bring me breakfast. Well I listened to the phone toot the busy tone, helplessly sighed, and Jin Yingming that dazzling I was afraid to face the figure is circled in my mind a long time. VOL 3 Yes, okay Yue Mei morning in front of me, your mother can cross examine me for a long time. Xie I hurriedly remembered the chocolate is still not in their own bag to Jinying Ming. You help me pay no The more beautiful red face secretly asked me, Oh, thanks to you. I stared at the United States sweetly waved at me, I really envy her so self expression of their emotions. From the sky a broken chestnut head interrupted my train of thought. How, Kim Ying ming, as we speculate as despicable dirty shameless right Monte too excited to say. Also okay bad, how I forgot to have a report with Monte too. fidget cube for sell Is extortion or blackmail Do not you see him kill Meng Taiyi s eyes were excited to flash. Play basketball I do not open to answer, it is estimated that the outbreak interrupted a certain mood. Is not there simply no happiness The girl raised his head and looked at the direction of the sound came, such as asking, like muttering Or am I not worthy of happiness Seems to meditate for a while, and pass a sigh Hayakawa Admitted to Hayakawa it, maybe you can get what you want Hayakawa girls looked down Really Are you sure I was admitted to Hayakawa can be happy As in the dark to find a ray of light, girls become urgent A figure suddenly not far from the swing stand up, the girls would like to focus on the focal length, but could not see the shadow of human appearance. Maybe Each fairy tale has a pair of crystal shoes, on behalf of happiness, waiting, only to find its owner The first war the sparrow girl debut 1 VOL 1 Dark blue, cut close, but highlights the elegant and noble temperament of the sailor uniform. The Sleeping Shoulder Milk White Glne Doll Bag. That guy in the mirror, is that me Although a little freckled face or bluntly long N fidget cube marketing acne, the most terrible one is more long in the nose. Although fidget cube pink and white a little fat figure always break my beautiful girl s dream, only in the passing window when secretly looking at two. There is a pair of big scary glasses cover half of the face, accompanied by obedience of the Obasan style tails. but But that guy has a happy face I ve never had ah. I carefully reached out to the mirror to explorerder to express the love of Ma Qiuqiu students When the microphone to the hands of Zhang Qizhen He can be from five exactly the same girls school sportswear, to distinguish which is her This requires much courage and love ah More exaggerated things happened, with the direction of Zhang Qizhen fingers, slowly behind the stage down a large piece of curtain, the above only a few characters Love her, we must remember her taste I saw this scene almost no weighs in the past. God, ah, please give me two lightning bar, a hacking Mengtai one, let me die early premature death it The results of the game really is not out of the original love of Kitahara, I successfully selected into the pantomime show, as well as Kim Ying ming, Mengtai one, purple bud, River Shadow Moon, on Xia Xi I can imagine another catastrophe coming. VOL 4 Qiuqiu You can not hand you almost Kitahara love happily holding me shouting. Thanks to Ma family ancestors blessing, this time I draw to get, turned out to be the Snow White fairy tale play in the princess The results did not let purple on the spot not to draw a notary table to lift it Another would like to lift the table is the one too, the gold Yingming s nemesis plus noise queen, even to play the Queen is a beauty mirror The fate of the life of the prince of gold Ying ming s role is turned out to be a bad eye Queen Destined to be the princess fidget cube midnight temperamen.

Fidget Cube For Adults first father Do not know what they are doing, has not contact, they are not worried about me, after all, there are four days out of the And I shook my head, do not let yourself think about it. At least calm life now, let me and the original love sister have been accustomed to the garbage field early in the morning, designated fertilization noon sun when the strongest swimming under the river also with Mr. Wood to help us do the fishing rod, looking for food. As naughty Bingshu, confirmed the words of Mr. Wood, became the most troublesome bad old love sister, tricks emerge in an endless stream, not to steal the original love sister s high fashion, is to use her cosmetics in the face Guihufu, tossing the original love Sister complain incessantly. Once, Bing Shu actually bought her from France to cut the beloved bed pulpy. Fortunately, Mr. Wood with his talent to craft the bed sheets sewn, or the original love sister eyes will cry. Sparrow to revolution I The fourth part fidget cube for adults Ninth war Hongqiao cave uninvited guests 1 VOL 1 I enjoy the autumn sun while warm, while carrying the original donation of special love Kitahara unconditional toilet paper, go to the Hongqiao cave to go alone. Bang clatter Lang Lang Lang I suddenly turned around, behind empty handed but an empty cans are still rolling on the ground. No not I remembered yesterday Kitano original love ghost story, the.e smiling face of the original love sister, do not know how to do Snapped The lights were all dark, and the spotlight shone down from my head. Well good glare I slowly opened fidget cube pink my eyes, in addition to my own, everything is dark and depressive, and can not see anything, as if the whole world disappeared But I can hear the sound coming from the darkness. Ma Qiuqiu Come on I heard the original sister in the audience shouted to me. My hand holding the microphone, whole body desperately trembling. Help communication women to sing myself Ha ha ha ha What song will you sing Come down Do not be disgraced Come on Ma Qiuqiu I try to calm myself Suddenly, the darkness came a crisp piano sound, from the stage to the audience, so that once again quiet around. So familiar with the song, so I could not help but sing along with the melody. My love good night, do not be embarrassed, do not blame I will be hurt, hurt, understanding, I have been used, otherwise what can Who will play this song Jin Yingming it I see the direction of the piano Monte too I was surprised that the microphone fell to the ground The box came thunderous applause. Why do I play the piano so strange Mengtai saw my reaction, came dissatisfied with my wah wah shouting. I Just the moment, I really thought it was an illusion, this song I sing in front of him once, did not think he remembered. Well, then.

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