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Fidget Cube Gadget rd No Do not Do not Stumbled underground building, teaching building below the bulletin board has been around too packed. Everyone was pointing, whispering. fidget cube gadget My heart hanging to the throat eyes, mouth kept praying Do not do not I desperately pushed to the front of the bulletin board, a rise H head to my mind, feeling the days are falling down Poster on the bulletin board impressively close to a gold Yingming in HOTLINE singing photos, and that I shot that one Next to the words with a large exaggeration also said Prince Charming bar selling sound sing Kim Jin ming is really Do not know when Meng Tai one to my back, he was surprised to scream. Small Sparrow This is not the picture you take it Montan one finished this sentence, all the people are boiling it What did she do How is she Wicked Loss of gold Yingming yesterday also saved her She has a face standing here, I really have not seen such a person A word of contempt passed into my ears. No it s not me this is not me I turned, shouting at the man in a panic, and all the people stepped back, a look of disgust. I pointed to the point. I have to explain to Kim Ying ming, I want to tell him, I really keep the promise, I did not tell anyone Jinying Ming, Jin Ying ming, where I simply refused to say what these people, I panic around looking Montaigne not I saw.handsome ah P. S you look like a very cute sleep Hey V Shuai was not a rational of the Mongolian one Not dreaming And and he should remember that My God Was he really drunk yesterday VOL 6 Today is the last day of the campus culture festival, I put on makeup makeup, sitting behind the stage, nervous to sit still because the audience there are father and mother and brothers, to know that in addition to parents before they will never come School ah I heard you play a pantomime today My mother even asked me in the breakfast thing. Uh I carefully put down the hands of the dishes, mother how will know A boy called me to see you missing when there are also called over that, my mother is still serious eating things, but really rude bad Must be a guy too much trouble, I shrink the neck waiting for the storm to come. Do not lose our Ma family s face, my mother even caught an egg to my bowl, I and your father and brother will see you perform. I Leng Leng looked at the bowl of things, my heart actually feel the warmth of a long absence blowing Wearing a dress of gold Ying ming sitting next to me, the original features more prominent exquisite, beautiful was some pressing. There is no heaven Womens appearance are so beautiful, look at me in the mirror, I burst of crazy Do not look good, play the dwarf River Shadow is more beautiful than my.

u, I will be misunderstood You mature a little good or not Always self centered, self righteous Fighting at every turn, keep saying to protect me, in addition to your fist ,What else I fist took advantage of both of them are still stupid where there is no reaction over, Qi Gugu and ran, leaving Kim and Ming Tai one or two stupid in there looked at each other. VOL 5 Ma Qiuqiu You get out Back to the classroom mood has not calm down, the door came a familiar voice. I looked up, as expected is really purple bud and squid group The more the United States is cowardly to hide behind. Students in the class are waiting to watch the show, a look of schadenfreude. Ma Qiuqiu As long as you go out to play with us tonight, we help you settle that stinky woman, how Several boys in the class aimed at this opportunity, Wai up. You I have a big fire. Do not pretend good or bad This time you come back a buy fidget cube kickstarter edition lot of beautiful work in the outside must make a lot of money men The boys are nasty to laugh up. I was trembling with anger, black face, whispered Go away Ah What do you say We can not hear Several boys take advantage of me on the hair. I can not stand it any more I can not stand it any more I have not talk they have been bully me Anyway, the river jumped Yes I am not afraid of death, and afraid they are doing. Thought of this, I suddenly stood up, forced to pound the table roll Ma Qiuqiu D.ressed He seemed very proud of their own smart, completely ignoring my meaning, this idiot One morning class, two people also live in peace, Meng Tai a sleep until the fourth class with a big yawn, declared his wake. Jin Yingming has been very quiet, even the get out of class does not move, sometimes in lectures, and sometimes in thinking, the standard good student Mo Yang to attract a lot of girls eye I just relieved to feel left hand was pulled, my facial features began to wrinkle into a ball, pretend not to know, pretend not to know. Sparrow, you court death ah Hurry Mengtai a thief smiled and handed me a piece of paper, and made a strange wink. On the note, a man with a long tail of the mouse frowned and thought, next to a note, read Jin Yingming. Although there is no art to speak of this painting at all, however, always feel and Jin Ying ming somewhat similar, I could not help but also Puchi out laughing. Throw it to him, hurry fidget cube gadget up Mengtai commanded me, raising fists and warning me not to do the end. Kim Ying ming was a buy the fidget cube laugh and I Mengtai awakened, raised his noble head, I quickly in the Mongolian one of the despotic power of the paper handed in the past Jinying Ming frowned and looked at, actually there is no reflection, but also took out a pen on the paper drew up. Little sparrow, to fidget cube gadget see what he painted Hurry to take over, hurry up and see what he was paintin.Sentinel the tragic fate of the back of life Each fairy tale has a Cinderella, in the arrogant evil forces fear to survive The weather in early summer made some hot stuff this afternoon, making the whole campus seem drowsy. The window a few sparrows jumping in the branches, but it is particularly comfortable. Ma Qiuqiu Ma Qiuqiu You just said I read the text of that period The corner of the window by the girls rushed back to their own fugue thoughts, panic to stand up, but his face at a loss At this time, the next table quietly handed over a book, pointing to one of his party. Girls looked at the adjacent table surprised, like a little dare to believe that some people are willing to help in the teacher s urging immediately read He gently provoked her chin, asked marry me The girls read aloud immediately to a quiet class burst burst of laughter, the girl s head lower, embarrassed to pull their clothes uniforms. Oh, ugly also think of spring to marry ah Please, people are girls Well, hate The class of laughter more unscrupulous. Ma Qiuqiu rostrum uploaded to fidget cube gadget the teacher s roar Immediately get out of my classroom, go to the playground to run 20 laps books fidget cube gadget do not read, all day long do not know what to do The teacher s roar, the students make fun of, farther and farther, in front of the girls seem to have been accustomed to this way, numb to walk to the.

Fidget Cube Gadget tain open the window, look down Monte too. He is still downstairs. See out of the window, the guy actually feet together, his right hand across his forehead gently waved, I naughty to the King salute. And then like a knight as chic away. This guy sometimes really cute I smiled and shut the window, eyes fell on the window of the desk. Ah is Jin Yingming s towel I gently stroked by hand, rough texture remind me of those who can not forget the past can not escape. Always have to face ah I shook my head, throwing away some annoying emotions, tomorrow s thing tomorrow Locked the towel into the drawer, and fell asleep. Hazy, I feel someone into my room, touch my cheek, help me pull the quilt, sitting in my side for a long time. A long, fidget cube brown long time not so warm feeling home feeling VOL 3 To the school gate, looking at the students in a hurry, I trembling uneasily twist the uniforms. Into it And so will the students in the class will look at me to see what What did they discuss Will bully me as before Ma Qiuqiu, since it has decided to fidget cube orange and white come back to face fidget cube darkviolet everything, it should become more brave is not it Boom my head suddenly a hard Bangbang things severely knocked it hurts I staggered forward a step, angrily look back what Monte too Is the enemy Oh Little Sparrow, how do you come so late Mengtai said without a walk. Do not go into the school to.ed over What is the problem No no Mr. Wood quickly waved and waved. The original love sister smiled proudly. However, these things are sun and rain is not very good Mr. Wood said a very real problem. I will of course take into account this problem I just bought an oversized tents, originally intended to be used with friends in the mountains party, did not expect to use here is just good Oh Tents Oh handle fidget cube whitesmoke uncle in the next coax road. In the original love sister command us busy for a whole day, I was surprised to open mouth looked at the completion of the new home Rectangular tent, about an area of four or five fidget cube shop square meters, my hand straight but also tiptoe, can barely hit the top. Tents on the ground pad a thick moisture proof cloth, the above is more paved with a layer of beautiful carpets, carpet on a big eyed beauty at me kept laughing. Tents of the walls are all according to the original love sister preferences, placed with beautiful furniture. The most eye catching, of course, in the middle of the tent is the big bed. Autumn You lucky From today, you and I bed, the rest of the people to sleep on the floor The original love sister happily said to me But but We are so remote, no one will notice us, especially the people you worry about. Mr. Wood naughty blinked at me. Qiuqiu, do not, but the boat straight to the bridge straight, a problem to say it has been a pr.

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