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Fidget Cube Green The door came the headmaster deep voice. I opened the door, the principal, discipline director, class teacher Shen all in the inside You shameless base hoof, my face makes you lose out. My mother came to see me rushed to a slap in the face, hard to beat me. Please calm. Shen teacher immediately pulled my mother. Mother cover his face kept crying, fidget cube backer edition my father in her side Yinlian Lian Doom smoke. Ma Qiuqiu students, please come here. The principal pointed to his desk. This is an anonymous letter I received this morning, which revealed that you have done a serious breach of school discipline and discipline of things, we would like to ask you to explain. I opened the principal handed over an anonymous letter, a soft feet, feel dizzy The letter actually described yesterday and I went to the bar with the United States And those two people meet, and I do what aid communication, private life chaos How how could this be fidget cube green I was surprised and anger is fear, the hand could not help shaking up. Is it true The principal asked sternly. No no I do not I said in horror. Your photo in the bar is a fake The instructor said, threw the photo on the desk. photo My God This turned out to be yesterday when I was drunk in the bar photos. Stumbled I actually do not know Little White Dragon when the hand on my shoulder But also someone else took a photo. Is this you Asked the headmaster, raising.badge on the first day of school Also crash the black teacher on duty Go back and write a five thousand words to review I I did not hear it I have not looked up, not looked up to look confidently to the hippo director, but has been affirmed again. These fidget cube sounds are not cycling men do why why me And just me alone I glanced at the tram next to the man, he is boring to look around, it seems that has long been accustomed to such a treatment. But I do not, finally won the Hayakawa high school, finally won the care of the father and mother, or even think of my mother that I get into trouble after the expression of disgust I go. Indifferent voice in exchange for the hippo s bow. Kim Kim Ying ming. I do not know where the courage, I stopped to go out to the Jinying Ming. Perhaps, maybe he has a way. No not me Jinying Ming to go out of the figure paused, lightly glanced next to the guilty conscience of the hippopotamus. Noisy dead. Noisy dead Noisy dead Once when a similar figure, the same words, is he I looked blankly left the back, really is he Really VOL 6 Do not know how to get out of the big conference room, the mood of the guidelines in accordance with the guidelines, into my three classes a year. Most of the students have to, whispering do not know what to discuss. I head down in the classroom shuttle, and soon find the Ma Qiuqiu three characters of the desk, call.

l. But this time, I feel the body has completely lost its balance Even from the second floor of the railing turned down Ruined I was afraid to close my eyes tightly, my mind was blank. Huh who is it There is a hands seems to be two hands clasped me. Falling down with me falling The twelfth war the unprecedented melee Princess fight 1 VOL 1 Boom what God Are they still alive Do not Jinying Ming hum whining In a burst of noisy argument sound, I slowly opened his eyes. My God My ass hurts But when I saw I just stood on the second floor of the railing, I began to glad that he was still alive Why is that Strange strange Oh When I looked down, I found more than two under the buttocks pad Two people who can not tolerate Monta and Kim Ying ming were all I sat in the ass below Mom Death Sparrow You have to me how long ah Hurry roll down Oh I was reminded to stand up quickly to his feet, only to feel a bunch of people coming up behind him, there are girls screaming, the original command of love in distress, a boy s cry I forgot how he was to the hospital, fortunately, Kim and Ming Tai yi are not a big problem, only to be hospitalized for two days. We are going to die, autumn and autumn, we go back, the original love sister to solve all the students back to the ward, You two give me points, tomorrow we come to.That day I met on the tram that person, not to see his way was slam the brakes fell out You you can can not I asked Jin Ying Ming to help harassment of the purple bud. Do not My heart hiccup stare look, did not expect this handsome appearance of the handsome young boy even so cold blooded If you think he will help, you are wrong. A gentle voice came over. I look back only to see the close up NIKE logo, Oh, this man is high ah I was just in his chest. It looks like you think of me, wrestling Miss. How do you in this fidget cube ebay canada I I was with Monty one I saw it Oh That kid really fidget cube green do not kind, bring you into it regardless of you You know know How he seems and Kim Ying ming, Montoya are familiar with. Is not he a sophomore Yes ah, that kid last year in Hayakawa, ah He also left a level because of the purple bud As for Kim Ying ming, because he is the four family of people Four four four people family I fidget cube green once again heard the four families, that in the end is what Hiroshima where the students have been marvelous. Jin, river, north, on the Xia Today, all over Well, in fact, nothing, just big people call. gold River north Shangxia I looked at the front of the North Morning Star, that he is not North Why use this look at me, I fidget cube lightyellow was forced, and not necessarily on the Xia said North Star a very aggrieved look. No.sumo like girl step by step close to me Squid, do not talk to her wordy, received her cell phone Do not I watched the schoolbag was the sumo wrestling girls away, I put all the stuff fidget cube for sale ebay in the bag out, completely no way to resist And so on, purple bud, you see what is this She is actually out of the paintings of Jin Yingming. Purple buds lug eyebrows to see paintings and look at me, the nose hum to sneer. I was horrified staring at the purple pull in the hands of the painting, the heart was fidget cube malaysia pulled tightly. Ming Purple bud, is the gold Yingming Jin Yingming actually gave the painting to her I nervously bit my lips, do not Please do not Jin Yingming actually give you his paintings You unscrupulous woman also harm him Ma Qiuqiu You squid mind desperately searching the most vicious words to describe me, but her line of sight suddenly set in the painting, she took the purple bud in the hands of the painting You do not deserve the painting of Kim Ying ming Do not, my heart bitter to a piece, do not, beg you do not Sap pronunciation of a handful of hard to pull his hands, the painting torn into two halves. My heart seems to have been torn into her as two, it hurts It was Jin Ling Ming gave me the Ling, is my I refused to whole body pain, throat, uttered a dry screaming, suddenly rushed over the fight for her hands in the painting. She unexpectedly was I sudd.

Fidget Cube Green Hayakawa high school, most of them are rich children, for me, ordinary people, they have always been scoffed. The more the United States to see the temperament, she must also be a daughter Missy it However, she even took the initiative to reach out to greet me, to come here for so long, all the daughter of Miss, she was the first and I would like to be friends To this end, I am surprised. Come soon, you still have time blind Come out the school badge come out. Yue Mei asked. At this time I found that in the United States on the right arm even sets a red armband, which says the students on duty Do you want to register me I asked hard. Logically, the more the United States said seriously. My heart belch dengkou, down heavy sank finished It seems my high school career has to be recorded on a bad one. But The more the United States to see me crying like a sudden expression change, eyes half open half closed, naughty, said Today to give you a special case Really I rejoiced. Well, we are friends, but only this time Yue Mei nodded, smiling like an angel. Thank you I almost rushed to give her a hug. Ma Qiuqiu What are you doing here I suddenly came behind a ferocious voice. This voice I was too familiar. My heart sank heavily down. Run At this time my mind only two words, but I took a few steps, but how can not run I looked back, Monta a fellow that even tightly grabbed my collar M.ge for, want to scare the dead Face to face, then let the sales lady stuck in the throat, but also embarrassed to not work. In exchange for their own jeans, so that sales of the Miss unloaded, and wear their glasses back. Looking at the mirror of their own, suddenly there is a urge to cry. Head down to see Montana one, his blush, and really want to be so angry with me Little sparrow over fidget cube matthew and mark mclachlan Mengtai took a thing on my chest gestures, and then turned to the saleswoman said This I bought. I looked down and looked carefully, turned out to be a flower sparrow puppet brooch. Oh, Ma Qiuqiu, you have been a modest little sparrow, you simply do not need to dress. Along the way, I did not speak too much of a Mongolian, he would drunk for the purple bud, certainly for the present birthday will be nervous Only to the PARTY on the music broke the silence between us. Although there are fidget cube green heard Wakamatsu students are aristocratic argument, witnessed or was deeply shocked. The restaurant is decorated with pink ribbons and balloons, and the gorgeous French buffet table surrounds the fidget cube green hall with a lavish array of foods and beautiful fruit, while the glamorous guests are more enjoyable. Purple buds Purple bud Mongolia too to see the guests standing in the middle of the purple bud, immediately played like a strong heart needle alive. You you come to do You want to spoiler Mengtai one, you give me out, I did.

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