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Fidget Cube In India iet. Do not know why, he actually miss the original too much of a fight with Kim Ying Ming Day of the classroom. The whole class atmosphere has become very strange After class, I went to the bathroom. You know that Ma Qiuqiu Jin Yingming was the result of the suspension of that I heard in the toilet room outside the girls in fidget cube in india the discussion. That is sitting in the middle of gold and Yingtan Yingtan ugly woman, I heard she actually pedal two boats Yes ah Usually also Jinying Ming flirtatious, gestures, people Jinying Ming she ignored her revenge Yes ah, Hayakawa how such a person, ah, see the hate I heard that she also tracked Kim Ming ming, but also a day and a Mongolian hook in a This woman is disgusting I sat slumped squatting, tightly bite the lips, not to make their own voice. Until the sound is getting smaller and smaller, disappear I was covered with collapsed like, slowly back to the classroom. Desks have been turned a mess, bag was pulled rotten on the ground, the book was torn There is also a letter, I dare to tear open the envelope, took out the letter, expand Turned out to be a threatening letter. Ma Qiuqiu Also we Jinying Ming You give me go back Do not let us see you in Hayakawa high school, or you die so ugly I looked up, all the girls around with the kind of hate eyes looking at me, twos and threes together to discuss. I was their e. I am quick suffocation My chest was breathless. Ma Qiuqiu Do you like Jin Yingming, are you looked at Monte too, I never thought he would ask me this question, I suddenly do not know how to answer. Oh, in fact, I already knew, you see how clever I am fidget cube buying Oh I I I speak the language the face of such a Monte too, I am a little nervous. Since when Well I help you calculate Monte too seems to try to recall, head lift was high. Everyone misunderstood you, I help you clean up the table of things See the dressing room out of you or earlier The three of us sitting in the beginning I have been forced you and I started to build alliances fidget cube in india Mengtai one I looked at him, this has been around me, accompany me to cry with me laughing big boy, a lot of things he knew better than me, he can see more clearly, then he Little Sparrow, do you know, earlier than this, that panic handed me sanitary napkins girls, that for me back the black pot, helpless girls standing in the Department of Education, as well as the money paid to the KTV I back home girl He knew all he fidget cube backer survey knew. And her stutter, her timid, her hiccups I am too confused to a firm on the Mongolian eyes, Ma Qiuqiu, how are you Do you really like the more beautiful is a water based Yang Hua girls You do not always care about is Jin Yingming it Why is Monta a state.

ed over What is the problem fidget cube colors No no Mr. Wood quickly waved and waved. The original love sister smiled proudly. However, these things are sun and rain is not very good Mr. Wood said a very real problem. I will of course fidget cube antsy lab take into account this problem I just bought an oversized tents, originally intended to be used with friends in the mountains party, did not expect to use here is just good Oh Tents Oh handle uncle in the next coax road. In the original love sister command us busy for a whole day, I was surprised to open mouth looked at the fidget cube pictures completion of the new home Rectangular tent, about an area of four or five square meters, my hand straight but also tiptoe, can barely hit the top. Tents on the ground pad a thick moisture proof cloth, the above is more paved with a layer of beautiful carpets, carpet on a big eyed beauty at me kept laughing. Tents of the walls are all according to the original love sister preferences, placed with beautiful furniture. The most eye catching, of course, in the middle of the tent is the big bed. Autumn You lucky From today, you and I bed, the rest of the people to sleep on the floor The original love sister happily said to me But but We are so remote, no one will notice us, especially the people you worry about. Mr. Wood naughty blinked at me. Qiuqiu, do not, but the boat straight to the bridge straight, a problem to say it has been a pr.ushu, sighed walked toward the small woods. Mongolian Mongolia too Strange Mr. Wood said here clearly ah Ma Qiuqiu strange How the sound is from the tree upload over ah. I looked up and looked strange what I was scared to close my eyes, screaming from a pile of unidentified objects. Fool you open your eyes with me Hurry up to open Mengtai angrily voice drifting down from the head, but I did not dare to open his eyes dead. And so are attributed to the quiet around I opened my eyes, Mongolia too angrily jumped from the tree, forced to poke my forehead You stupid, stupid You know how much I picked up the effort you spent Mengtai a sudden like thinking of what, squat down and hugged my feet a pile of leaves Just fall out of this Mengtai why throw these leaves toward me ah Immortal TV series which are not so played ah Immersed in the grief of Mongolia too snappily a white one. TV drama TV Is not it Could it be just a day to create a Montana scattered flowers Oh I forced his hand over his mouth, do not let their laughter. Oh Ha ha ha laughter or disobedient to slip out of the fingers. To die, dare to laugh at me Meng Tai a fiercely reward me a record violent chestnut head, But Well, anyway, is to make you happy He is happy for me He did it for me to be happy. This fool I do not know what to say, this I ha.ontessori all the way to a carry to the classroom, classmates whispering, from time to time to issue a burst of contemptuous laughter. God, no face to see people, and really want to put this bastard to shredded I think my face must be red, with the monkey ass. Let me quiet Not allowed to laugh Meng a young master angry, all fidget cube in india scared the atmosphere are not out of the classroom are not now quiet. He is maintaining me I secretly looked at a Mongolian one, I saw him slightly red face, white me I can fidget cube in india only joke you, no one can Well, forget today Is not it, so lucky you can escape unharmed I spit a long breath, unable to sit on the seat. I turned to see the gold is looking at the magazine Ying ming, just hope he can help me, did not expect even pretend not to know me, turned to look at the magazine No human nature of the guy, I also lost yesterday to paint things insomnia Droplet drops My cell phone suddenly rang in my clothes pocket, immediately felt the hostile eyes focused on me, I quickly pulled out. Hey I hid under the desk voice down. The day after tomorrow afternoon you are waiting for me at the Fairview Park entrance. An overbearing voice came from inside. Monte, Monte too I do not believe my ears a bit, he is not in the classroom to give me a call, I looked back, Huh People Remember you can not be late Oh, I know I m going to hang up. and also You give me a tight point Jinying Ming.

Fidget Cube In India is very little drama, the original love to teach a few days of beautiful rotation to live up to expectations won the applause The narration continues. Later, the Queen died, the king married the new Queen. The new Queen does not like others more beautiful than she, this day On the stage, blocking the front of the Jinying Ming and Montana a door opened. Who is the most beautiful person in the world Asked Jin Ying ming, coldly asked, standing opposite fidget cube quartz him and his almost high mirror. That it is Jinying Ming Yeah It s Kim Jin ming He is playing the Queen How not he played the prince But nice ah Jin Yingming this unexpected shape shocked the audience. All the people are pleasantly surprised. To play the magic mirror of the Mongolian one too jealous to go crazy. Who is the most beautiful person in the world bad Mongolia too wrong to make a mistake. Mirror, fidget cube target who is the most beautiful people Queen asked again from the mirror. Just do not tell you, mad at you Mirror, I finally ask you again, who queen crushed anger to ask. It s Monta Disobedient to the mirror is useless Jin Yingming Queen opened the mirror cold. All the people in the field closed their eyes and did not dare to look at them. The original love sister holding her head straight to cry. As expected, the mirror jumped up, actually stand in front of the Queen Mad at you Do not go Field of view of t.handsome ah P. S you look like a very cute sleep Hey V Shuai was not a rational of the Mongolian one Not dreaming And and he should remember that My God Was he really drunk yesterday VOL 6 Today is the last fidget cube in india day of the campus culture festival, I put on makeup makeup, sitting behind the stage, nervous to sit still because the audience there are father and mother and brothers, to know that in addition to parents before they will never come School ah I heard you play a pantomime today My mother even asked me in the breakfast thing. Uh I carefully put down the hands of the dishes, mother how will know A boy called me to see you missing when there are also called over that, my mother is still serious eating things, but really rude bad Must be a guy too much trouble, I shrink the neck waiting for the storm to come. Do not lose our Ma family s face, my mother even caught an egg to my bowl, I and your father and brother will see you perform. I Leng Leng looked at the bowl of things, my heart actually feel the warmth of a long absence blowing Wearing a dress of gold Ying ming sitting next to me, the original features more prominent exquisite, beautiful was some pressing. There is no heaven Womens appearance are so beautiful, look at me in the mirror, I burst of crazy Do not look good, play the dwarf River Shadow is more beautiful than my.

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