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Fidget Cube Lightgreen ere, so I m very sorry to leave you. But but on stage performance is a minor ah. But I still dare not say it, was security brother please out of the bar. To the bar, I do not want to leave, lingering in the doorway, my mind repeatedly playing pieces of Jin Yingming performances, so I can not disperse the heat a long time. I also do not know, after all, because there are tracking tasks in the body, or other reasons, fidget cube stress relief just want to wait for him. Cold At night the air seems particularly cool, I try to shrink themselves in the corner. Do not know how much time, the venue of the cheering slowly smaller, the crowd began to go out in twos and threes, but never see the shadow of Jinying Ming. Kim Ying ming Do not know where the courage actually stopped him. Jinying Ming seems surprised, but soon returned to calm. It fidget cube lightgreen s you Yes Yes, just to see you perform, well good What are you doing Jin Ying ming looked at me warily. I I Suddenly found himself stupid, actually do not fight, Road passing You can go in Jin Ying ming doubtfully asked. I is squeezed in Do not believe, you see me shoot took a lot of photos I looked forward to pulled out the phone, the photos open to him. Delete. Ah I suspect that I got it wrong. Delete Jinying Ming face sank. Although do not quite understand why, but under pressure I had to be deleted one by one. Leaving the last o. I am quick suffocation My chest was breathless. Ma Qiuqiu Do you like Jin Yingming, are you looked at Monte too, I never thought he would ask me this question, I suddenly do not know how to answer. Oh, in fact, I already knew, you see how clever I am Oh I I I speak the language the face of such a Monte too, I am a little nervous. Since when Well I help you calculate Monte too seems to try to recall, head lift was high. Everyone misunderstood you, I help you clean up the table of things See the dressing room out of you or earlier The three of us sitting in the beginning I have been forced you and I started to build alliances Mengtai one I looked at him, this has been around me, accompany me to cry with me laughing big boy, a lot of things he knew better than me, he can see more clearly, then he Little Sparrow, do you know, earlier than this, that panic handed me sanitary napkins girls, that for me back the black pot, helpless girls standing in the Department of Education, as well as the money paid to the KTV I back home girl He knew all he knew. And her stutter, her timid, her hiccups I am too confused to a firm on the Mongolian eyes, Ma Qiuqiu, how are you Do you really like the more beautiful is a water based Yang Hua girls You do not always care about is Jin Yingming it Why is Monta a state.

can handle the uncle. Amoy fidget cube nederland book off www.taoshuke.Cn VOL 4 what A scream let me awake from my dreams. How is it Mr. Wood looked at the same confusion I sleepy. Ah you do what the old monster I looked down in the sound, but was in front of all startled. Kitahara s face was painted a dark love of the big turtle, the handle is still uncle happy side wringing, seems to have finally high quality fidget cube reported the roof of the event yesterday s hatred and glad. I looked at the next Mr. Wood, and finally understand what he meant yesterday. You old monster hey was about to chase out the original love suddenly embraced her sister, toilet toilet It seems that yesterday s fish is in her stomach trouble. Over there, Mr. Wood pointed to a house so far as to see only the dots. So far The original love sister holding a stomach discontent complain. There is no way, this radius Barry have no public toilets, fidget cube lightgreen only the garbage station. Refuse refuse station Yes ah Oh The original love sister eyes hopelessly looking at the sky, I scared straight tongue. Yes, give you this Mr. Wood stood up, next to a tree in the bridge hole off the two large leaves, handed the hands of the original love sister. Give me this Easy to use after the end We have no money to buy toilet paper Wood Mr. Xiao Hehe explained. It will definitely hurt I think with so rough leaves rub ass feeling, could not help but fear pharyngeal swal.hat may be obliterated, please, Ma Qiuqiu, you think about what he is. That s I suddenly saw not far from a familiar figure. Jinying Ming How is he here Mengtai a warning fidget cube with different colors immediately I shield out, because he also said that I always pegged to Jin Yingming. He went to the bench I had just laid down, and sat beside him. Is the girl In the gold Yingming around there will actually be girls I quietly followed them out of the fidget cube desk toy kickstarter park. They did not ride, but slowly walking down the street to see girls and Jin Ying Ming look like hand, looks very affectionate. I followed like a big lemon swallowed, sour to death. He even laugh Hanging in the mouth if not like Although I bought him every day, croissant, but he never laughed at me, once not. My heart suddenly felt something less, empty, a little uncomfortable. They walked aimlessly on the street, and I followed them aimlessly. Go for a long time, Jinying Ming suddenly stopped in front of a black Mercedes, the car down the last of the high tram, to help them open the door, they sat together. I Leng Leng looked at this scene, and suddenly feel a bit funny, what he wants to know what to fidget cube grey follow I do not have the answer, the sky sank down from the rain, fidget cube sandybrown floating into the heart of the mess As soon as I opened fidget cube lightgreen the door, I heard my mother machine guns complaining. Ma Qiuqiu You go where the girl went crazy Who do you think you are We head drifting. Mengtai a Mengtai a Although you are not very good, but was punched and killed should not be. Dead woman, you can not go away Monte too. I looked up and saw three rogues have fallen. He When did he so much Be careful I saw one of the rogues get up from the ground, took a stone came over. I screamed toward the Monte too rushed past, we fell heavily to the ground. When I opened my eyes, I found that too much of a Montana head was under pressure in my chest Ah I screamed from the Monte too climb down, Monta was a drop of gratuitous fall fell dizzy, that took the stone of the rogue was stunned by this scene. Flow rogue I pointed to Monte too a cry. Mengqiu autumn You say who is the rogue Monte too sat up from the ground, rubbed his head and shouted. I I said to him I suddenly recovered, the finger of a shift, pointing to the rock of the bad guys. I seemed to remind him of his move, he suddenly wake up, holding the stone towards Mongolia too fast to a red. Maybe today I really was bad God paid the body, not just myself, even the people around me will follow the bad luck. Poor rogue has not come to Montana one, he was still sitting on the ground to my feet to tripping, and his head still hit the stones in their own holding Ma Qiuqiu, fidget cube lightgreen I finally understand what you say bad luck is going on Mengtai one with fidget cube lightgreen me looked at each.

Fidget Cube Lightgreen not invite you Oh, purple bud, today, but your birthday What s the matter with my birthday Blue bud, happy birthday. A blue figure to break the montmy and purple bud stalemate, said a little uncomfortable, first go back, and Jin Ying ming on this charge. I know only month made him. Purple Lei heard the name of Jin Yingming the whole person slowed down, on the Xia, thank you very much You say how I thank you this time Or he certainly will not come Of Purple bud intimacy on the Xia Xi to the venue to go, Mongolia too closely followed. month who is it Actually let the wood people Jinying Ming obediently obedient So I recovered, the side is full of strange faces dressed in some dress, I began to tense, Mongolia too Welcome to my birthday party, more honored to be able to invite people to the four families of Hayakawa hope that we can have a good night purple bud on the stage to announce the opening of his voice, everyone on the Each walk in the venue. Be careful. I was pulled aside by one hand, away from the crowds. Thank you I turned around, a refined and elegant face to enlarge in front of me, the two locks do not listen to the bangs on his smooth forehead, a gentle feeling people could not help but want to close with him. I do not know me When you hero to save the United States when I was there ah, yes, forgot to introduce myself, my name is North Morningstar. It s himoting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting choting chotingchotingchoting In the parking lot will be able to find Oh Come on, ah, to get him is not easy Uh He is not what is wrong I thought for a long time, half a day before exclaiming loudly He he I do not think I want to give love letter to Jin Yingming it When I rushed to the parking lot, when gold has disappeared. Finished over, I can even imagine a Mengtai like a storm tomorrow. Ling is satisfied to nest in a small bag to sleep, next to the leftover milk and bread. Oh, Jinying Ming this guy will not always think that cats eat these two things, right I thought of Jin Yingming a serious right my hand ask to the chest, handsome waved like I said thank you for the action, the heart of a glow pouring warmth. I squatted on the ground carefully rubbing Ling, Huh what is that. I pulled out a pile of things from Ling next to the pile of debris. Open the packet carefully on the outside of the board, wow nice. This is an unfinished sketch, but vaguely can be seen, is a girl squatting in the bushes smile touch the kitten s head. Cat painting is sleeping Ling, the girl, that action like like God. Is it me. I am greatly surprised who is it Who painted this picture. I approached, staring back and forth carefully to look at the whole face almost posted on the pa.

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