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Fidget Cube Lightpink to the sales lady, in fidget cube lightpink exchange for his clothes. Qiuqiu, tired, we take a break The more the United States did not wait for me to answer grabbed my hand, went to the road opposite the cafe. Waiter very politely opened the door for us, here with HOTLINE different, soft sad music, dim ambiguous lighting, occasionally there will be wearing avant garde a little exposure of people shuttle, do not know why I was a little uneasy. The waiter brought us to a four seat table, and I sat down fidget cube lightseagreen more face to face. The more the United States We in here to eat Ah, the time just right. Yue Mei tilted his head and looked at the wrist on the table, said with a shallow smile. Time just right I puzzled to see the more beautiful. HI, here Yue Mei suddenly beckoned the door. I looked down her direction, the two boys came to us. A thin high, the other dwarf wearing strange white clothes, looks older than we should be large strange. How the United States will know these people. Is exquisitely carved it Lao Gao interrupted my train of thought. She is ah Yue Mei nodded. I m What is it I look to the more beautiful. I am a tiger, he is a small white dragon Lenggao one pointed to his companion, sitting next to us. Delicate carved A tiger Little White Dragon What is it I am at a loss to look at the more beautiful. Her real name Ma Qiuqiu, a little nervous today, I ll come with her The more the United Stat.e from the tie I m sorry, I was her her classmates I scared words do not say do not know, just want to pull the girl quickly get off. Classmates Haha Do you want to be together No do not want to Uh, how the girl told me the same thing. Do not you think you re going to die Tangerine head grabbed my head, forced a push, I fell to the ground, hit a foot. father mom Help ah My tears flowed out disappointed. I will not dare not listen to your words nosy. Haha ha ha Stinky girl, you do not want to succeed heroes What is it Hum ooo I choked with a word can not tell. Tangerine head fidget cube lightpink a slap shot in my head, it hurts father mom Help fidget cube lightpink ah I will not dare not listen to your words nosy. I sit on the ground desperately backward shrink, but the damn foot block behind me let me retire. Orange head seems to be not fun, he stood up, forced kick down I subconsciously to hide behind the feet Hey, boy, go to sleep and roll home Do not stand here He is not talking to me I looked up, just to wear Chuanchuan school uniform boys, he actually stood this time to sleep Ming, he told you to roll Oh. That gentle voice sounded again. You are a duck ah Do not understand if people are not No, no, no. Is really lost to you, he is not me, how can you understand your words A gentle voice with a trace of helpless, it seems patiently explained with the orange head He me.

exclaimed Do not blame him, I want her to hand the note Monte too Montessori turned out to be a. He would take the initiative to recognize Jinying Ming obviously can not believe, looked at him in surprise, but soon returned to the poker face. Then you two get out with me Montana one does not matter, his hands in his trousers pocket, as if he is a hero, blatantly out of the classroom. I suddenly felt like a small daughter in law, followed in the back out. Jin Yingming is really a personal residue Do what they actually dare not admit Monte too leaning against the corner of a corner said fiercely. You why would admit I curiously looked at the face of a too easy, so I forgot to open the fear of fear. I am a hero ah Mongolia too take it for granted that, in order to strengthen the persuasiveness he also added and Jin Yingming that fear of death of the mouse is completely different D Hum That guy is not a man too, and his woman Do not protect. I I m not. I Meng Tai a bad eye to learn my stuttering tone, that Chen Shimei is definitely to see my purple bud, deliberately indifferent to you, rest assured, I will take back my purple bud. I did not understand wrong, right This bad guy seems to be a little bit to comfort me. But the question is when I was a woman of Kim Although I still think he is a freak, but it seems, I want to look at him. Later, I found that as long as fidget cube maroon the pig wi.ap your hands, and took out a beautiful little book to do the record, there are still cell phone camera One, two, three That guy on the right dream, how he did not reflect ah The Other people seem more agitated than he himself, the original girls are just ready to work for him ah Teacher, he is a wood man, can not speak Monta one in the side than anyone else is active. Kim Ying ming or stand up, and that the standard of confused eyes do not speak has won three applause. Er, that Jin Yingming students, you should not introduce themselves with the students. The teacher kindly reminded in the next. Kim Ying ming. Bow Yep Over, is not it So simple, can be almost crazy under the audience, so you can so cool It is so handsome Class of girls first have revealed a very worship, very happy look, eyes are fidget cube moccasin all turned into a peach heart. horrible I shrink back, eyes wide open, looked at the horror of this strong spectacular scene. Jin Yingming down seems to have not found, still maintain the kind of signs expression. The teacher, I want to introduce myself in advance The left side of the table was a strong push, too much, ranging from a teacher promised to rush onto the podium. I was too Montoya, after you who would dare to offend me, who would die very ugly Mengtai said this sentence when the ulterior motives looked at Jinying Ming. But, said Montr al, if a.d a huge storm. Well Kitahara love up a red face can not admit. I has been too lazy to move a Mongolian opening. Careless hand slip a bit. Uh I and Kitahara looked at him surprised and looked at him obediently to Mr. Wood recognized the wrong, and then secretly rushed us to play a grimace I want live down the VOL 2 Mad at me I am mad Kitahara love anger fidget cube pink walking in front, I just shopped five department stores, the pressure over three roads, swept the results of several stores, big bags panting to follow in the back. Let us go to the first ice cold fire Kitahara love a decree, so we got into the department store downstairs Bishu Ke. 5555 my feet Almost did not feel the pain. Autumn Qiu how could this How could this be Kitahara struggling to fidget cube cyan fork in front of a pair of chicken wings, it must be uncle and a monk too incarnation. This morning, Bingshu took Kitahara love cosmetics in Mongolia too face painted a big turtle, Mengtai anger under the bashing a box of CHANNEL fidget cube lightpink rouge Uncle in the dodge in the dodge in the pink rouge step into the Black powder coal. Uncle baked fish last night when the discovery of less fuel, went to the tent turned to the fire turned in the air, it is north of love wearing are reluctant to wear DIOR limited skirt. The day before yesterday at noon, Shushu accidentally put a bunch of hot stones thrown on the carpet, so that beauty to leave the stai.

Fidget Cube Lightpink ng Tai a training was tightly. Next weekend is my birthday, I prepared a PARTY at home, I hope you can come to participate in Finished to a very beautiful pink card on the gold Yingming heavy on the table. Good direct expression, I exclaimed in the heart of a small exclamation, which should also be considered a kind of confession it Jinying Ming has finally been reflected, with open eyes looking purple bud. fidget cube lightpink Uh, I m not mistaken, how do you think he seems to have just been sleeping. Purple bud not allowed to call him to Mengtai an already mad mad, desperately grasping their hair. Do not you agree Well It seems really did not wake up, sweat, I really served him. I said he was wood, rat you see, you see, ha ha ha Mengtai a very proud of their discovery. Monty one, you give me to shut up, do not care about you, give me away The first time I saw the girls dare to Montana one, the presence of all the people suck down a cold lump. You scold me, you actually only to the dead rat, you forget the time you kissed me Snapped the audience pause for 10 seconds. Everyone has become a wood person, only Mengtai one, I have never seen him this expression, can not tell is angry, or sad, five red fingerprints exceptionally distinct stop in the convulsive face. Purple buds also stayed, hand Yang also in the air. Jinying Ming at this time the eyes appeared focal length, and finally clear.s, facing the front shouted abuse. Get out of here Help Bang Tom Clatter It all happened so fast, so many people have not recovered a time, including me. The whole process will probably six or seven seconds now When I recovered, when, in front of all scared silly Poor uncle was large fidget cube navyblue font down from the school gate in my near the cement floor, white shirt left a crooked black wheel India, is still very clear from his round bulging belly, the shock was exaggerated large Face to extend to go. Although I do not want to admit, but really like a wheel just ran over the frog. Looking backwards along the wheel print, my mouth was even bigger Leaving the school gate about ten meters at the fountain pool floating in a boy, do not know is dead or alive. The motorcycles had been broken in half, and a wheel was rolling like an iron ring fidget cube amazon buy on the ground. The culprit, the boys driving the motorcycle helpless standing next to the fountain. After a moment, cycling seems to stimulate the cohesion from the incident just come back, rushed to the fountain to a poor floating corpse carry out seniors, you have to hold on ah Your car quality But also bad, thanks to help me check out Then he carefully walked over, explore the probe Uncle s breath. The ground finally lifted his hand slightly trembling, pointing to cycling man Mongolia Mongolia I I want to declare, the teacher, I do not del.

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