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Fidget Cube Lime yes stabbed all the pain Yo, this is not a big hero Ma Qiuqiu it Purple bud and her attendant squid group , there are several other classes of girls surrounded me up. I head down, biting his lips, bite the bullet and wait for the arrival of the storm. How do fidget cube lightyellow you so brave ah Even took the kind of photos, but also to make propaganda You are not afraid of death Purple Lei forced me a, said fiercely I bow in silence. I see you, ah, really show to the bones go A tall girl with my fist desperately twist my head, I have tears of pain came out. Do not always install the poor phase You this trick is only useful for boys The more violet bud more angry I tell you Ma Qiuqiu If Jin Yingming what happened, I will make you die very ugly Purple bud see me quietly, become furious Ma Qiuqiu You Zi Lei raised his hand want to hit me, but did not fall Mongolia is too one It seems you are still very guarding her Well Purple bud sneer Shuaichai Mengtai a grasp of the hand. Purple bud, do not Meng Tai said with a sullen face. Hey Purple bud is a very exaggerated sneer, turned to me and said Ma Qiuqiu, did not think you really charm is big ah Seduce the end of gold seduce again Monet too one How do you so disgusting ah Purple You give me shut up Meng Tai a roar up. But the purple bud simply ignore Montana one, but Jiuqi my ears, facing the students around, said You see You see T.the most spurned. Uh A red, two step on the six quickly flash. Just I have a few, just six Montana a heroic rule Is not it There is such a thing Small sparrow, to accompany me to a place Go to a place Look at his sudden serious expression, it will not be called on me to go with him to Jinying Ming and purple bud pulled out thousand knife million cut it I swallowed nervously. Go where Ten minutes later, we sat in the box on the Huaihai road box. I did not think this guy actually pull me to sing, he is in the end is a gas confused, or simply nothing ah Yep Twenty beers Fortunately, a full forty I silly stare at those wines, he will not use these beers drowned himself Oh, so, a cup, grunt, two cups, grunt, very fun This kid is really stupid to play purple bud. See I did not reflect, Mongolia too simply do a direct demonstration, a glass of wine, Gulp Guru on irrigation down The second cup The third cup The fourth cup Filling the fifth cup, I have decided to run for the best Mengtai a very fit with the sleeve to the mouth of a touch, grabbed fidget cube shopping me Little Sparrow Is the brother, drink No no I will not, will not drink Let you drink and drink This guy s rude and up, casually grabbed a glass of wine, can not be said to plug into my hands. Dry Monte with his glass and my hit a bit. Half drunk and half awake Montague ha.

o you dare to call us to roll you A boy fidget cube lime picked up a slap in the face. I scared to close my eyes, but the delay has not seen this palm down. I opened my eyes and saw Jinying Ming. How could he be He is seizing the boy s wrist. How was his face hurt No disruption in my seat. Jinying Ming said coldly, he was seized by the boys wrist pain tears DC. I m sorry sorry Jinying Ming The next time we dare not The boys quickly apologized fellow. Jinying Ming coldly snorted, throwing open the boys claws, forced clap. That a few boys stared at me fiercely, and then ran away. Why Jinying Ming Piele a stay standing I, coldly said. I quickly Huiguo Shen, from his face to recover their own eyes, whispered That, thank you Just learned him, and now they have been rescued. I really do not know what to say Ma Ma Qiuqiu You in the end you can not fidget cube lime come out See Jinying Ming saved me, purple bud to speak anger some knot, a dragged out behind the more beautiful. The more beautiful heart before you as a friend, you should be so on her, quickly apologize to her I stand up straight to the body, the United States on the pair of innocent eyes. Ma Qiuqiu, I treat you as a friend You actually I looked at the more beautiful performance, the mood is exceptionally calm, this I had in the only friend of Hayakawa, but also deliberately out of my Hayakawa deliberate people. Ma Qiuqiu, what do.of the clothes can also be donated. What made stunned fidget cube lime ah Go fast to put on. Meng Tai is still a force to a daze I pushed. Go where This is the park, of course, to the toilet ah Do you want to go inside to stool ah Next to the people is a burst of laughing at me. I blushed with shame. Earth is so big, why do I want to be born here, but also to meet this guy ah I changed clothes, deliberately with the swaggering Mengtai one to maintain a distance, pretending not to know him. Little sparrow, hurry up, stand so far why Want to die Monta a back, said unhappy. Even at this time, the park is still a lot of people in the weekend. Some go to the park to play with the girls kept looking back Mengtai excitedly, still talking about something quietly. Miserable miserable, and must also talk about my body with the skirt how dissonant. Little Sparrow We go there Meng Tai a hand pointing to the right, said fidget cube lime excitedly. I look past roller coaster I remember playing a junior high school outing, down from the top after three days after my stomach is still rolling. I I do not go I said trembling. You have opinions I m afraid There I am, what are you afraid of Go Monta said, grabbed my arm and accelerated to the roller coaster game area. To the roller coaster below, I have been scared feet weak. When I got to sit, I was so nervous I could not breathe. But no matter how fidget cube bisque I prayed to heaven, the ro. small sparrow You have not listened to me From heaven, a book hit my head, I recovered from the trance. Ling has not in a few days, and Jin Ying ming is like nothing happened what you want in the ah, you would have to help take care of ah May have a small voice in mind Maybe In case he would say something You are still in a daze Sparrow, do not confuse themselves with the same lovelorn Definitely blame me recently snubbed you is not, well, fidget cube sandybrown this uncle to take you out to play tonight Mengtai said this happily went to take a bike. I stay in place, forget everything to do Small sparrow, do not make their own with the same lovelorn Do not fidget cube turquoise confuse yourself with romance romance No not I suddenly frightened to refute the repeated words in my mind. Ah Suddenly feel at the foot of an empty, I did not even step to the stairs, the whole people are moving forward to go Do not Ah Vaguely heard someone screaming around. I simply do not know what to react, just feel the body continue to sink to sink All around are upside down Suddenly the body stopped, as if something stopped me Slowly opened his eyes, raised his head Jin Yingming Jinying Ming Really you I stared at him, really is he I understand, I finally understand the at this time in the arms of Kim Ying ming, I was like to fin.

Fidget Cube Lime iet. Do not know why, he actually miss the original too much of a fight with Kim Ying Ming Day of the classroom. The whole class atmosphere has become very strange After class, I went to the bathroom. You know that Ma Qiuqiu Jin Yingming was the result of the suspension of that I heard in the toilet room outside the fidget cube gif girls in the discussion. That is sitting in the middle of gold and Yingtan Yingtan ugly woman, I heard she actually pedal two boats Yes ah Usually also Jinying Ming flirtatious, gestures, people Jinying Ming she ignored her revenge Yes ah, Hayakawa how such a person, ah, see the hate I heard that she also tracked Kim Ming ming, but also a day and a Mongolian hook in a This woman is disgusting I sat slumped squatting, tightly bite the lips, not to make their own voice. Until the sound is getting smaller and smaller, disappear I was covered with collapsed like, slowly back to the classroom. Desks have been turned a mess, bag was pulled rotten on the ground, the book was torn There is also a letter, I dare to tear open the envelope, took out the letter, expand Turned out to be a threatening letter. Ma Qiuqiu Also we Jinying Ming You order a fidget cube give me go back Do not let us see you in Hayakawa high school, or you die so ugly I looked up, all the girls around with the kind of hate eyes looking at me, twos and threes together to discuss. I was their e.ere, so I m very sorry fidget cube lime to leave you. But but on stage performance is a minor ah. But I still dare not say it, was security brother please out of the bar. To the bar, I do not want to leave, lingering in the doorway, my mind repeatedly playing pieces of Jin Yingming performances, so I can not disperse the heat a long time. I also do not know, after all, because there are tracking tasks in the body, or other reasons, just want to wait for him. Cold At night the air seems particularly cool, I try to shrink themselves in the corner. Do not know how much time, the venue of the cheering slowly smaller, the crowd began to go out in twos and threes, but never see the shadow of Jinying Ming. Kim Ying ming Do not know where the courage actually stopped him. Jinying Ming seems surprised, but soon returned to calm. It s you Yes Yes, just to see you perform, well good What are you doing Jin Ying ming looked at me warily. I I Suddenly found himself stupid, actually do not fight, Road passing You can go in Jin Ying ming doubtfully asked. I is squeezed in Do not believe, you see me shoot took a lot of photos I looked forward to pulled out the phone, the photos open to him. Delete. Ah I suspect that I got it wrong. Delete Jinying Ming face sank. Although do not quite understand why, but under pressure I had to be deleted one by one. Leaving the last o.

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