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Fidget Cube Make Noise o inexplicable Did he give up The people who have been around me have to give me liar, are liars My mind was rattling. To fidget cube make noise chase him Mr. Wood smiled at me, eyes full of encouragement. To chase him To chase him My eyes full of fear. Now also more anxious. Kua, Qiuqiu The original sister in the convenience of stirring me. No I do not know why my mouth will say such things. If you can, I hope that they can immediately flew out of the tent, find that hateful guy asked him why Why do I get messy when I ran away But Ma Qiuqiu, you with it You are simply a sparrow had nothing good, why can ah. And you really intend to go back to that world The kind of dark life Well, maybe it should be their own end. My feet seem to be nailed to the ground, how to step also not open. Oh I heard Mr. Wood next to gently sighed. Go ah, go ah Kitahara love hard pushed me, made me hit a wall of meat. What are you doing early in the morning Monte too I screamed out. Small Sparrow What are you doing Early in the morning scary Mengtai carrying a backpack sat on the floor, rubbing my pain was hard to hit the chest. Little one, you are not gone The original love sister surprised to ask. What to do, ah Mr. Wood just morning, let me go to load five kilometers. Mengtai thought of what the face slightly flushed, Besides, this stupid sparrow here, I even go one day or will come back Do not want to.ment will make you nervous, but also happy Little sparrow, we contact it I stumbled to hear a shocked words. Cross contacts My mind is completely blank Do not refuse Mengtai a fidget cube make noise catch my hand, red eyes staring at me, began to restore the state of wine crazy. Do not noisy ah Do not noisy I was scared by his loudly beg for mercy, do not wake up Mom and Dad, or I die. Then you answer me Mengtai a burst of burp, eyes began to blur. Answer how to do How do I answer him Promise him Deny him No I can not do ah How to do. How to do. How happens this time started binge crazy I sighed Or casually perfunctory him Maybe wake up tomorrow morning, do not remember anything Let me think about it How long One a week I had wanted to say a month, but this impatient guy will not agree. I do not care, can only be a day Tomorrow will tell me Monte too like a child sprinkled Jiao said, let goose bumps out of the ground. All right, one day Anyway, perfunctory you, an hour does not matter I thought. Monte too heard my words, like a child immediately exposed as a brilliant smile. Face becomes really fast Well, you quickly go back to it I gently pushed the Mongolian push one, who knows not to push okay, the push even turned the Mongolian one down on the ground, motionless Is not it When did he get so weak. Monte too Monte too I squatted at his fidget cube on sale side, desperately shaking his arm, but a littl.

mbrace of a Mengti initiation of a trace of nostalgia can not how to order fidget cube do this He is the victim of the gold Ying ming, he harmed me I repeatedly warned myself. VOL 4 Exclusion and targeting the drama continues to be staged every day, the school girls on my hatred seems to have not appeared because of Jinying Ming and increasing. Almost every day, I will receive two to three letters of intimidation, curse more and more vicious, but also attached to the dissected beyond recognition of the frog, slugs, textbooks have been painted, tearing beyond recognition, often so the class Was severely criticized by the teacher, and then stand. Monta one always insisted and stubborn accompanied the face of all this, I feel a corner of the psychological collapse, because of his dedication. Jinying Ming will come back, I struggled to survive Autumn weather, do not know is not affected by the atmosphere, began to become cold. Drops SMS Is the more beautiful. Qiuqiu, you all right, I do not go to your class to find you. Can you come to the rooftop of the school building after school Do not call Monte too, there or be square Is the United States, she still believe me. She still treat me as a friend Clutching the hands of the phone, my tears do not live up to the fall, at least in Hayakawa I fidget cube dimensions have a friend Look at the Mongolian one fell asleep, I am busy wiping away tears After school, I have not w.other, heart with emotion to say. Who Who told you I wronged to defense. Monsters me You want to die, ah Is not I want to fight, the recent group of guys looking for my old trouble. Monte too directed at me wah wah shouted, I birthday you put me pigeons what I looked at the angry red too Mengtai, is that his birthday took me to the park I m sorry Well, Mengtai snappily said, a little mood are gone, send you home The next morning fidget cube gainsboro my mother did not find out what I slipped out. But do not know why, Jin Yingming did not appear. The problem is more like a curse, like I can not take off, Hunhunee until school. Suddenly remembered these two days are busy mess of things, a long time did not go to take care of Ling. To cope with the mouth is not too Mengtai one, I went to the location of the parking lot went over. The door turned out to be a virtual cover, I quietly opened the door into Ah, is Kim Ying ming One day he did not come to class in it Do not know why, this discovery suddenly made me feel very happy. I was going to call him, to see another person s shadow. It is so cute Ming, when did you find it River Shadow happy to hold the Ling in his arms, carefully teasing. A while ago a student What is its name Ling River Shadow Moon heard the name of a stiff body, and then sigh on the face of Jin Yingming sigh. And so on Kim Ying.first father Do not know what they are doing, has not contact, they are not worried about me, after all, there are four days out of the And I shook my head, do not let yourself think about it. At least calm life now, let me and the original love sister have been accustomed to the garbage field early in the morning, designated fertilization noon sun when the strongest swimming under the river also with Mr. Wood to help us do the fishing rod, looking for food. As naughty Bingshu, confirmed the words of Mr. Wood, became the most troublesome bad old love sister, tricks emerge in an endless stream, not to steal the original love sister s high fashion, is to use her cosmetics in the face Guihufu, tossing the fidget cube with different colors original love Sister complain incessantly. Once, Bing Shu actually bought her from France to cut the beloved bed pulpy. Fortunately, Mr. Wood with his talent to craft the bed sheets sewn, or the original love sister eyes will cry. Sparrow to revolution I The fourth part Ninth war Hongqiao cave uninvited guests 1 VOL 1 I enjoy the autumn sun while warm, while carrying the original donation of special love Kitahara unconditional toilet paper, go to the Hongqiao cave to go alone. Bang clatter Lang Lang Lang I suddenly turned around, behind empty handed but an empty cans are still rolling on the ground. No not I remembered yesterday Kitano original love ghost story, the.

Fidget Cube Make Noise school, there is a monta to safeguard my situation those scenes scenes fidget cube make noise In my mind flashed. I rolled around in bed all night, only to the day before the light was asleep. VOL 6 Early Early in the morning, the original love to open the curtain from the outside sister to come in. As early as just asleep not long after I was unable to sit in bed and say hello to them. Well, it seems that these two guys had a very moist yesterday Qiuqiu What happened to your fidget cube make noise face The original sister looked fidget cube peru surprised at me. face I do not understand from the bed to get up, look in the mirror My God I did not sleep well at night, my eyes were black like painted with ink If you let Monte too see me like this, he must say I m a ghost Montaigne I suddenly thought of that troubled me one night GNK good night kiss , I squeaky asked Mongolia Mongolia too one Go, we just met him on the bridge Mr. Wood said softly to me. gone gone. I was surprised to look back at the ground floor of a Monte too His quilt was stacked well, as if it had not been started the same. There are and his backpack was gone. How did the guy suddenly said to go back The original sister did not understand the question asked Mr. Wood. But after hearing the news panic stricken I simply could not hear the original sister in love to say something He s gone Why did he suddenly leave. He came so inexplicable, go s.e automatically put all the blame on the account of Jin Yingming. Now he is like a fiercely staring at the prey of the tiger, with claws kept on paper to draw the kill to kill the sound. And I will hinder the hapless in the middle of his eyes strangling prey. Safety first Safety first As long as nothing happened, let me go a few times an hour I have endured, right when the weight bar. If things always as I wish, I do not call Ma Qiuqiu, should be called the Phoenix and the like. To the third section of the language class, Montana finally caught a chance. Jin Yingming was the teacher named read the text. Although I want to ignore, but the next growing voice, so I had to look over his head turned. Here you are Mongolia too mysteriously God gave me a bag of things, I opened it, turned out to be a large fidget cube make noise piece of chewing gum this is Put there Meng Taiyi pointed to a gold Yingming stool. My God Again Mongolia uncle, Mongolia emperor, you can not let me Let me more than two days of peace you will die ah But think so, I finally yielded fidget cube gold to the one in the montage of a person with me who Chang against the momentum of death, the trembling to put the chewing gum on the gold Yingming stool Good Jinying Ming students read very well Please sit Language teacher flattering smile said. Please, please Golden Master you look down ah Although my heart prayed millions of times, in the whole class girls eyeful peach.

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