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Fidget Cube Malaysia , there is no place for fidget cube release date me. Sadness and despair once again overwhelming Ma Qiuqiu, since you fidget cube backer edition have the courage to endure so much suffering, why do not have the courage to end all the pain I fidget cube malaysia do not want to be so painful, I want to end it, I want to end I sat on the bridge bar, tightly close your eyes, hold your breath, trembling whole body kept. I do not jump I want to go on. My heart a voice in piercing to shout, but the hearts of despair and sorrow put my body firmly nailed in the Qiaolan, how I do not come down and many more A taxi suddenly stopped in front of me, the back door opened, a pair of white high heels stepped out. A woman wearing a white high level professional suit, the eyes burning raging anger, looked excitedly striding toward me I scared the eyes stare big, trembling voice gradually approaching me that woman shouted You you do not come you come again I will jump down, oh I am more and more panic, his mouth though, holding the hand of the bridge is holding the bar more tight. At this point, the woman has been panting to come to my front, she was deafening, eyes looked at me motionless. I smelled a pungent smell of alcohol on her. Jump uh The woman spoke with a mouthful of alcohol. Uh She actually wanted me to jump. She should not have to persuade me earnestly right Jump uh jump fidget cube news will die you uh The woman took a big.ut the window fidget cube malaysia Gold gold gold gold Yingming Is the gold Yingming. He is carrying a sports backpack standing outside the window How could such a coincidence. Even met him here. I was surprised when a thing that made me even more surprised happened. The more the United States ran from the side, hand tightly hanging on the arm of Kim Ying ming, as if he would disappear the same. She smiled and looked at Jinying Ming, is talking to him. I feel the blood of the body are solidified, and sat stiff motionless. Suddenly, the more the United States found me, she looked at me with astonishment, but soon her eyes become proud and proud. She tiptoe on the ear of Jin Yingming said something bad She is probably told Jin Yingming I am here I scared Yi Zheng, in the hands of the cola fell to the ground. Ah I was a Coke splashed a Kitahara love screaming, people around us have turned around and looked at us strangely. While the window of Kim Ying ming is also turned his head But I can not take so much, my first reaction is to drill into the table at once. It s finished He saw me I was like being stopped, like, can only be at a loss to sit in the seat, the heart beating in the beating. Because my eyes tightly glued to the body of Jin Ying ming, so how can I not move. Time seems to be still the world seems to disappear the earth seems to have only two.

s still So I m still alive Big sister Big sister I pushed hard to push her, but she did not move, did not respond. Is she died. I frightened to stretch out a finger on her nose Call she still breathes I was relieved. But where is this I rubbed his head Yes, yesterday we fell from the bridge, the head into the cold river. A piece of cloth in the shed was lifted, and a shaggy man with his head explored his head. Hey You wake up Pompon speak. Ah ah I was shocked, Leng Leng nodded his head. He spoke very casual, but very polite. Sleep okay He said smiling, like a bright smile as the sun. Also okay She did not wake up He looked at me around the big sister. Ah also not yet. Today s weather is really good, do not come out with me fishing He is still smiled. Ah good, good I do not know how to refuse people, obediently stood up and went out. Well Outside the sun is great The thorn was my eye raw pain, and quickly reached out in the eye to take a awning. I looked around, I stand still can see yesterday s magnificent bridge Now think of the scene yesterday, some scared. Pompon ignored my daze, not far to go along the river did not sit down in front of him stood a long bamboo pole, has been extended to the river center Come and sit Pompon was very gentleman patted the only piece of flat stone around, What s your name.exclaimed Do not blame him, I want her to hand the note Monte too Montessori turned out to be a. He would take the initiative to recognize Jinying Ming obviously can not believe, looked at him in surprise, but soon returned to the poker face. Then you two get out with me Montana one fidget cube camo does not matter, his hands in his trousers pocket, as if he is a hero, blatantly out of the classroom. I suddenly felt like a small daughter in law, followed in the back out. Jin Yingming is really a personal residue Do what they actually dare not admit Monte too leaning against the corner of a corner said fiercely. You why would admit I curiously looked at the face of a too easy, so I forgot to open the fear of fear. I am a hero ah Mongolia too take it for granted that, in order to strengthen the persuasiveness he also added and Jin Yingming that fear of death of the mouse is completely different D Hum That guy is not a man too, and his woman Do not protect. I I m not. I Meng Tai a bad eye to learn my stuttering tone, that Chen Shimei is definitely to see my purple bud, deliberately indifferent to you, rest assured, I will take back my purple bud. I did not understand wrong, right This bad guy seems to be a little bit to comfort me. But the question is when I was a woman of Kim Although I still think he is a freak, but it seems, I want to look at him. Later, I found that as long as the pig wi.yes stabbed all the pain Yo, this is not a big hero Ma Qiuqiu it Purple bud and her attendant squid group , there fidget cube malaysia are several other classes of girls surrounded me up. I head down, biting his lips, bite the bullet and wait for the arrival of the storm. How do you so brave ah Even took the kind of photos, but also to make propaganda You are not afraid of death Purple Lei forced me a, said fiercely I bow in silence. I see you, ah, really show to the bones go A tall girl with my fist desperately twist my head, I have tears of pain came out. Do not always install the poor phase You this trick is only useful for boys The more violet bud fidget cube violetred more angry I tell you Ma Qiuqiu If Jin Yingming what happened, I will make you die very ugly Purple bud see me quietly, become furious Ma Qiuqiu You Zi Lei raised his hand want to hit me, but did not fall Mongolia is too one It seems you are still very guarding her Well Purple bud sneer Shuaichai Mengtai a grasp of the hand. Purple bud, do not Meng Tai said with a sullen face. Hey Purple bud is a very exaggerated sneer, turned to me and said Ma Qiuqiu, did not think you really charm is big ah Seduce the end of gold seduce again Monet too one How do you so disgusting ah Purple You give me shut up Meng Tai a roar up. But the purple bud simply ignore Montana one, but Jiuqi my ears, facing the students around, said You see You see T.

Fidget Cube Malaysia After school I have done an hour of health, that before he looked at the cat he was an hour I was surprised to see him, really do not understand what he was thinking. Trembling Jinying Ming did not pay attention to my questions. I took the kitten and felt it trembling. It must have been too cold It needs nest. Wo He tilted his head and looked at me, thought, suddenly opened fidget cube bisque darkgray his bag, the book all poured out put in. I Lengle Leng, understand that he is fidget cube graphite referring to the kitten. So I agreed, the Ling into the bag. Kitten curled into a ball, Jin Ying ming feel as if there is less what his neck scarf solution down, covered in Ling s body This guy s action is always outside of my mind. Food Well, beef milk, face package I mean the system bought some of their own snacks, and then take some out on the plate in front of Ling. like this Yep. Although it is very simple, but did not expect Jinying Ming will ask so many questions, with no matter what the usual arrogant indifference attitude is not the same, so I really can not adapt. Side of the guy can not wait for me in a daze, Long rope on the floor of the book went out toward the door. Is not it A thank you are not, really impersonal, I was whispered in my heart. He seemed to hear my heart muttering, went to the door when stopped and turned to me. The right hand on his chest Then, very chic to the. I subconsciously see Jinying Ming, painted the makeup he could not see the expression has been pulled to the side of the original love sister dress. And next to the river Shadow Moon, smiling face seems to be some loss Other people expression was weird, even the purple bud has become quiet, until the appearance of Jinying Ming facelift Perfect contours, clear lines of the lips, straight nose, straight French court dress to bring out his temperament, he is simply a fairy tale prince. Because the clothes fidget cube malaysia were a bit messy hair, cover his eyes, people do not see his face, but it exudes a fatal attraction. Hair is messy River Shadow Moon came to the front of the gold Ying ming, to help him dial the chaos hair, intimate but natural. Standing together like the two light body, shining so I can not face up, quickly ran up the stage. Finally, the scene finally began, I nervously lying on the stage covered with flowers on the table, waiting fidget cube malaysia for the prince s visit With the music, listening to the narration, there are crazy audience cheers, screams, I know the prince came. I was nervous to the throat of the eyes, fingers in the restlessly lit up in the body. Miserable I have felt the prince approached How to do. How to do. I was dying to die I opened my eyes slightly and saw the handsome face of the prince leaning closer the more the closer the more the clo.

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