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Fidget Cube Mediumaquamarine ontessori all the way to a carry to the classroom, classmates whispering, from time to time to issue a burst of contemptuous laughter. God, no face to see people, and really want to put this bastard to shredded I think my face must be red, with the monkey ass. Let me quiet Not allowed to laugh Meng a young master angry, all scared the atmosphere are not out of the classroom are not now order a fidget cube quiet. He is maintaining me I secretly looked at a Mongolian one, I saw him slightly red face, white me I can only joke you, no one can Well, forget today Is not it, so lucky you can escape unharmed I spit a long breath, unable to sit on the seat. I turned to see the gold is looking at the magazine Ying ming, just hope he can help me, did not expect even pretend not to know me, turned to look at the magazine No human nature of the guy, I also lost yesterday to paint things insomnia Droplet drops My cell phone suddenly rang in my clothes pocket, immediately felt the hostile eyes focused on me, I quickly pulled out. Hey I hid under the desk voice down. The day after tomorrow afternoon you are waiting for me at the Fairview Park entrance. An overbearing voice came from inside. Monte, Monte too I do not believe my ears a bit, he is not in the classroom to give me a call, I looked back, Huh People Remember you can not be late Oh, I know I m going to hang up. and also You give me a tight point Jinying Ming.head. I only have to eliminate inflammatory drugs. I squat down, the things handed Kim Ying Ming, picked up his kitten, he looked at my move, motionless. The medicine to me Although not learned dressing, but a simple deal should be no problem, I rush to the kitten disinfection, the drug. How do you think that guy seems nervous than I am Call relieved, and finally I was set up, watching the quiet kitten, suddenly felt a great sense of accomplishment. I put it in his arms, and fidget cube mediumaquamarine then put his paw on his chest, and then to the next wave. Jin Yingming looked so unknown look, I explained to him This is to say thank you. Come, you hug I handed Kim Ying ming, he did not dare move. Well, uh, so He is very seriously in accordance with the way I teach to do, usually always covered by long eyelashes quiet eye, is now flashing a little bit of dazzling light, so I do not mind to remove their own eyes. Ling Jinying Ming looked at the hands of the kitten. Uh The meaning of a feather. Is he talking about the name of the kitten Feathers pure and beautiful and elegant soft feathers Although a cat called the fidget cube rose name feel a little strange, but the name feels very special, but also very suitable for this only white and light kitten. It how it how Seeing from school. Jinying Ming actually understand my fidget cube mediumaquamarine words fidget cube darkorenge can not understand the sentence

ly his big hand. Actually actually in the girls under the skirt sexual harassment Harassment No how Oh The guy actually also issued muffled laughter. You The girl is obviously some angry but helpless. I, I how Or do you want to I am wrong How that guy did a bad thing arrogant threat to people. What do you want Get off, take you to a place Today is the opening ceremony. You can not go without it I quietly face the side in the past, saw the arrogant hand actually in the girls who walk Suddenly felt the girl s eyes, she was looking at me, eyes a little complicated I quickly lowered his head, subconsciously to shrink the shrink of the shrink Do not blame me, I have no guarantee The teacher is taught to be courageous, but my father said it was stupid Safety first Moreover, I can not beat that bully ah Noisy inside the car seems to have no one found what happened in this corner doze off, looking out the window, wearing earplugs also struggling to squeeze the sardines, at this time all become dead salted fish. I want to turn a blind eye, but the ears can not be heard without hearing I can only go back You stepped on a voice suddenly sounded behind him. I panic turned, I do not have any mental preparation of the case, my eyes appeared in a handsome face Thick eyebrows rebellious slightly raised up, long and slightly curled eyelas.nk, mind only echo one thing Jinying Ming has gone back there is no way to explain how to do I staggered back to the classroom. Ma Qiuqiu Dare to dare to blatantly come in Come out to me Math teacher angrily directed at me shouting. Classmates are snickering, the girls are scorned at me rolling his eyes, from time to time to play a few grimaces. I looked woodenly turned and walked to the outside. Wait a minute Meng Tai suddenly stood up from his seat, fidget cube mediumaquamarine grabbed my hand Teacher, Ma Qiuqiu uncomfortable, I took her to the health room Montana a reason not to care for the teacher angry at the podium wah wah shouting, then took me out of the classroom. And I like a robot with no perception of the same behind him, his eyes dull. Sparrow, you listen to me, that poster is not my paste Montana an anxious to say My eyes stare too big one too Monte. Not you Who else Only you confiscated my cell phone, this thing only you know Little Sparrow Regardless of Monte too in the back kept calling me, I numb toward the school gate. I broke the promise I broke the promise My head repeatedly repeated this sentence, I do not know how long to go, actually home Ma Qiuqiu, how come back so early today Your bag it Mother heard the door open, came out from the kitchen, was surprised to see embarrassed me. I did not say a word, directly back to the room. Mom knock.ave. Yes ah, the Xia Xi, the woman is sitting next to Montana, but I do not know what s good, I heard that even told us not to blur the family Ying ming, do not be caught by her pigtail, or ironclad to her good looking. fidget cube salmon Oh, when Jin Ying ming into your home. The second girl was immediately ridiculed. I have nothing to do with him, a cold voice interrupted their conversation, I hate that stained man, do not put me on par with him, think of it is necessary to wash a few hands On the Xia Xi Is that the last girl playing poker She really hated Monte too. Carefully wanted to come to the PARTY above in addition to the purple buds on the Mongolia too smelly with a face on the Xia Xi did not seem to give any good face. Alas, do not want to, and their control, but to the. Alas, is not the case and so the group of girls laughing away, leaving me sitting in the lattice of the toilet on the sigh, dare to whisper to protest. 7 30 bus sent to school, 10 30 received about 20 letters, 12 00 on the desk there are five love lunch Ma Qiuqiu, you can not find anything else In the morning Mengtai angrily put my hard work recorded in the lucky month calendar on the results of the fall to the table. But no other I am wronged to answer. Hand out Montai impatiently ordered Road. I struggled a bit, and finally stick out obediently hand, is not it Such a big fight but also palm I clos.

Fidget Cube Mediumaquamarine the doorway. Jin fidget cube firebrick Yingming see I did not keep up, turned back to point to my arms Ling food, I do not know. I followed behind Jin Yingming, carefully looked around, I actually hidden in the bag into the supermarket Ling. 555 Fortunately, no one was found. And my tension is different, Jinying Ming leisurely in the selection of food for the Ling. To I was immediately back to the front of the scene to intimidate A wide variety of snacks, drinks heap full of the two carts, Jin Ying Ming s hand still holding a few packs inside. You to determine all these are to the Ling My God Potato chips, dried bean curd have. Do not know Jinying Ming seems to be some embarrassment made my face. God, I have a little doubt how he had spent the past 16 years. I sighed the cart to pick out the things in place to go, go to the pet counter to pick out two bags of cat food. Drops drop I subconsciously dig their own mobile phone, but see the gold Ying Ming took out his fidget cube graphite cell phone Hey month fidget cube mediumaquamarine Well Well I ll come. Oops, I seem to forget one thing Now What time is it I asked Jin Yingming carefully. Four o clock. When I pant to rush to the entrance of Fairview Park when the clock in front of the park has been pointed to five points. I did not find a circle to find Montana too, have been so long, he should go back to the bar Want to die, tell you not t.e girl This kind of thing I want to be on it Kitahara love lost fidget cube mediumaquamarine roof in the shed to find a place to nest up, we seem to have slept, but I can not sleep over and over again. I quietly got up and went to the river, the evening breeze gently blowing my clothes, because it is already autumn, when the wind to the body a little bit cool. Crickets in the grass with a cry of a high low voice, coupled with the river torrents issued a rushing sound, my heart was upset disorderly. Can not sleep Mr. Wood s voice interrupted my meditation, do not know when he has stood behind me. Can I sit down Yep What are you going to do in the future Mr. Wood s words to my heart suddenly sank, must face the brutal reality. Ma Qiuqiu You are simply a unique fool Unique fool Unique Fool In your heart, what am I What am I. What am I I hate the dirty crook. Dirty crook. Dirty crooks Their words in my mind kept echoing, I painfully clinging to his head, think the head will explode soon No I do not know Oh, Mr. Wood sighed, Qiuqiu, some things must be their own face. Do you think I really care about so baked a fish Like tonight, if you do not get the fishing rod, you will always eat Less than a fish. Mr I stare to see Mr. Wood, his face I have fidget cube set not seen the heavy. You can not be like me, has been nest in the bridge when the savage, right Mr. Wood and jokingly patted my shoulder, If you.

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