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Fidget Cube Mediumpurpul n, listen carefully to the sound coming out of the sound. Life for the first time in front of people singing, so I was almost unable to pronounce the voice of tension. Oh sing well Oh why, why do you want to sing this song. Monta a I carefully dropped the microphone, to his close, If you do not like it, I ll change a song. Ha ha ha The melody of the music continues, can be too one is too laughing, secretly light I can not tell his face is wine or why This guy even rely on my shoulder I suddenly stiff, like a stick of wood did not dare to move a move, do not know what to do. This brats do not want to take advantage of my cheap bar I reached out and tried to push him away, but on the shoulder he looked like a puppy. How do I use this metaphor Puppies, homeless and injured puppies Is this really him Is that usually bully I love to find Jin Ying ming trouble that eternal wicked monta too Is that one stand up and admit that he painted a piece of the heroes of Monte too Usually so tough, he would like a puppy I sighed, put out the hand and put it down. Purple bud For a long time, Monte too suddenly raised his head, staring at me. At the moment, his face and my face is only three or four centimeters fidget cube unboxing away, my face brush to look at the red. I, I, I I am not Purple bud, remember the last time you kissed me, I said, I will be wave No, is not it I did not wrong, right This guy actually taught me the way he told me to thank you. Please, that is what I said playing, he also believe I looked at the quiet sleeping kitten, looked around, quickly went out. But along the way, the mood is particularly good, perhaps because just a cry, perhaps because the kitten saved, maybe Back home, head down called Hemisheng soon as brother , and then gave Ma Xi Chun a bright smile, scared them both spent a full ten minutes But these I will not bother, hurry back to his room, open all the lights, sitting in front of the mirror. The mirror of his own blush, and probably the book said girl Huai Chun is like this I shyly holding her face. Do not know why the brain appeared today that is not the same as Kim Ying ming Will he this occasionally makes people feel a bit childish is beginning to let me determined to test the people of Hayakawa Suddenly, Mengtai one to kiss me that scene and jumped out from my mind, my whole body a cool. My God Montaigne that owes me a 250 Montaigne This night, I turn over and over again to sleep, Jinying Ming and Mengtai one of the images kept hovering in my mind, ups and downs of the mood, I see I was really insane. VOL 3 Have to Friday, and Mongolia too still did not come. Almost a week he will not transfer it Think of this possib.

it seems she is really gone I I sighed, and my heart suddenly feel fidget cube sizes empty. Rumble rumble I was surprised to see Mr. Wood, he shrugged at me, said do not know. Qiuqiu Ma Qiuqiu Huh fidget cube retail This is the original love sister voice ah where is she I looked around her eyes wide open. Here I m here I saw far far over the engineering car stood a man, before the sound is that came. What are you doing there I asked in astonishment. Do not ask me You look at those gangs Do not let my things lost The original sister said loudly. Something What I fidget cube mediumslateblue looked at Mr. The next half an hour, I and Mr. Wood are shocked One after another high level furniture, there are senior clothing, daily necessities, several workers were moved to the bridge hole below. The original love sister constantly commanding the workers, but also to tell them the location of things placed, but also told them to take things carefully, but also called me and Mr. Wood to help her optimistic about her fidget cube mediumpurpul home. The workers had finished the last thing a luxury bed, and drove off. Well The original love of the hands of the sister patted the dust, satisfied with the front fidget cube mediumpurpul of a large pool of things. This This is I was surprised to say that is not clear. Mr. Wood also looked fidget cube mediumpurpul at her face puzzled. Why do you look at me this way I see life here is too difficult, and nothing, so I put all the things in my room all mov.not invite you Oh, purple bud, today, but your birthday What s the matter with my birthday Blue bud, happy birthday. A blue figure to break the montmy and purple bud stalemate, said a little uncomfortable, first go back, and Jin Ying ming on this charge. I know only month made him. Purple Lei heard the name of Jin Yingming the whole person slowed down, on the Xia, thank you very much You say how I thank you this time Or he certainly will not come Of Purple bud intimacy on the Xia Xi to the venue to go, Mongolia too closely followed. month who is it Actually let the wood people Jinying Ming obediently obedient So I recovered, the side is full of strange faces dressed in some dress, I began to tense, Mongolia too Welcome to my birthday party, more honored to be able to invite people to the four families of Hayakawa hope that we can have a good night purple bud on the stage to announce the opening of his voice, everyone on the Each walk in the venue. Be careful. I was pulled aside by one hand, away from the crowds. Thank you I turned around, a refined and elegant face to enlarge in front of me, the two locks do not listen to the bangs on his smooth forehead, a gentle feeling people could not help but want to close with him. I do not know me When you hero to save the United States when I was there ah, yes, forgot to introduce myself, my name is North Morningstar. It s himoblem What is the problem Kitahara love along my hand, is sitting on the ground to see the original love sister s underwear sets to the head of the Bingshu. Ah you damn old man The original fidget cube lightyellow love sister Qiqiaoshengyan, rush and bing Shu compete for her brand name pants to go. I thought Mr. Wood will come forward to prevent Bing Shu, but did not think he was almost rolling on the ground laughing I looked blankly in front of these people, just like watching aliens, I really want to live with them VOL 5 Day after day. I deliberately let myself do not want all the things about Ma Qiuqiu, I just Hongqiao Dongtian in a guest. Hongqiao Cave is my name to the new home On both sides of the river there is a small beach, and above is the green grass, although it is the fall, but still full of wild flowers. A little further away from the Hongqiao river bank there is a small forest, lush, very beautiful. Listen to Mr. Wood said that we in this Hongqiao away from the urban area, the opposite direction to go for a while to a small town. Originally in the repair of the road, do not know why to stop the abandoned in that, so very few people will come here, the car is almost gone. Here seems to have become a paradise , the four of us, Gaoren seclusion here. But do not know why, I often think of that place called home, all day long to make fun of my two brothers, all day called me less trouble mother, safety.

Fidget Cube Mediumpurpul handsome ah P. S you look like a very cute sleep Hey V Shuai was not a rational of the Mongolian one Not dreaming And and he should remember that My God Was he really drunk yesterday VOL 6 Today is the last day of the campus culture festival, I put on makeup makeup, sitting behind the stage, nervous to sit still because the audience there are father and mother and brothers, to know that in addition to parents before they will never come School ah I heard you play a pantomime today My mother even asked me in the breakfast thing. Uh I carefully put down fidget cube mediumpurpul the hands of the dishes, mother how will know A boy called me to see you missing when there are also called over that, my mother is still serious eating things, but really rude bad Must be a guy too much trouble, I shrink the neck waiting for the storm to come. Do not lose our Ma family s face, my mother even caught an egg to my bowl, I and your father and brother will see you perform. I Leng Leng looked at the bowl of things, my heart actually feel the warmth of a long absence blowing Wearing a dress of gold Ying ming sitting next to me, the original features more prominent exquisite, beautiful was some pressing. There is no heaven Womens appearance are so beautiful, look at me in the mirror, I burst of crazy Do not look good, play the dwarf River Shadow is more beautiful than my.iberately wailing Cyclist side of fidget cube mediumpurpul the man is very nervous to explain for themselves, I have said to you out of the way How your reaction is not so brilliant You the earth s fingers and moved. Teacher, are you okay He squatted down to observe the frog being crushed , and then shook his body nervously. Teacher Are you still alive You must not be in trouble. I nervously shrink the shrink of his neck, but fortunately he is not the bad luck of the frog, or even if nothing is such a shake also went to half life. Ah Quick help fountain students, he seems to be second year football department of the handsome guy rattan kaye Ah, he was not hurt, just unconscious Shoot the club s Niu Chunhua, who wants you to do artificial respiration Ah, he woke up, and looked a bit dementia, quietly in the bicycle next to the tears Just stunned the teachers and students seem to immediately wake up, the school entrance suddenly chaos to do a ball. In a few teachers together under the treatment, but also pinch people, but also rubbed the stomach Finally, uncle finally breathed. Uncle jumped up from the ground, trying to fidget cube royalblue grab a bicycle man s neck, his on the spot Dhamma. Oh, ah I want to kill the brats ah, the teacher, I said not intentional Cyclist side of the man explained, while jumping dodge. I am tolerating you for a long time Today is not your death is my death Ouji Sang irrational, the fire.

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