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Fidget Cube fidget cube mediumslateblue Mediumslateblue o sad for a man Come Drink and drink Lengao a finally understand how the matter, pushing me tightly in the hands of the bottle, desperately to encourage. My brain is now completely chaotic, I do not want to, put the rest of the half bottle to filling down. Soon, Jiujin up, and my emotions completely out of control, the whole people like crazy like crying and laughing. Good drink, how do I feel the more the United States their voice more distant Sight slowly began to blur I just feel that some people continue to give me the kind of drink to drink, and then someone hugged me, I am so sad, these days seems to have all grievances in the chest, I began to cry VOL 2 We ll take you home, OK Ah I want to go home Cold, the wind was blowing, I played a shiver, people suddenly wake up a lot. The more beautiful I found myself being stuffed into a car, next to the tall and small white dragon. The more the United States in the back of the car, we first send you home Two people clasped me in the middle. I m looking for beauty I began to struggle. Yue Mei said, fidget cube mediumslateblue we take good care of you Lankao a hand touched my face, I suddenly feel sick. No, I want to get off, I want to find the United States Extreme fear made me completely wake up, but my body because the role of alcohol can not move. Give me down The car finally stopped, lanking a tall I pulled out. Is this what the hotel is. Do not. Let m. small sparrow You have not listened to me From heaven, a book hit my head, I recovered from the trance. Ling has not in a few days, and Jin Ying ming is like nothing happened what you want in the ah, you would have to help take care of ah May have fidget cube mediumslateblue a small voice in mind Maybe In case he would say something You are still in a daze Sparrow, do not confuse themselves with the same lovelorn Definitely blame me recently snubbed you is not, well, this uncle to take you out to play tonight Mengtai said this happily went to take a bike. I stay in place, forget everything to do Small sparrow, do not make their own with the same lovelorn Do not confuse yourself with romance romance No not I suddenly frightened to refute the repeated words in my mind. Ah Suddenly feel at the foot of an empty, I did not even step to the stairs, the whole people are moving forward to go Do not Ah Vaguely heard someone screaming around. I fidget cube peru simply do not know what to react, just feel the body continue to sink to sink All around are upside down Suddenly the body stopped, as if something stopped me Slowly opened his eyes, raised his head Jin Yingming Jinying Ming Really you I stared at him, really is he I understand, I finally understand the at this time in the arms of Kim Ying ming, I was like to fin.

t classic one turned out to be me Unconscious secretly shocked the day Doue E can be sing Chivalrous woman Ma Qiuqiu Last year s first class party, took place high quality fidget cube in a scene of shaking ZZZZZZZZZ beauty rescue hero event. School students Jinying Ming and criminals encounter dangerous times, the courage of girls Ma Qiuqiu life and death will be placed outside the collar body out for the gold Yingming block dangerous knife, but since they fall outside the floor, is now in hospital for treatment. It is reported that the cause of the incident is Ma Qiuqiu assistance to the Department of Friends of the United States framed the incident, criminals caused by uneven distribution of stolen goods caused by internal strife. More exaggerated, I see the following leaflets and I do not know when the picture was bullied, indicating the victim and the more beautiful Q version of the image, is holding a I am a sinner. Ma Ma Qiuqiu I see passing fidget cube vinyl desk toy by, even someone I put things into the story that day, between the students read. This world in the end how The original the original love sister I was not crazy I am a little panic pulled the sleeves of Kitahara love. Oh, how could I let the purple bud over you How, this is the power of the media ah God I want to come, that day, Little White Dragon is the emergence of Kitahara love is arranged Really horrible woman ah To Kitahara love dragged me into the.w What are you crying ah Forget it Alas So cry Woman really trouble Mengtai an impatiently lying on the desk, Jinying Ming continue to panic. In fact, this time, my mind is fantasizing a bundle of Mongolia too in the pillars, put his mouth stuffed with straw, and then smoked with Ma Xisheng socks smoked him. fidget cube by ansty I most yearning for high school life the first day, actually in my tears ended. VOL 2 Dragging the tired body opened the door, had to look at the living room Ma Xi Chun and Ma Xisheng is like a tape fast forward, like, quickly swept out the coffee table snacks, hide back to the room. In order to escape my examination into the Hayakawa they want to learn the dog called gambling, this month they see is this pair of virtues, I take offense The rest of the face looking forward to the father and mother, especially warm. How How Hayakawa s teacher is not the fidget cube in stores same Mom could not wait to see me. I How do I tell them what happened to me today, my mother does not often say do not trouble Today, I can Seems to be tired, the first day is a bit unavoidable, a few days like Yes, it does not matter, tired first rest Ugh In contrast, the family is how warm ah In order to live up to the expectations of my parents, it seems that I only continue to stick to it Early the next morning, I rode the summer bicycle, ran to the school. Yesterday dinner time, I accidentally mention.can handle the uncle. Amoy book off www.taoshuke.Cn VOL 4 what A scream let me awake from my dreams. How is it Mr. Wood looked at the same confusion I sleepy. Ah you do what the old monster I looked down in the sound, but was in front of all startled. Kitahara s face was painted a dark love of the big turtle, the handle is still uncle happy side wringing, seems to have finally reported the roof of the event yesterday s hatred and glad. I looked at the next Mr. Wood, and finally understand what he meant yesterday. You old monster hey was about to chase out the original love suddenly embraced her sister, toilet toilet It seems that yesterday s fish is in her stomach trouble. Over there, Mr. Wood pointed to a house so far as to see only the dots. So far The original love sister holding a stomach discontent complain. There is no way, this radius Barry have no public toilets, fidget cube mediumslateblue only the garbage station. Refuse refuse station Yes ah Oh The original love sister eyes hopelessly looking at the sky, I scared straight tongue. Yes, give you this Mr. Wood stood up, next to a tree in the bridge hole off the two large leaves, handed the hands of the original love sister. Give me this Easy to use after the end We have no money to buy toilet paper Wood Mr. Xiao Hehe explained. It will definitely hurt I think with so rough leaves rub ass feeling, could not help but fear pharyngeal swal.

Fidget Cube Mediumslateblue ed over What is the problem No no Mr. Wood quickly waved and waved. The original love sister smiled proudly. However, these things are sun and rain is not very good Mr. Wood said a very real problem. I will of course take into account this problem I just bought an oversized tents, originally intended to be used with friends in fidget cube japan the mountains party, did not expect to use here is just good Oh Tents Oh handle uncle in the next coax road. In the original love sister command us busy for a whole day, I was surprised to open mouth looked at the completion of the new home Rectangular tent, about an area of four or five square meters, my hand straight but also tiptoe, can barely hit the top. Tents on the ground pad a fidget cube mediumslateblue thick moisture proof cloth, the above is more paved with a layer of beautiful carpets, carpet on a big eyed beauty at me kept laughing. Tents of the walls are all according to the original love sister preferences, placed with beautiful furniture. The most eye catching, of course, in the middle of the tent is the big bed. Autumn You lucky fidget cube From today, you and I bed, the rest of the people to sleep on the floor The original love sister happily said to me But but We are so remote, no one will notice us, especially the people you worry about. Mr. Wood naughty blinked at me. Qiuqiu, do not, but the boat straight to the bridge straight, a problem to say it has been a pr.ut the window Gold gold gold gold Yingming Is the gold Yingming. He is carrying a sports backpack standing outside the window How could such a coincidence. Even met him here. I was surprised when a thing that made me even more surprised happened. The more the United States ran from the side, hand tightly hanging on the arm of Kim Ying ming, as if he would disappear the same. She smiled and looked at Jinying Ming, is talking to him. I feel the blood of the body are solidified, and sat stiff motionless. Suddenly, the more the United States found me, she looked at me with astonishment, but soon her eyes become proud and proud. She tiptoe on the ear of Jin Yingming said something bad She is probably told Jin Yingming I am here I scared Yi Zheng, in the hands of the cola fell to the ground. Ah I was a Coke splashed a Kitahara love screaming, people around us have turned around and looked at us strangely. While the window of Kim Ying ming is also turned his head But I can not take so much, my first reaction is to drill into the table at once. It s finished He saw me I was like being stopped, like, can only be at a loss to sit in the seat, the heart beating in the beating. Because my eyes tightly glued to the body of Jin Ying ming, so how can I not move. Time seems to be still the world seems to disappear the earth seems to have only two.

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