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Fidget Cube Nederland face is lost. Little Sparrow You wake up Mengtai handed me a bottle of Coke, handed me before I deliberately helped to unscrew the lid. Is it He just put me back down To see the sweat on his forehead, and my heart across a touch of moving. You are not a pig cast the fetus ah So heavy Montaigne said, but also grinning activities of the shoulder a bit, as if just put down the heavy burden of the same It seems, or bastard to describe the word he is more appropriate Then let s go Um, I stood up. Hey where are you going Monta sat on the stool to stop me. Is not not to say that go I looked back at him puzzled. Monte too tilted his feet waved at me, I obediently went to his front. Back to my squat For Why I fidget cube sounds asked puzzled. Nonsense, ask you to squat squat I just back you are too tired, and now for you to back me Before I recovered, Mengtai a 182 head on the pressure on my back, I was shocked, the results of a center of gravity instability, the two of us fell a dog eat shit. Ma Qiuqiu You treat your benefactor is it Mengtai jumped up from the ground angrily shouted. I was almost a flattened too, like the only slippers shot in the cockroaches, struggling on the ground a few times, raised his head. I I I ate a mouthful of gray, a word can not tell, tears Puchi Puchi to flow down. I took the skirt desperately to my face rub, hum, see how you give it away. How do d.States suddenly became very quiet, their thoughts of their own thoughts So beautiful I looked at the window model body a small white skirt. Unfortunately, I simply can not wear ah. Qiuqiu, we go in Yue Mei let the sales lady to remove the dress, pushed me to dressing room. Miss, you wear this dress so beautiful, especially lining your skin dressing room outside to the saleswoman exclaimed. Qiuqiu, you have not tried fidget cube nederland it The more the United States opened a curtain, the shrink in which I pulled out. She turned out to be the same as my clothes Uh Miss, you may not be suitable for this style. Miss sales side in a very euphemistically said. In the mirror in front of two people wearing the same clothes White personal skirt worn in the United States who just bring out her little princess temperament and standing next to the meager body fat, ashamed of some want to hide. Well, this I want, and my clothes to help wrap up. Yue Mei took out the card from the wallet to the sales lady. Qiuqiu, you try this. Yue Mei took off a piece of clothing from the shelves, stuffed into my hands, your parents are workers, certainly did not give you bought this kind fidget cube nederland of clothes. Miss, this dress 5,800 yuan. Miss sales heard the more the United States, then immediately came to my side goodwill to remind. And not your size. Oh Thank you. My face flushed, and quickly returned the clothes.

Snow White, I just like a bad heart witch Oh my heart burst of sour. Look at her standing on the side of Xia Xi and purple bud, put on deliberately driven system of brilliant clothes, there is a beautiful wizard. A group of like the wizard of the dwarfs, a beautiful Queen than Snow White, plus a bad luck witch like princess, what the hell is this drama Ma Qiuqiu, Congratulations, ah, I heard you want to offer the first kiss for the whole school ugly first kiss, I have to wait and see ah Purple Lei triumphantly show off at me, I hope you will not be too stolen See the purple bud reminds me of Monte too, last night s confession to the present also vividly five minutes later. Well, okay Actors in place We are ready to start The original love sister sweating profusely in front of the background shouting. Hey, start. Jin Yingming pushed also stunned sitting on the bench I, I quickly got up and looked back to God. Monta one or not to it Then we substitutions He did not come Still trouble it I feel a little sad. Who says you can casually substitutions My heart suddenly a hi This overbearing voice is not too Monty I saw a Mongolian anger toward us walked over, who also hung the original love of the sister to do that two mirror cloth. Smelly boy You finally came ah The original love sister smiled and patted the head of Monte too. Mengtai a push of the original love of the hand, mean.. I have some foggy. At noon you and Monte too in the atrium ah, I told a lot of students have seen No I heard the words of the United States suddenly as if the fire, brush about the whole red. This is really lost to the Pacific lost. Oh, you this guy, actually conceal the military does not report before several times I want to help you cover, it must be sneaking with him to date No In that go on, I have a Montessori to become a secretly went to the church. I will not tell anyone Yesterday I sing K out 12 points also see Monte fidget cube ebay uk too in front of the park and others, but also worried that you have a problem between. So cold see today You are so loving, I am a little jealous Oh The fidget cube darkviolet more the United States did not give me the opportunity to explain. But you have to be careful Oh, Monty a very popular in the school The more the United States then I did not listen to the words, I only hear Montr al has been in the park He really waited until twelve o clock But but that guy kept saying that is not, is the morning because of his cold is this. You find someone Or registration I have been back when God, has come to the door of the classroom ladder. On Xia Xi I exclaimed loudly, how she was here. If you are looking for someone, please tell me the name if the application, but also tell me the name. She seemed to mind we looked at her in a daze. Wel.ll four hours In fact, I was the victim ah But I was dumb to eat berberine Ma Qiuqiu classmates, do you realize your mistake Hum ooo I quickly hastened to nod. Shen teacher saw me a poor phase, but also moved the compassion, long sigh Oh In fact, I know, you sit next to them is also very hard Hum hum teacher really Shenqiuqiu Shen I finally know that I stay fidget cube adult in the Bermuda magic of the pain of the bar. Finally, I finally wait for the seat of the day So be it Shen teacher thought. How Change seats Change seats. You write 3000 words of the review, this thing just like the past. what My eyes turned white and my chin fell to the ground. How could this be How could, how would VOL 4 Look is her, really shameless, even if ugly, but also wrapped around Kim and Monet too. Catch a night of review of the book, wore two huge dark circles in the morning but also to accept the students point fingers. All thanks to my two at the same table given, one heard of Hayakawa famous four family of a member, and the other is the school also holding a move can not big underworld. Hey early good morning Oh I am a cold sweat, trembling to put down the bag, sat down on the seat. The classroom fidget cube nederland the same as the silence of death, all the people are gloomy face, looking around a dark mass. Whirring whirring I find it difficult to breathe. Fortunately, the immediate a.

Fidget Cube Nederland small sparrow You have not listened to me From heaven, a book hit my head, I recovered from the trance. Ling has not in a few days, and Jin Ying ming is like nothing happened what you want in the ah, fidget cube powderblue you would have to help take care of ah May have a small voice in mind Maybe In case he would say something You are still in a daze Sparrow, do not confuse themselves with the same lovelorn Definitely blame me recently snubbed you is fidget cube nederland not, well, this uncle to take you out to play tonight Mengtai said this happily went to take a bike. I stay in place, forget everything to do Small sparrow, do not make their own with the same lovelorn Do not confuse yourself with romance romance No not I suddenly frightened to refute the repeated words in my mind. Ah Suddenly feel at the foot of an empty, I did not even step to the stairs, the whole people are moving forward to go Do not Ah Vaguely heard someone screaming around. I simply do not know what to react, just feel the body continue to sink to sink All around are upside down Suddenly the body stopped, as if something stopped me Slowly opened his eyes, raised his head Jin Yingming Jinying Ming Really you I stared at him, really is he I understand, I finally understand the at this time in the official fidget cube arms of Kim Ying ming, I was like to fin.smiled and looked at Monte too one classmates, what is your name, really thank you I am very happy, Ha ha I called Mengtai a Ma Qiuqiu is the students Montaigne said, talking and found the atmosphere is not, the sound down. Monte too Just his face has clearly cleared the mother now suddenly became cloudy. Mom I also became nervous. The last time you call Ma Qiuqiu temporarily in your home Do not tell me the specific address, call me dead old woman Montoya had a phone call for me to go home But he even called the mother on the phone My God. He was impatient This is his suicidal, I can not help him Mengtai a wake up call, and quickly play ha ha Ah Aunt The weather is not fidget cube nederland early I should go back Bye ah Ha ha ha ha Finished, he quickly disappeared. This guy, run him fast I saw his awkward back, I suddenly relaxed a lot. Ma Qiuqiu Come back with me Mom said modestly. Oops, I forgot my disaster is fidget cube paleturquoise not over yet I turned and followed my mother upstairs. But the strange thing is, I did not intend to return home bombing, the two ghosts brother showed extra quiet, my father just kept repeating back like, come back like. Back to their familiar room, skillfully turn on the lights, looking around the room. I came back nothing has changed the room seems to have carefully cleaned up the traces of Suddenly, I remembered something, opened the cur.

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