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Fidget Cube Olivedrab soft, or sitting in the seat. I really was crazy, even accept the provocation of purple bud, how do Do I really do not stay in the Hayakawa life. Small sparrow you pig ah Even promised to go with them PK Monte too hurried to come to my side yelling. PK I did not say to keep them PK ah I said wronged. The game is not, and purple lei heard last runner up Mengtai a look of sadness at me. I will help you burn more paper money This that this time I die I asked trembling. Rest assured I have a great Monte too, will help you into the final Mengtai proudly patted his chest. At this time, the side of the Jin Yingming cold to a fidget cube dimgray sentence Noisy, idiot. You say what You say who is an idiot Death mouse you tell me clearly You should put my face labeled like this One hit Kim Ying ming, Mongolia too a whole person and completely out of order. I shook my head desperately, and got up and walked to the playground. Is a blessing fidget cube blanchedalmond is not a curse, but a curse let s go Ma Qiuqiu The total can not do nothing to throw in the towel ah. 11th war the popularity of Hurricane Super Sparrow 1 VOL 1 After school bell rang, I straight out of the classroom door, do not intend to manage those two boring wrapped around the people. Because time is still early, I walk around, half a month did not come to the campus, changes are everywhere Unconsciously came to the parking lot, this has only belong to.d pure voice full of magnetic reverberation in fidget cube olivedrab the stage, the presence of all people are immersed in listening, and gradually I immersed in this sounds like a general song. White smoke gradually dispersed, so I can not believe the scene appeared in any case Jinying Ming Sitting in the middle of the stage while playing the piano while singing is Jinying Ming A messy broken hair, a simple white shirt, but let him straight nose, angular lip line, in the fidget cube by kickstarter light is particularly pressing light Jin Ying fu helped the front of the microphone, did not care to the following for his crazy people. Lightly swept down to the stage, the eyes of the flow, actually people feel indifferent uninhibited and exciting sexy. His voice a turn, slender fingers to speed up the melody playing on the keyboard. what Jay Chou s Father s Name Is simply the original sound to reproduce With the acceleration of his singing, the whole stage like emitting a dazzling light, so that everyone in their own body what is burning, heat has been extended from the stage to the surrounding, waves of heat waves triggered. The center of the flash is Jinying Ming Ah tide of screams quickly overwhelmed me, so I simply forgotten, only holding a mobile phone against the stage Jinying Ming desperately to take pictures. Miss This lady The classmate security serious yet polite to me. Sorry, minors are not allowed h.

Sentinel the tragic fate of the back of life Each fairy tale has a Cinderella, in the arrogant evil forces fear to survive The weather in early summer made some hot stuff this afternoon, making the whole campus seem drowsy. The window a few sparrows jumping in the branches, but it is particularly comfortable. Ma Qiuqiu Ma Qiuqiu You just said I read the text of that period The corner of the window by the girls rushed back to their own fugue thoughts, panic to stand up, but his face at a loss At this time, the next table quietly handed over a book, pointing to one of his party. Girls looked at the adjacent table surprised, like a little dare to believe that some people are willing to help in the teacher s urging immediately read He gently provoked her chin, asked marry me The girls read aloud immediately to a quiet class burst burst of laughter, the girl s head lower, embarrassed to pull their clothes uniforms. Oh, ugly also think of spring to marry ah Please, people are girls Well, hate The class of laughter more unscrupulous. Ma Qiuqiu rostrum uploaded to the teacher s roar Immediately get out of my classroom, go to the playground to run 20 laps books do not read, all day long do not know what to do The teacher s roar, the students make fun of, farther and farther, in front of the girls seem to have been accustomed to this way, numb to walk to the.of us We looked at each other and stared at each other. Sadness, grievance, pain Kim Ying Ming Kim Ying Ming Can you see all these feelings Will you know all that I ve had We looked at it like a motionless, thinking why why I can see in your eyes confusion, regret, sad to whom The United States Or River Shadow Moon I greedily enjoy every moment of the moment, but I fear the next second he will go However, finally, he turned away, in the United States urged the disappearance of my vision. Ma Qiuqiu What are you expecting Even if he saw you, how can you ah But why Why did he and fidget cube olivedrab the United States together fidget cube olivedrab And framed him that framed my woman together He was with her. I feel my heart was pulling was raw, I painfully lying on the table, shed tears Qiuqiu, how do you All right Kitahara love watching crying in a mess of me, worried to ask. I shook my head, tears kept rushing DC. Kitahara love no longer speak, just quietly waiting for my mood calm down. Okay Kitahara love handed me a tissue. I took the paper towel, gently wiping his eyes, nodded his head. Well, said Kitahara, unconscious. Say what My eyes red and red, puzzled to see her. Why do you cry so sad ah There is always a reason for it I kept my head down, because I really do not want to remember things again before, the kind of pain, experienced once i.heart a little nervous, but the body did not move You really do not let go For the first time to see Montana life so the atmosphere, I began to waver This stalemate I never felt tired, I do not know why would stand in the middle, I do not know why Mongolia too angry for a while too I heard the heavy closing sound, Mengtai a disappear in my line of sight, I feel the last ray of power have been away, slowly squatting down Qiuqiu, alas the original love sister patted my shoulder, and finally did not say anything. Jinying Ming quietly looked at me for a while, without a word to pick up the bag, but also walked toward the door. Before he reached the podium, he picked up the purple skirt VOL 5 At night, I bite the bullet and Montaigne a phone call, but the shutdown. I had to pass him a text message, I hope he will see the same as before Has been the past four hours, the phone has been no movement Is it my cell phone broke I worried to pick up the phone casually dialed a number. Hey Ma Qiuqiu What you made the middle of the night nerve ah Well this voice is Mom bad I just accidentally dialed a mother s cell phone up Mom I I forgot to say good night with you today Ha ha ha ha mother good night I put my mother in front of a cursed hastily hung up the fidget cube vinyl desk phone. Phone is not bad ah what happened Mengtai a really angry He will not be so stingy ah I call again.

Fidget Cube Olivedrab ressed He seemed very proud of their own smart, completely ignoring my meaning, this idiot One fidget cube olivedrab morning class, two people also live in peace, Meng Tai a sleep until the fourth class with a big yawn, declared his wake. Jin Yingming has been very quiet, even the get out of class does not move, sometimes in lectures, and sometimes in thinking, the standard good student Mo Yang to attract a lot of girls eye I just relieved to feel left hand was pulled, my facial features began to wrinkle into a ball, pretend not to know, pretend not to know. Sparrow, you court death ah Hurry Mengtai a thief smiled and handed me a piece of paper, and made a strange wink. On the note, a man with a long tail of the mouse frowned and thought, next to a note, read Jin Yingming. Although there is no art to speak of this painting at all, however, always feel and Jin Ying ming somewhat similar, I could not help but also Puchi out laughing. Throw it to him, hurry up Mengtai commanded me, raising fists and warning me not to do the end. Kim Ying ming was a laugh and I Mengtai awakened, raised his noble head, I quickly in the Mongolian one of the despotic power of the fidget cube paper handed in the past Jinying Ming frowned fidget cube in stock and looked at, actually there is no reflection, but also took out a pen on the paper drew up. Little sparrow, to see what he painted Hurry to take over, hurry up and see what he was paintin.low saliva. And soon to suffer this torture of the original love sister, and now almost to foaming at the mouth It takes about three minutes to go oh Mr. Wood to remind the old god in the old sister. Beiyuan struggling face immediately pale, tragic to holding two leaves on the road. Do not go anywhere toilet Oh Mr. Wood intimate in the back told. Bang the original love sister feet slide a bit, and continue to staggered forward Whirring whirring good stinking good smelly Victory return Kitahara fidget cube olivedrab love hand desperately fan in front of the nose. The original love sister, you okay I looked at her hair a bit worried. That is not good That place only metamorphosis will go It seemed that she had forgotten that she had just returned from there. My mouth twitched two times, embarrassed at her smile. Oh that place is indeed far from the point Or you go to a bath may be comfortable point Lying under the bridge hole, Mr. Wood said with a smile. You can take a bath The original exchange of love with my sister a pleasant look, happy to ask. Mr. Wood pointed to the river with his fingers, and I love the original sister immediately as frozen, like, froze there The original love sister I took the fish asked to read Mr. Wood is reading. Mr. Wood is really strange, obviously a vagabond, baggage, put all the books. Probably go now Mr. Wood flat flat mouth. I remembered what she said fidget cube paleturquoise to me last night.

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