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Fidget Cube Palegreen o sad for a man Come Drink and drink Lengao a finally understand how the matter, pushing me tightly in the hands of the bottle, desperately to encourage. My brain is now completely chaotic, I do not want to, put the rest of the half bottle to filling down. Soon, Jiujin up, and my emotions completely out of control, the whole people like crazy like crying and laughing. Good drink, how do I feel the more the United States their voice more distant Sight slowly began to blur I just feel that some people continue to give me the kind of drink to drink, and then someone hugged me, I am so sad, these days seems to have all grievances fidget cube palegreen in the chest, I began to cry VOL 2 We fidget cube inen ll take you home, OK Ah I want to go home Cold, the wind was blowing, I played a shiver, people suddenly wake up a lot. The more beautiful I found myself being stuffed into a car, next to the tall and small white dragon. The more the United States in the back of the car, we first send you home Two people clasped me in the middle. I m looking for beauty I began to struggle. Yue Mei said, we take good care of you Lankao a hand touched my face, I suddenly feel sick. No, I want to get fidget cube hong kong off, I want to find the United States fidget cube limegreen Extreme fear made me completely wake up, but my body because the role of alcohol can not move. Give me down The car finally stopped, lanking a tall I pulled out. Is this what the hotel is. Do not. Let m.has become a low pressure danger zone since the kissing incident, and the students pass by. All participants are secretive about the incident. Even the most unspoiled purple buds are The same. Poor I can only be timid narrow clip in the middle of small mouth eating my bread, the atmosphere can not breathe. Little Sparrow, you come out Good. For the first time to see Monte with a so deep expression called me, I did not dare to neglect, immediately out of the classroom. give. I carefully took over the montage of a book, lucky month calendar I thought for a long time, we want to know ourselves and know that I think of that matter will be a nightmare, I must overthrow Jinying Ming I thought to be a wood man from the enemy, the brain is blank. Hey Little sparrow You hear me say it Meng Tai a hard shook me in a daze. Listen heard To be he knew just my fugue Void is not hacking strange. This guy character so weird, there must be a lot of shady things Hey Mengtai a face sinister smile. Can not see people things I think of kissing the incident that day, really a bit shady ah Little Sparrow How about this idea Mengtai not aware of my look, still excited to ask me. Oh good, good I also immersed in their own thoughts, and perfunctory. That s the task to you Mengtai one by one by the appointment of the way, patted my shoulder. What

Astronomical Society to no good, do not put the United States also lost I took out my cell phone and looked for signals. 5555 or not, I squatted on the ground in frustration. Ming, this time aunt is not at ease, you know Good gentle voice ah, the person must be very beautiful to speak. I subconsciously looked around to find the source. Remember the stars and the moon thing Sometimes peace of mind to do the moon, is also a good thing Oh I support your decision, you can not give up halfway your mother that I have fidget cube palegreen told her that you recently in astronomy Like the people in the painting came out, bright and clear big eyes are softly watching her in front. Who is she talking to Strange feeling, I finally control the curiosity, his head in the past an familiar figure. That month, thank you That raised his head, in the moonlight more clearly than usual, he actually laughing, a bit like a spoiled child my wood at the same table Kim Ying ming He leaned against the trunk and fidget cube palegreen pulled her hand. month She is the month Said a little uncomfortable, first go back, and Jin Ying ming on this charge. I knew he had him only for months Drops drops Kim Ying Ming took out his cell phone Hey month Well Well I ll come I m sorry, did not see the river fidget cube black and green Shadow Moon what Is the astronomical agency president, River Shadow Monthdenly relaxed mood tension, tears burst into tears Keke Ma Qiuqiu You want to strangle me ah 55555555555 Hey Ma Qiuqiu Dying that is me, OK 555 55555555 Do not cry, big color woman I ll indecent you cry Oh 55 ah I uttered a shattering scream, the vibration of the forest birds fly out of a I, I, I I actually only wearing underwear sitting in the front of a Montana But also fidget cube pictures have been soaked My God I hand tightly cover your face, this time I really want to jump into the river drowned forget it A piece of wet cloth to throw to my head, I looked up, turned out to be a too too off his own clothes Although it is wet, better than naked Meng Tai one stood and asked me, dressed Yep Monta turned around, bending me to hold me up from the ground. You you doing I scared the words more stutter. Hold you back ah Meng Tai said impatiently. I I I desperately struggling, but it was too much to hold a Mengtai. Do you want to go back bare ass ah Mongolia too angry at me at a threat. Hum not good fierce I hid in Monte too a cry in the arms. Almost ah Woo Well, well, I m afraid of you, there is no Mengtai one holding me to move forward. Hey How do you do not thank me Monte looked at his oblique eyes by his arms in me. I fidget cube palegreen stopped crying, fidget cube 3d stared at him staring. Just the sales lady, in exchange for his clothes. Qiuqiu, tired, we take a break The more the United States did not wait for me to answer grabbed my hand, went to the road opposite the cafe. Waiter very politely opened the door for us, here with HOTLINE different, soft sad music, dim ambiguous lighting, occasionally there will be wearing avant garde a little exposure of people shuttle, do not know why I was a little uneasy. The waiter brought us to a four seat table, and I sat down more face to face. The more the United States We in here to eat Ah, the time just right. Yue Mei tilted his head and looked at the wrist on the table, said with a shallow smile. Time just right I puzzled to see the more beautiful. HI, here Yue Mei suddenly beckoned the door. I looked down her direction, the two boys came to us. A thin high, the other dwarf wearing strange white clothes, looks older than we should be large strange. How the United States will know these people. Is exquisitely carved it Lao Gao interrupted my train fidget cube palegreen of thought. She is ah Yue Mei nodded. I m What is it I look to the more beautiful. I am a tiger, he is a small white dragon Lenggao one pointed to his companion, sitting next to us. Delicate carved A tiger Little White Dragon What is it I am at a loss to look at the more beautiful. Her real name Ma Qiuqiu, a little nervous today, I ll come with her The more the United Stat.

Fidget Cube Palegreen about in bed over and over again, to the middle of the night before falling asleep. When I arrived at the classroom, the classroom has been a lot of people. Monte too early in the morning sitting in the seat, silent, do not look at me. Jin Ying ming seems to have not been affected, continue to read his book. Students to see me come in, whisper to discuss, from time to time, I turned two girls in the supercilious. Ah I suddenly felt kicked at the foot of something, the focus of instability fell out. I m sorry I did not see you coming in, who made you so inconspicuous, said one of the girls, taking in her feet, this is not so good, someone will pick you up. Her words attracted the laughter of the students around. I picked up a good book scattered from the ground, silently back seat. Montana one seems to completely forget my existence, self serving with the boys next to the slapstick, and Jinying Ming is still silent. I m sitting on my seat. The first class after the next, the cost of fidget cube United States suddenly rushed to our door Ma Qiuqiu Teaching Building, posted a photo below Jinying Ming, posters, said he worked in HOTLINE when the singer When she spoke, I next to a large group of people, noisy, just listen to clear Jinying Ming and HOTLINE heart suddenly sank, a bad hunch roll from. I do not know how to jump up from the stool, but also how out of the classroom, my mind is only kept repeating the wo.After school I have done an hour of health, that before he looked at the cat he was an hour I was surprised to see him, really do not understand what he was thinking. Trembling Jinying Ming did not pay attention to my questions. I took the kitten and felt it trembling. It must have been too cold It needs nest. Wo He tilted his head and looked at me, thought, suddenly opened his bag, the book all poured out put in. I Lengle Leng, understand that he is referring to the kitten. So I agreed, the Ling into the bag. Kitten curled into a ball, Jin Ying ming feel as if there is less what his neck scarf solution down, covered in Ling s body This guy s action is always outside of my mind. Food Well, beef milk, face package I mean the system bought some of their own snacks, and then take some out on the plate in front of Ling. like this Yep. Although it is very simple, but did not expect Jinying Ming will ask so many questions, with no matter what the usual arrogant indifference attitude is not the same, so I really can not adapt. Side of the guy can not wait for me in a daze, Long rope on the floor of the book went out toward the door. Is not it A thank you are not, really impersonal, I was whispered in my heart. He seemed to hear my heart muttering, went to the door when stopped and turned to me. The right hand on his chest Then, very chic to the.

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