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Fidget Cube Peru the most spurned. Uh A red, two step on the six quickly flash. Just I have a few, just six Montana a heroic rule Is not it There is such a thing Small sparrow, to accompany me to a place Go to a place Look at his sudden serious expression, it will not be called on me to go with him to Jinying Ming and purple bud pulled out thousand knife million cut it I swallowed nervously. Go where Ten minutes later, we sat in the box on the Huaihai road box. I did not think this guy actually pull me to sing, he is in the end is a gas confused, or simply nothing ah Yep Twenty fidget cube noise beers Fortunately, a full forty I silly stare at those wines, he will not use these beers drowned himself Oh, so, a cup, grunt, two cups, grunt, very fun This kid is really stupid to play purple bud. See I did not reflect, Mongolia too simply do a direct demonstration, a glass of wine, Gulp Guru on irrigation down The second cup The third cup The fourth cup Filling the fifth cup, I have decided to run for the best Mengtai a very fit with the sleeve to the mouth of a touch, grabbed me Little Sparrow Is the brother, drink No no I will not, will not drink Let you drink and drink This guy s rude and up, casually grabbed a glass of wine, can not be said to plug into my hands. Dry Monte with his glass and my hit a bit. Half drunk and half awake Montague ha.y face, and a harder than a hand, playing her own hands are numb, and my cheek has been Was playing red and swollen. Little sparrow, you crazy ah Monte too rushed over, all the girls around the drive away, a pull from me, pulled me to the health care room. Little Sparrow, how do you ah, how to let them bully you ah You will not protect your own Monta one in my ears next to Sui Suinian. Crazy In addition to my crazy tears or tears Mengtai a Mamalielie to fidget cube peru turn for a long time the drug cabinet, found a bottle of iodine. He glued some on the cotton swab and gently applied it to my face. But the iodine just painted, it was my tears to wash away. Mongolia too surprised a moment surprised a moment, but also painted up, and was washed away Little sparrow, do not cry Mengtai a sad to say. My mind is dead, the heart is like fidget cube peru falling into the dark and cold abyss, only my expectations of Jin Yingming as bright as the fireflies light flickering, even if this only light also disappeared, then I I I can not imagine Little sparrow Meng Tai a gently said, holding me tightly in the arms. Like a conditioned reflex, I jerked him away Meng Tai a careless ass fell to the ground, surprised and angrily looked at me. Do not I shouted, like a frightened wild horse out of the health room. Montoya has just been a moment of embrace, I actually feel so warm I even on the e.

The door came the headmaster deep voice. I opened the door, the principal, discipline director, class teacher Shen all in the inside You shameless base hoof, my face makes you lose out. My mother came to see me rushed to a slap in the face, hard to beat me. Please calm. Shen teacher immediately pulled my mother. Mother cover his buy fidget cube antsy labs face kept crying, my father in her side Yinlian Lian Doom smoke. Ma Qiuqiu students, please come here. The principal pointed to his desk. This is an anonymous letter I received this morning, which revealed that you have done a serious breach of school discipline and discipline of things, we would like to ask you to explain. I opened the principal handed over an anonymous letter, a soft feet, feel dizzy The letter actually described yesterday and I went to the bar with the United States And those two people meet, and I do what aid communication, private life chaos How how could this be I was surprised and anger is fear, the hand could not help shaking up. Is it true The principal asked sternly. No no I do not I said in horror. Your fidget cube peru photo in the bar is a fake The instructor said, threw the photo on the desk. photo My God This turned out to be yesterday when I was drunk in the bar photos. Stumbled I actually do not know Little White Dragon when the hand on my shoulder But also someone else took a photo. Is this you Asked the headmaster, raising.aiyi did not wait for me to react to put me and his own into a taxi. Fairview Park I saw the parking place dumbfounded. This is not two days before we come to the place To see fidget cube floralwhite what to see, who do not die that day I put my pigeons, which would compensate me Montaigne is a righteousness to drag me to the park entrance. Actually for this reason, let me most of the night to risk death window 5555 how I so hard ah. Yo, little sister, if you are so reluctant to go with us forget. A malicious voice sounded in my ears. I looked up and saw four dyed hair dyed the man surrounded us. Crap Also met a rogue My heart a cold. How do I always meet with Mengtai such a person ah fast Run it I think of the last experience. You have a great courage, even dare to block the uncle of the road Mengtai an impatient voice sounded. What do you want to do What You dare to ask me too much is a thing Live tired ah Monte too Rogue hesitated to hear the name of a moment. He will not be a family of people who Meng Cheng, a rogue whispered. How can fidget cube peru it be so clever The world can be more than Mongolia Fast roll Monte too a cry. Rolling You say roll on the roll Boy, out of the mix rules Rogue, then have not finished, montmy a fist had smashed in the past Finished over, I expected the consequences of how miserable, want to immediately slip, do not know why the feet were nailed in place. Go I heard a voice in the top of.ed the tram satyr incident, my parents unanimously decided to give me the throne of summer to ride. In fact, I just do not want to encounter Jinying Ming, naturally can reduce some of the trouble. Yesterday was fidget cube peru a too hit a uncle still stick to their posts today, stood next to a few students, all covered with dark clouds, head down. Oh seems to be wearing a badge was caught Push the bicycle, I went to the parking shed. Now the time is late, parking shed no people our school students did not ride a few , but I saw a familiar figure far and wide in the Zeitouzeizui what the brain. Ah I recognize the sneaky figure, exclaimed soon. Hush Monte too quickly covered my mouth. Do not tell Jin Yingming Jinying Ming I looked at him strangely, and looked at him next to the bike tires that did not gas the bike, he will not ride a bike, right Bad, even say it He really was a fool In short you are not allowed to say it Oh know Mengtai a warning to me, strode away, and I followed into the classroom Hey Really wicked without gall fidget cube antsy lab Look at the guy next to that still did not look, I really do not understand how he did it. Hey, little sparrow, you read here by what ah The next impact so I fainted for a while. Monta a surprise to take his bag hit my head I I do not call a sparrow. Ma Qiuqiu That might as well call the sparrow, you would have been like a sparrow, a look that is dep.

Fidget Cube Peru t classic one turned out to be me Unconscious secretly shocked the day Doue E can be sing Chivalrous woman Ma Qiuqiu Last year s first class party, took place in a scene of shaking ZZZZZZZZZ beauty rescue hero event. School students Jinying Ming and criminals encounter dangerous times, the courage of girls Ma Qiuqiu life and death will be placed outside the collar body out for the gold Yingming block dangerous knife, but since they fall outside the floor, is now in hospital for treatment. It is reported that the cause of the incident is Ma Qiuqiu assistance to the Department of Friends of the United States framed the incident, criminals caused by uneven distribution of stolen goods caused by internal strife. More exaggerated, I see the following leaflets and I do not know when the picture fidget cube khaki was bullied, indicating the victim and the more beautiful Q version of the image, is holding a I am a sinner. Ma Ma Qiuqiu I see passing by, even someone I put things into the story that day, between the students read. This world in the end how The original the original love sister I was not crazy I am a little panic pulled the sleeves of Kitahara love. Oh, how could I let the purple bud over you How, this is the power of the media ah God I want to come, that day, Little White Dragon is the emergence of Kitahara love is arranged Really horrible woman ah To Kitahara love dragged me into the., how so familiar. Para The door was opened, the attendance of the teacher led the other two students came. Ah, it s you I was stunned by the cyclist. Come in a man and a woman turned out to be beautiful boys on the tram and be indecent girl. Boys are still a matter not related to the expression, the girl is a very impatient expression. Purple, purple bud, is me, it is me Cycling men can not wait to waved to the girls at the door. What is your name Called the purple bud of the girls are very impatient to ask one. what s your name What is your name what is your name My God How do I forget the montana a metamorphosis of the name, there are a few days of nightmare a monster can not see the face kept chasing me, while the side kept to ask what s your name what s your name VOL 4 My thoughts back to a few days ago in high school teaching building Wakasawa aisle. Not the school building is particularly quiet, I can not wait to visit the next three years of life, only the first came in Meow Meow Huh what sound How will a cat called Is the school kept a cat I stopped thinking, the body becomes alert. Meow Meow Meow This voice is not so professional, the cat is called it May be someone in the mischief. Obviously, the sound came from the end of the aisle. There seems fidget cube video to be a female toilet ah Is it metamorphosis you Nosy Nosy The alarm sounded in my head. Subconsciously, I leaned again.

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