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Fidget Cube Powderblue fishing rod, the line thrown into the river. After a long time, I feel hungry faint, fishing rod is a little movement did not Mr. Wood poured, he satiate, even sitting next to the fire singing the song fidget cube powderblue Bingshu more exaggerated, fidget cube powderblue he followed Mr. Wood singing the rhythm of desperately waving two branches. That is probably dancing it Just looks like a wild monkey only estrus it wants to. The original love of the self esteem finally lost to the belly, she came to me, weakly patted my shoulder, sat down at my side. There are harvests She looked up and looked at the river. I reluctantly sighed shook his head. Yesterday we jumped into the river did not jump to death, do today starve to death Look at me The original sister from the hands of a snatched fishing rod, forced to move forward toss Boom Bang The sound gave us all a start. Hooks thrown into the river, but even from the roof shed My house my house Bing Shu angrily toward the bubble in the river shed ran. what happened Mr. Wood came, watching the river from the water away from the uncle of the shed, actually calmly asked. It it ran to the river The original sister stammered love said. Mr. Wood s eyes suddenly a cold, serious look at the guilty conscience of the original sister Really To is the case ah The original love sister sophistry. So what s that Mr. Wood asked, pointing to the hook. I looked dow. Ling, please Well, in in my house. Relieved, stuttering problems again. How do you know Medical records. I think of it, must be linked to help Ling emergency room yesterday, when he left contact to see. I suddenly want to go out in the afternoon, Ling no way to look after, maybe he can You can help take care fidget cube desk toy for adults of it home at fidget cube antsy home are not allowed Carrefour McDonald s. Hung up the phone I panic back to the room to change clothes, hold a good grasp of the bag to rush out. To the McDonald s door but did not see the gold Yingming, want to dig out the phone to his phone, but found out too time forgot to bring out. 555 how to do I looked at the arms of the Ling, it is also a look of innocent staring at me. You little villain I know that installed innocent, because you ah, if I was scolded to Suddenly handed a bottle of Coke from the side. Yes ah, I will hit you with Coke Oh I threaten Lingling ill humored, it is blankly to see me, really lost to Kim Ying ming, and raised the cat like him. Huh Cola I look back to the source, Jin Yingming He smoked coke in the face, his other hand still hanging in fidget cube fuchsia there, fidget cube adhd I took a little flattered Coke. To Ling. Cat cat, can not drink. Oh. Then he put Coke to my hands a plug, and turned to go to the supermarket. He will not suddenly disappeared, right My left hand holding a cup of Coke, right hand holding cat in.

s still So I m still alive Big sister Big sister I pushed hard to push her, but she did not move, did not respond. Is she died. I frightened to stretch out a finger on her nose Call she still breathes I was relieved. But where is this I rubbed his head Yes, yesterday we fell from the bridge, the head into the cold river. A piece of cloth in the shed was lifted, and a shaggy man with his head explored his head. Hey You wake up Pompon speak. Ah ah I was shocked, Leng Leng nodded his head. He spoke very casual, but very polite. Sleep okay He said smiling, like a bright smile as the sun. Also okay She did not wake up He looked at me around the big sister. Ah also not yet. Today s weather is really good, do not come out with me fishing He is still smiled. Ah good, good I do not know how to refuse people, obediently stood up and went out. Well Outside the sun is great The thorn was my eye raw pain, and quickly reached out in the eye to take a awning. I looked around, I stand still can see yesterday s magnificent bridge Now think of the scene yesterday, some scared. Pompon ignored my daze, not far to go along the river did not sit down in front of him stood a long bamboo pole, has been extended to the river center Come and sit Pompon was very gentleman patted the only piece of flat stone around, What s your name.he men on the outside look at our beauty Kitahara love red in front of a curtain opened, the outside of the sun thorns my eyes a little open, so I came to adapt when I found that they have fidget cube for adhd come to the middle of everyone. Pretty pretty Shook his hands in unhurried wood. Qiuqiu, congratulations to you, ah, and finally to achieve their goals. Mr. Wood smiled fidget cube with different colors at me. Yes ah ah, that our sparrow is a small beauty ah Kitahara love pushed out from me has been in a daze Mengtai one, Hey, good or not you say a word ah. Than I first saw also beautiful What the first time, what you say this guy ah Is to participate in the PARTY try that time Mengtai a sudden realized that he said slip, immediately cover their own mouth. I had to head down, hear Monte too mumbled to himself, looked at him in surprise. Mongolian Mongolia too I leaned closer to him, eyes a hazy I does the fidget cube make noise can not see his face. Ah Miss sales would also like to continue to encourage her three inch tongue. Ugly ugly dead You do not go back in exchange for, want to scare the dead ah I looked up and had the same as fidget cube powderblue a little red face Mengtai one, do not See what to see, ah, look carefully I fidget cube powderblue hit you ah Mongolia too dissatisfied with the way I shook his fist. Hey, you kid, that can no longer threaten Qiuqiu, you want to die Kitahara love to come forward immediately. Old woman, you are Want to di.o be late, you actually dare to give me two hours late. Followed by a violent chestnut head and rewarded me. Looking back, not a Montana who Today, he was particularly handsome dressed, but more like a rogue than usual I m sorry home things at home, not to phone. Guess my words are not clear. Well, he said, pulling the clothes from my body, and said unhappily Ma Qiuqiu, told you to dress up a little beautiful, how to wear pieces of such ugly clothes ah Is the best of the thought it would be beaten meal, did not expect so easy to cross the border. This is the best Really can not stand the poor Montana was born a big voice, he said this sentence when we all heard from the people next to them, they eat and laugh at me pointing, I really want to dig a hole to dig into. How do you not make up Monte with an index finger force point of my forehead. I do not have cosmetics, it will not You can be considered a woman Mengtai a pair of saved look looked at me I know To you Mengtai impatiently stuffed me something. I looked suspiciously took the bag, my God, will not be a time bomb it Opened a look and let me almost half a day from ear to ear Is to participate in PARTY try that skirt, pink soft texture, there are lace sequins Little sparrow, you do not be too happy This is what I gave purple bud, first lend you to wear about. The first time I heard.

Fidget Cube Powderblue to. Meow meow Cat cry is still continuing, my heart desperately struggling, because too nervous, holding the handle of the door handle more and more tight grip, the result is not careful, the door pushed away. I feel shaking, legs like irrigation lead, can not move. A dim light, the old sports equipment piles are everywhere, rusty. While the open a few windows, accompanied by the sound of shaking leaves outside, and some did not open and co operation, the shadow cast on the ground. shadow. what Noisy dead. A cold voice interrupted my exclamation. Jinying Ming Or face goes on without expression, not who he is What is he doing here What is in his arms is, shaggy in the shaking. Scared it. He did not wait for me to speak again. it The original in front of him, is only about a month old kitten, is issued a poor call. Obviously, he came to me a bit surprised, and my mood is more complicated the peace of mind after the panic, did not see a disappointment Mengtai see Jinying Ming s surprise. I do not know why I cry, as if to take this time of fear, fear and grievances are crying out. fidget cube powderblue So I cried a mess, tears, a nose, and finally come to an end, only to find squatting on the ground for the first time there is a focal length of the gold Yingming looked at me, and his face next to the kitten as innocent, but blankly looked at me. Good embarrassing Actually was such a big guy to see themselves crying like., an instant was the water rushed to the river central. The water is so cold. I wear too much clothes Tour does not move I have no strength to die Who will save me Little Sparrow Do not move Do not move I caught you Ma Qiuqiu Do you want to die ah Do not move you Is a monta, he is tightly hug me in the chest, desperately to shore upstream. Call saved my heart a little calmer a bit. Seeing to the shore Small small sparrow Meng Tai a voice trembling. Ah I looked up God. Montana s face is green. what happened I looked at him in horror. He paddled his hands and feet stopped, I forced to shore a push, but he himself straight down to the water sink Monte too I lay on the shore shouting at the river. But the river in the quiet flow forward, there is no movement, as if nothing had happened the same Not it Mongolia too a Mongolia too I am anxious tears have fallen out. Just he saved me He saved me. No I can not let him die. I want to save him I cried, while quickly took off the water was soaked into the heavy clothes and pants, get rid of shoes, splash about jumped into the river. Ma Qiuqiu, you have to calm Steady I shut the air, dive into the river, opened his eyes looking for a monta Finally, I saw him. In the distance from the river bank is not very far away, he was a water entangled feet He st.

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