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Fidget Cube Quartz t the crazy word swallowed into the stomach. He just sometimes confused, huh, huh The original so You are still a student Look at your body uniform, should be Hayakawa high school Well He even knew the Hayakawa high school uniforms Mr. Wood is really very strange, obviously dressed very abjection, but the speech and manners are faint people feel aristocratic temperament. It s easy for you to stare at me like this. Mr. Wood jokes voice interrupted my thoughts, I found his eyes are staring at Mr. Wood, motionless, quickly blushing to recover their rude eyes. I ve only been to a lot of places and I ve seen a lot of people, so I know more He could have guessed what I was thinking He lives in Before you knocked over our boat, I and Bing Shu live in the boat under the bridge hole that small shed, is a temporary home last night to build Mr. Wood said with a smile, the tone is very easy, as if to say someone else s Same thing. Ah I m sorry God, this This person will not have to read the heart of the book, right Haha Do not think too much Your questions are written in your face. Mr. Wood laughed people feel bright. Ah The shrieking shouts of the shed broke our conversation. Big Sister I followed Mr. Wood opened the curtain. A wore a bird s head, wearing a Taiji service strange uncle is squatting on the ground obsessed, looking at the face of the big siste.d their own free soul. From when fidget cube quartz The first time he was dead to save to gas The first time he was the one that he The first to see him with the action to say 800 Thank you The first time he saw the innocent eyes of the two car snacks Or, I asked him and the stars of the moon Death mouse Mengtai an angry voice pulled me back from the illusion. Mengtai one ugly face can no longer ugly, step by step approach to me The more beautiful, it never had the expression, so cold, so I am afraid Angry purple buds There River Shadow Moon Let go of your fidget cube quartz hand Mengtai almost rushed over a grabbed me, forced me to drag out. Head down I can not see all the expression, but I can feel, share of strange in the spread of Hands pain Mengtai a no matter what I do not keep up with, pulling me hard to move forward. His gloomy expression, I only seen in the purple bud event. The more the United States I whispered behind followed by fidget cube saddlebrown the more beautiful. Where did he just touch you Meng Tai suddenly stopped, and hitting me hard. what I ask you Where Mengtai too violent to make me afraid to speak. Hand or waist here Monta a pinch my chin, pull over my face. Do not I subconsciously fidget cube quartz block the face. I will not cut your hand tomorrow you do not see the way to walk ah, actually let the mice only take advantage of cheap mice He he just just.

not invite you Oh, purple bud, today, but your birthday What s the matter with my birthday Blue bud, happy birthday. A blue figure to break the montmy and purple bud stalemate, said a little uncomfortable, first go back, and Jin Ying ming on this charge. I know only month made him. Purple Lei heard the name of Jin Yingming the whole person slowed down, on the Xia, thank you very much You say how I thank you this time Or he certainly will not come Of Purple bud intimacy on the Xia Xi to the venue to go, Mongolia too closely followed. month who is it Actually let the wood people Jinying Ming obediently obedient So I recovered, the side is full of strange faces dressed in some dress, I began to tense, Mongolia too Welcome to my birthday party, more honored to be able to invite people to the four families of Hayakawa hope that we can have a good night purple bud on the stage to announce the opening of his voice, everyone on the Each walk in the venue. Be careful. I was pulled aside by one hand, away from the crowds. Thank you I turned around, a refined and elegant face to enlarge in front of me, the two locks do not listen to the bangs on his smooth forehead, a gentle feeling people could not help fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety but want to close with him. I do not know me When you hero to save the United States when I was there ah, yes, forgot to introduce myself, my name is North Morningstar. It s hims still So I m still alive Big sister Big sister I pushed hard to push her, but she did not move, did not respond. Is she died. I frightened to stretch out a finger on her nose Call she still breathes I was relieved. But where is this I rubbed his head Yes, yesterday we fell from the bridge, the head into the cold river. A piece of cloth in the shed was lifted, and a shaggy man with his head explored his head. Hey You wake up Pompon speak. Ah ah I was shocked, Leng Leng nodded his head. He spoke very casual, but very polite. Sleep okay He said smiling, like a bright smile as the sun. Also okay She did not wake up He looked at me around the big sister. Ah also not yet. Today s weather is really good, do not come out with me fishing He is still smiled. Ah good, good I do not know how to refuse people, obediently stood up and went out. Well Outside the sun is great The thorn was my eye raw pain, and quickly reached out in the eye to take a awning. I looked around, I stand still can see yesterday s magnificent bridge Now think of the scene yesterday, some scared. Pompon ignored my daze, not far to go along the river did not sit down in front of him stood a long bamboo pole, has been extended to the river center Come and sit Pompon was very gentleman patted the only piece of flat stone around, What s your name. how is it. I can not see anything Suddenly plunged into the dark panic I stood still did not dare move, but we all seem to panic, I was too busy to hold the body Suddenly, I feel a cold fidget cube quartz hand caught me, gently dragged me to the corner, I breathed a sigh of relief who is it. Just who s hand Is it Suddenly Light suddenly fidget cube sides lit up, I looked back, is Kim Ying ming He looked at me some uncomfortable look back to the side You re blocking me. Oh, I m sorry I hurried to the side. Students, today is the first meeting of the first year of Hayakawa high school, tonight let us crazy for the youth it Kitahara love on stage warmly opening. Oh All the students are excited to cheer up. Then we first asked Jin Ying ming for everyone to a opening song how Wow Kim Ying ming Kim Ying ming Field girls screaming one after another. Cool fidget cube darkviolet on ah Jinying Ming Boys are also followed booing. However, it seems that Jin Yingming does not want to stage performances, but surrounded by applause, the most important thing is the threat of the original love sister eyes, Jinying Ming finally came to the piano with black face. Good looking, good looking, I still can not forget the original HOTLINE performance. Jin Yingming gently raised his finger, suddenly all the people all quiet down All the lights dim, only a soft beam from the top of the diarrhea down, enveloped in the circle that placed the piano small sta.

Fidget Cube Quartz e automatically put all the blame on the account of Jin Yingming. Now he is like a fiercely staring at the prey of the tiger, with claws kept on paper to draw the kill to kill the sound. And I will hinder the hapless in the middle of his eyes strangling prey. Safety first Safety first As long as nothing happened, let me go a few times an hour I have endured, right when the weight bar. If things always as I wish, I do not call Ma Qiuqiu, should be called the Phoenix and the like. To the third section of the language class, Montana finally caught a chance. Jin Yingming was the teacher named read the text. Although I want to ignore, but the next growing voice, so I had to look over his head turned. Here you are Mongolia too mysteriously God gave me a bag of things, I opened it, turned out to be a large piece of chewing gum this is Put there Meng Taiyi pointed to a gold Yingming stool. My God Again Mongolia uncle, Mongolia emperor, you can not let me Let me more than two days of peace you will die ah But think so, I finally yielded to the one in the montage of a person with me who Chang against the momentum of death, the trembling to put the chewing gum on the gold Yingming stool Good Jinying Ming students read very well Please sit Language teacher flattering smile said. Please, please Golden Master you look down ah Although my heart prayed millions of times, in the whole class girls eyeful fall fidget cube video from the upstairs All in all, if you do not come tomorrow, I will want you to look good Hear Montaigne once again restored the bully s nature. Noisy dead Next to the phone came the fidget cube mistyrose dim sound of Jin Yingming sleepy. Dead rat, you shut up No. 24 bed 25 bed You give me a quiet point okay The nurse is here, and I m going to hang it Hey, you are scolding me or praise me ah Toot toot the phone has been hung up. I really served him He Za Za whistling in the end is what you want to say ah But since he had just apologized to me, I Maqiuqiu is not a Xiaodujichang people, and Jinying Ming also said I only eat lunch the total can not let fidget cube quartz them hungry Tomorrow or go I smiled and drilled back to the bed, of course, I did not forget to turn off my cell phone Qingmeng. VOL 3 When I arrived at school, is already the fourth day of cultural sacrifice, and God, I told the purple bud in three days after the game I did not do anything it seems that my fate can not escape was expelled from Hayakawa ah. Qiuqiu, early Ma Qiuqiu, refueling ah A door to meet a few classmates, even with me say hello. I looked up, not ah, the sun or in the east ah Qiuqiu Kitahara love all the way to see me to say hello to me, to die, die, fast with me to see something good I was all the way to the North of the original love to the auditorium, the road gradually received a lot of leaflets, fidget cube lightslateblue the mos.

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