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Fidget Cube Royalblue Snow White, I just like a bad heart witch Oh my heart burst of sour. Look at her standing on the side of Xia Xi and purple bud, put on deliberately driven system of brilliant clothes, there is a beautiful wizard. A group of like the wizard of the dwarfs, a beautiful Queen than Snow White, plus a bad luck witch like princess, what the hell is this drama Ma Qiuqiu, Congratulations, ah, fidget cube royalblue I heard you want to offer the first kiss for the whole school ugly first kiss, I have to wait and see ah Purple Lei triumphantly show off at me, I hope you will not be too stolen See the purple bud reminds me of Monte too, last night s confession to the present also vividly five minutes later. Well, okay Actors in place We are ready to start The original love sister sweating profusely in front of the background shouting. Hey, start. Jin Yingming pushed also stunned sitting on the bench I, I quickly got up and looked back to God. Monta one or not to it Then we substitutions He did not come Still trouble it I feel a little sad. Who says you can casually substitutions My heart suddenly a hi This overbearing voice is not too Monty I saw a Mongolian anger toward us walked over, who also hung the original love of the sister to do that two mirror cloth. Smelly boy You finally came ah The original love sister smiled and patted the head of Monte too. Mengtai a push of the original love of the hand,, there is a monta to safeguard my situation those scenes scenes In my mind flashed. I rolled around in bed all night, only to the day before the light was asleep. VOL 6 Early Early in the morning, the original love to open the curtain from the outside sister to come in. As early as just asleep not long after I was unable to sit in bed and say hello to them. Well, it seems that these two guys had a very moist yesterday Qiuqiu What happened to your fidget cube olivedrab face The original sister looked surprised at me. face I do not understand from the bed to get up, look in the mirror My God I did not sleep well at night, my eyes were black like painted with ink If you let Monte too see me like this, he must say I m a ghost Montaigne I suddenly thought of that troubled me one night GNK good night kiss , I squeaky asked Mongolia Mongolia too one Go, we just met him on the bridge Mr. Wood said softly to me. gone gone. I was surprised to look back at the ground floor of a Monte too His quilt was stacked well, as if it had not been started the same. There fidget cube wheat are and his backpack was gone. How did the guy suddenly said to go back The original sister did not understand the question asked Mr. Wood. But after hearing the news panic stricken I simply could not hear the original sister in love to say something He s gone Why did he suddenly leave. He came so inexplicable, go s.

Hayakawa high school, most of them are rich children, for me, ordinary people, they have always been scoffed. The more the United States to see the temperament, she must also be a daughter Missy it However, she even took the initiative to reach out to greet me, to come here for so long, all the daughter of Miss, she was the first and I would like to be friends To this end, I am surprised. Come soon, you still have time blind Come out the school badge come out. Yue Mei asked. At this time I found that in the United States on the right arm even sets a red armband, which says the students on duty Do you want to register me I asked hard. Logically, the more the United States said seriously. My heart belch dengkou, down heavy sank finished It seems my high school career has to be recorded on a bad one. But The more the United States to see me crying like a sudden expression change, eyes half open half closed, naughty, said Today to give you a special case Really I rejoiced. Well, we are friends, but only this time Yue Mei nodded, smiling like an angel. Thank you I almost rushed to give her a hug. Ma Qiuqiu What are you doing here I suddenly came behind a ferocious voice. This voice I was too familiar. My heart sank heavily down. Run At this time my mind only two words, but I took a few steps, but how can not run I looked back, Monta a fellow that even tightly grabbed my collar M.o fidget cube royalblue the stomach against Jin Yingming is a foot, next to the Little White Dragon also rushed to Do not I take into account, the body has been rushed to go. Can not expect the pain, I opened my eyes, is a montage too. He Dangxia the Little White Dragon kick, began to viciously fight back. Little White Dragon was a step too tightly Mengtai, almost no resistance to the room, Jinying Ming has also accounted for the initiative, only a parry of the parched copies of the Other students also seem to reflect over, rushed to go, the two guys a look at the situation is not, even to the hall upstairs channeling. Do not chase the the original love sister s voice came from behind far. I am worried to follow Kim and Mingtai one, chase up. Be careful I see the Little White Dragon even from the arms flashed a knife. There is no time to react, the body has been rushed to the Jinying Ming Standing next to the railings of Jin Yingming see me suddenly rushed up, shocked, fidget cube for adhd Mongolia too suddenly saw a knife stabbed over the small white dragon , forced to lean body height Yi Deng, lanky a fall in the Little White Dragon body, the two fell to the ground together. Call saved the day I was relieved. But but why my body is still down ahead. I watched in horror in front of Jinying Ming, his eyes are wide open, looked at me in amazement Little Sparrow I heard behind the Monte too one yel.heart a little nervous, but the body did not move You really do not let go For the first time to see Montana life so the atmosphere, I began to waver This stalemate I never felt tired, I do not know why would stand in the middle, I do not know why Mongolia too angry for a while too I heard the heavy closing sound, Mengtai a disappear in my line of sight, I feel the last ray of power have been away, slowly fidget cube royalblue squatting down Qiuqiu, alas the original love sister patted my shoulder, and finally did not say anything. Jinying Ming quietly looked at me for a while, without a word to pick up the bag, but also walked toward the door. Before he reached the fidget cube nederland podium, he picked up the purple skirt VOL 5 At night, I bite the bullet and Montaigne a phone call, but the shutdown. I had to pass him a text message, I hope he will see the same as before Has been the past four hours, the phone has been no movement Is it my cell phone broke I worried to pick up the phone casually dialed a number. Hey Ma Qiuqiu What you made the middle of the night nerve ah Well this voice is Mom bad I just accidentally dialed a mother s cell phone up Mom I I forgot to say good night with you today Ha ha ha ha mother good night I put my mother in front of a cursed hastily hung up the phone. Phone fidget cube royalblue is not bad ah what happened Mengtai a really angry He will not be so stingy ah I call again.

Fidget Cube Royalblue handsome ah P. S you look like a very cute sleep Hey V Shuai was not a rational of the Mongolian one Not dreaming And and he should remember that My God Was he really drunk yesterday VOL 6 Today is the last day of the campus culture festival, I put on makeup makeup, sitting behind the stage, nervous to sit still because the audience there are father and mother and brothers, to know that in addition to parents before they will never come School ah I heard you play a pantomime today My mother even asked me in the breakfast thing. Uh I carefully put down the hands of the fidget cube news dishes, mother how will know A boy called me to see you missing when there are also called over that, my mother is still serious eating things, but really rude bad Must be a guy too much trouble, I shrink the neck waiting for the storm to come. Do not lose our Ma family s face, my mother fidget cube net worth even caught an egg to my bowl, I and your father and brother will see you perform. I Leng Leng looked at the bowl of things, my heart actually feel the warmth of a long absence blowing Wearing a dress of gold Ying ming sitting next to me, the original features more prominent exquisite, beautiful was some pressing. There is no heaven Womens appearance are so beautiful, look at me in the mirror, I burst of crazy Do not look good, play the dwarf River Shadow is more beautiful than very little drama, the original love to teach a few days of beautiful rotation to live up to expectations won the applause The fidget cube royalblue narration continues. Later, the Queen died, the king married the new Queen. The new Queen does not like others more beautiful than she, this day On the stage, blocking the front of the Jinying Ming and Montana a door opened. Who is the most beautiful person in the world Asked Jin Ying ming, coldly asked, standing opposite him and his almost high mirror. That it is Jinying Ming Yeah It s Kim Jin ming He is playing the Queen How not he played the prince But nice ah Jin Yingming this unexpected shape shocked the audience. All the people are pleasantly surprised. To play the magic mirror of the Mongolian one too jealous to go crazy. Who is the most beautiful person in the world bad Mongolia too wrong to make a mistake. Mirror, who is the most beautiful people Queen asked again from the mirror. Just do not tell you, mad at you Mirror, I finally ask you again, who queen crushed anger to ask. It s Monta Disobedient to the mirror fidget cube uk amazon is useless Jin Yingming Queen opened the mirror cold. All the people in the field closed their eyes and did not dare to look at them. The original love sister holding her head straight to cry. As expected, the mirror jumped up, actually stand in front of the Queen Mad at you Do not go Field of view of t.

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