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Fidget Cube Saddlebrown one to leave the back, I struggled, in front of Jinying Ming, why not so real, not tell him not to do everything will change Not as long as he forgives me, you can solve all the problems All the hopes are shattered at this moment, all the strong blow defeat, this is not what fidget cube mediumseagreen I want Is it true as they said, I came to Hayakawa is a mistake I do not need to explain to Jin Yingming, because all of his world, it does not matter The whole world, as Yue Mei said, only a fool, a fundamental should not appear here in the only clown Ma Qiuqiu. Oh Ha ha ha I am not happy, I do not want everything, I do not want to come to their own too early Chuan, not to encounter Jinying Ming Little sparrow, little sparrow, you all right, you fidget cube adhd speak Small sparrow, small sparrow you see me ah look around me ah in your fidget cube saddlebrown heart what I ah Is a monta Only Mengtai one, only Mengtai one That I was wrong, but also stupid silence in my side too This fool, I fool you, why are you so good to me I looked at Monta an anxious face, the mouth of laughter did not stop. Little Sparrow, you do not scare me, I send you home, okay Go home Well, go home, sleep tomorrow, no matter what, believe me Go home Yes, home And home waiting for me, is another storm Come back, you see, back Ma Qiuqiu, you have face back ah Ma Xisheng like to enjoy the rar.Sentinel the tragic fate of the back of life Each fairy tale has a Cinderella, in the arrogant evil forces fear to survive The weather in fidget cube saddlebrown early summer made some hot stuff this afternoon, making the whole campus seem drowsy. The window a few sparrows jumping in the branches, but it is particularly comfortable. Ma Qiuqiu Ma Qiuqiu You just said I read the text of that period The corner of the window by the girls rushed back to their own fugue thoughts, panic to stand up, but his face at a loss At this time, the next table fidget cube saddlebrown quietly handed over a book, pointing to one of his party. Girls looked at the adjacent table surprised, like a little dare to believe that some people are willing to help in the teacher s urging immediately read He gently provoked her chin, asked marry me The girls read aloud immediately to a quiet class burst burst of laughter, the girl s head lower, embarrassed to pull their clothes uniforms. Oh, ugly also think of spring to marry ah Please, people are girls Well, hate The class of laughter more unscrupulous. Ma Qiuqiu rostrum uploaded to the teacher s roar Immediately get out of my classroom, go to the playground to run 20 laps books do not read, all day long do not know what to do The teacher s roar, the students make fun of, farther and farther, in front of the girls seem to have been accustomed to this way, numb to walk to the.

Sparrow, how do you so hungry ah Mengtai looked at me in surprise. I swept the two empty tables on the table Disposable chopsticks Take more than two pairs back home. Look at this Look at this Monta like a magic from the arms of a stacked as a neatly stacked paper. paper correct I from the table tissue box, pumping a long piece of paper towel stuffed into the bag. Tomorrow, wipe the table to keep Ye Hao. Ma Autumn Autumn Suddenly the roar took my thoughts from the grief of emotions pulled out. Meng Taiyi Ma Qiuqiu s strategic alliances See the first line of paper written in these characters, my eyes almost out of the eyeball. Yes Montaigne nodded a heavy, a bit like a martyr about to be generous martyrdom. Over, over, a kind of strong anxiety in telling me this is a catastrophe of the beginning. I went on trembling to see Meng Taiyi Ma Qiuqiu s strategic alliance book Mengtai not remember the hatred of Ma Qiuqiu students out of sympathy and compassion, decided to remove from today hoe strong and weak, the establishment of strategic alliances. Strategic objectives the establishment of a firm alliance friendship, determined deliberately draw a key symbol defeated Jin Yingming Strategic requirements In view of the Mongolian one with extraordinary heroism, Ma Qiuqiu must obey the order and arrangement of Montana Those who disobey orders are not punished loan In addition, Monty also has a, but I always clenched lips, did not say a word. Ma Qiuqiu I ask you, you dare not speak I can not but I can not I was afraid to close my eyes tightly. Ma Qiuqiu Mengtai one is already furious. My mouth is still tightly closed. fidget cube saddlebrown You do not tell me Well, I ll take this to ask everywhere, there is always a person will know Mengtai a sinister smile. No no I cried nervously. Then tell me honestly I said you would not ask someone I know also ask others why ah Pig head ah you You you can not fidget cube by kickstarter tell anyone Ma Qiuqiu Hello great courage Dare to fidget cube buttons threaten me I look at the eyes of a firm Monte too Well, okay, you say I asked him to ask around the threat, the work of the gold Yingming HOTLINE work out. But his performance when the hot scene, and I chat with him in the side fidget cube darkviolet of the road that will automatically be omitted. Mengtai one, and my heart first burst of chuckle, he finally caught the gold braid However, in turn, he was very unhappy to ask me Why did not you tell me that day I I forgot When I was a pig ah For this reason to coax me I confiscated the phone Mengtai a black face looked at me, small sparrow, back me Ah I think of yesterday s miserable, involuntary backward. Smelly sparrow you dare to run me Mongolia too waved his fist. I m sorry Rao me I screamed, ran faster. However, I am a few meters of this 1 meter and where the run was nearly 1 meter 8 Me.o you dare to call us to roll you A boy picked up a slap in the face. I scared to close my eyes, but the delay has not seen this palm down. I opened my eyes and saw Jinying Ming. How could he be He is seizing the boy s wrist. How was his face hurt No disruption in my seat. Jinying Ming said coldly, he was seized by the boys wrist pain tears DC. I m sorry sorry Jinying Ming The next time we dare not The boys quickly apologized fellow. Jinying Ming coldly snorted, throwing open the boys claws, forced clap. That a few boys stared at me fiercely, and then ran away. Why Jinying Ming Piele a stay standing I, coldly said. I quickly Huiguo Shen, from his face to recover their own eyes, whispered That, thank you Just learned him, and now they have been rescued. I really do not know what to say Ma Ma Qiuqiu You in the end you can not come out See Jinying Ming saved me, purple bud to speak anger some knot, a dragged out behind the more beautiful. The more beautiful heart before you as a friend, you should be so on her, quickly apologize to her I stand up straight to the body, the United States on the pair of innocent eyes. Ma Qiuqiu, I treat you as a friend You actually I looked at the more beautiful performance, the mood is exceptionally calm, this I had in the only friend of Hayakawa, but also deliberately out of my Hayakawa deliberate people. Ma Qiuqiu, what do.

Fidget Cube Saddlebrown ontessori all the way to a carry to the classroom, classmates whispering, from time to time to issue a burst of contemptuous laughter. God, no face to see people, and really want to put this bastard to shredded I think my face must be red, with the monkey ass. Let me quiet Not allowed to laugh Meng a young master angry, all scared the atmosphere are not out of the classroom are not now quiet. He is maintaining me I secretly looked at a Mongolian one, I saw him slightly red face, white me I can only joke you, no one can Well, forget today Is not it, so lucky you can escape unharmed I spit a long breath, unable to sit on the seat. I turned to see the gold is looking at the magazine Ying ming, just hope he can help me, did not expect even pretend not to know me, fidget cube thingiverse turned to look at the magazine No human nature of the guy, I also lost yesterday to paint things insomnia Droplet drops My cell phone suddenly fidget cube indianred rang in my clothes pocket, immediately felt the hostile eyes focused on me, I quickly pulled out. Hey I hid under the desk voice down. The day after tomorrow afternoon you are waiting for me at the Fairview Park entrance. An overbearing voice came from inside. Monte, Monte too I do not believe my ears a bit, he is not in the classroom to give me a call, I looked back, Huh People Remember you can not be late Oh, I know I m going to hang up. and also You give me a tight point Jinying Ming.g ming, really is his I slowly stretched out hand, I want to tell myself I was not dreaming, but the hand was purple bud abruptly open. Ma Qiuqiu, to seduce boys during the day and night to do aid communication, it is hard But I have been very strange, grow into you, actually did not know that, now, even the school swagger swinging, Hayakawa you Count the first person The waves of laughter around But for me, is no longer important, my eyes only Kim Ying ming, I must tell him. Jin Yingming I did not I did not Why obviously have a lot of words, but I can not tell, burst the tears I became choked, full of grievances is stuffed in the throat so I could not speak. I I I really did not, really no I really do not care about all the grievances, I just told him that I did not violate my promise, really not what I do This thing to stop it Purple bud, do not stir up trouble Shang Xia Xi cold cry aloud purple bud. Well, go, Ming, to class River Shadow Moon sounded softly. Do not Do not Kim Ying ming, please listen to me explain Jinying Ming did not seem to hear my heart shouting loudly, silently to keep up with the footsteps of River Shadow. not like this fidget cube saddlebrown How could this be Well, gold Ying ming, how will you this dirty liar Purple Lei fiercely dropped a word. Dirty crooks dirty crooks Looking at one by.

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