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Fidget Cube Salmon golia too. No, of course not We are very excited about the arrival of beautiful teachers, in addition to two people. One continued his white eyed work, while the other continued the usual fidget cube darkviolet face expressionless. Well, today is the first class, I would like to ask Monta classmate, you translate the tenth paragraph of the second paragraph Why do you want to call me I will not be sick of it Mengtai a tilted legs sitting in the seat, his head twisted to the side do not see Kitahara love. Snapped And so we reflect over a blackboard hit the target a montage of a Jun face appeared on a clear white powder printing. You actually hit my head Old woman Mengtai a snapped a pound the table, flushed bluntly blamed for the love of Kitahara. The whole class hold their breath, never seen a teacher who dared to move too much Mongolia, and now actually also moved his hand. Oh, embarrassed, Monta a classmate, just hand accidentally slipped. The original love sister thousands of gestures to rope their hair, Yes ah, some older things to remember is not clear, as if Some people find me by CHANEL Shut up Mengtai was almost angry eyes did not stare out, it seems to be rushed to the north of a strangled love. That can not trouble you to help me pick up the blackboard brush. Mengtai was trembling picked up the blackboard brush to the podium to throw, to be the North love firmly catch Jinying Ming students, tr.That day I met on the tram that person, not to see his way was slam the brakes fell out You you can can not I asked Jin Ying Ming to help harassment of the purple bud. Do not My heart hiccup fidget cube salmon stare look, did not expect this handsome appearance of the handsome young boy even so cold blooded If you think he will help, you are wrong. A gentle voice came over. I look back only to see the close up NIKE logo, Oh, this man is high ah I was just in his chest. It looks like you think of me, wrestling Miss. How do you in this I I was with Monty one I saw it Oh That kid really do not kind, bring you into it regardless of you You know know How he seems and Kim Ying ming, Montoya are familiar with. Is not he a sophomore Yes ah, that kid last year in Hayakawa, ah He also left a level because of the purple bud As for Kim Ying ming, because he is the four family of people Four four four people family I once again heard the four families, that in the end is what Hiroshima where the students have been marvelous. Jin, river, north, on the Xia Today, all over Well, in fact, nothing, just big people call. gold River north Shangxia I looked at the front of the North Morning Star, that he is not North Why use this look at me, I was forced, and not necessarily on the Xia said North Star a very aggrieved look. No.

laughter came out. Mengtai a stared at me Little sparrow, you fell silly ah Falling down is also so happy I shook my head, smiled and made a major decision in life Monte too, I told you back to school Perhaps it was only a momentary thrill for me to make this decision, perhaps, and I made this decision in good depth. But I have made up my fidget cube salmon mind I want to go back. I want to bravely face their own past and future I want to brave to pursue the happiness they want I want to brave the sadness and pain that NO NO. NO Mongolia too shocked, Leng Leng looked at me, he probably think I really fell silly. I heard Mr. Wood in the next gently said Our Cinderella, and finally to grab their own crystal shoes. Tenth war the courage to return the purgatory girl 1 VOL 1 Hongqiao cave all the male members of the day, one by one solemnly in the tent around a circle. Tent I carefully to take advantage of the North when the original love to turn around, secretly fidget cube violetred bite a begged a half hour handle Shua Shu de Apple. Ooo um I knew that the most important in my life that decision will make Shufangshu I can not touch the oil and salt for half a month, the original love sister every day, pressing me to learn the physical etiquette, Mongolia too time to drive me out Do exercise, but also in the evening under the guidance of Mr. Tsui Leung beam thorn Wen Wen book. I die will not say it Scenes of tragic scenes in m.heart a little nervous, but the body did not move You really do not let go For the first time to see Montana life so the atmosphere, I began to waver This stalemate I never felt fidget cube in india tired, I do not know why would stand in the middle, I do not know why Mongolia too angry for a while too I heard the heavy closing sound, Mengtai a disappear in my line of sight, I feel the last ray of power have been away, slowly squatting down Qiuqiu, alas the original love sister patted my shoulder, and finally did not say anything. Jinying Ming quietly looked at me for a while, without a word to pick up the bag, but also walked toward the door. Before he reached the podium, he picked up the purple skirt VOL 5 At night, I bite the bullet and fidget cube salmon Montaigne a phone call, but the shutdown. I had to pass him a text message, I hope fidget cube darkorenge he will see the same as before Has been the past four hours, the phone has been no movement Is it my cell phone broke I worried to pick up the phone casually dialed a number. Hey Ma Qiuqiu What you made the middle of the night nerve ah Well this voice is Mom bad I just accidentally dialed a mother s cell phone up Mom I I forgot to say good night with you today Ha ha ha ha mother good night I put my mother in front of a cursed hastily hung up the phone. Phone is not bad ah what happened Mengtai a really angry He will not be so stingy ah I call say Well you do fidget cube chartreuse so many hearts do not guilt Why do you blame me and abusive, and even want me to get out of Hayakawa, the more the United States have done all the nausea, but for her to borrow my cell phone, stole the photos, there will not be Jinying Ming things Not she took me to see what friends, and I drunk, it will not harm me almost dismissed by the school I heard the sound of breathing around, and purple surprised a face, I firm my courage. You think you framed someone else and I ll believe you I do not need your belief, purple bud, but you know things are you see it If not, then why do you have to believe that Do not you have been framed by the time My words actually let the purple buds calm down, then purple buds behind a voice. Get out of here I looked in the direction of the sound is too one He turned out to be the same and Jin Yingming black and blue Purple Lei first surprised to see the person is a Mongolian too unnatural explanation Oh, Monty I just heard the aid of communication back to school, so come to make a face to face Go back I did not expect Mengti a staring purple bud roared back. Purple bud absolutely did not expect to have been like their own for a while with this attitude to her. You what you said I told you to roll Do not come to fidget cube ratings Ma Qiuqiu after the trouble You Lei Lei arrogantly pulled a bit draped over the shoulders of long hair. How.

Fidget Cube Salmon help me I This understanding makes my heart actually feel very sad. Why did he want to help you, you last also safeguard him, let me publish his ugly face pictures, I know ghosts You are not betray organization I I did not Give me the phone, hurry What does he want to do I look to the anger of the Monte too. Does he want to I paused to pay attention to the pocket, can not let him take that photo No Do not you promised to had. You you help him, you Looked at him quickly stretched over the hand, I do not know where the courage to hold the United States and ran, then jumped into buy fidget cube antsy labs a taxi The more the United States, I I did not I know Do not worry, it s all right. Looking at the more beautiful smile, my heart a little comfort, at least there is such a good friend to stay with me. But tomorrow you go to school there will be trouble, and those girls will not give you a good look to see. The more the United States worried to me, Qiuqiu, my phone is dead, and can borrow your short message to me Oh, okay. I am busy and handed the more beautiful, I thought the thing too. You do not have to worry too much. He s just angry for a moment. Hope Sparrow to revolution I The third part Sixth war turned out the poster event 1 VOL 1 Last night Montr al fidget cube salmon unexpectedly did not call me to train me, which made me worry.and staring at me. Is not it Mongolia too an idiot enough to accept me, Jin Ying Ming Why should Minato this lively Little Ma, ah no, Snow White, you decide who your prince is I looked at the face of a serious look at the face of a serious and too much money, how things will become so ah You soon said, ah Who in the end the prince You said today to give me a reply Mengtai a see I do not speak, anxious pressed. I I Kim Ying ming, montmy how I choose how to choose. I am anxious, tears and flow out. Ma Qiuqiu Monte too You have to keep up with Xia Xi, but there are marriage, how can you find another woman Purple Lei anger ran to the stage. I am surprised to look back, purple buds do not see the expression on the push Xia thin station to the central stage. How she also went to the stage up Also, she said she had a marriage with Monte too This This is how the case I was surprised to see a Mongolian one, I saw his rage, face Biede red and looked at Xia Xi, a word not to say. The stage also fried the pot, have talked about. Jinying Ming Mengtai a fidget cube salmon cold grunted, turned and ready to hold my hand. Ming an elegant voice from the next pass over. I look over the side turned out to be the river shadow month Play can not take seriously, step down I feel the hand of Jin Ying ming stiff This What is the situation ah Mengtai an angry look.

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