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Fidget Cube Scarlet ed at the door for a while the door, see I did not respond, then broken Suinian went back to the kitchen. Tears never could not stop to stay, from small to large, uncomfortable often, but never so real, see the list of the moment, my mind is full of gold Yingming, my commitment to him, I met him all , I do not know what I am afraid of, I where to buy fidget cube uk seem to feel that he will not like me as before, I am afraid Jinying Ming will believe me Jinying Ming will believe me I am tired of the spirit of the bed, the phone kept ringing, Mongolia too a proprietary ringtones let me become a little numb All day, I put myself in the room, in the comfort and struggling to spend the longest night. The next morning, wake up by a nightmare. Maybe today Jin Yingming has come back, he is different after all Perhaps the truth has been revealed that the culprit has been caught poster Perhaps yesterday s thing is simply a dream, simply did not happen I hold one after another lucky psychology, fear, but full of hope came to the school But in the moment I walked into the classroom, my mind empty, and my heart is empty, because the right seat, is empty. I can not afford to sit in the seat, the brain can not see the eyes of four people, all or as usual, classes, get out of class. The difference is that Jinying Ming is really gone, my right seat has been empty, Mongolia too become a very qu.face is lost. Little Sparrow You wake up Mengtai handed me a bottle of Coke, handed me before I deliberately helped to unscrew the lid. Is it He just put me back down To see the sweat on his forehead, and my heart across a touch of moving. You are not a pig cast the fetus ah So heavy Montaigne said, but also grinning activities of the shoulder a bit, as if just put down the heavy burden of the same It seems, or bastard to describe the word he is more appropriate Then fidget cube scarlet let s go Um, I stood up. Hey where are you going Monta sat on the stool to stop me. Is not not to say that go I looked back at him puzzled. Monte too tilted his feet waved at me, I obediently went to his front. Back to my squat For Why I asked puzzled. Nonsense, ask you to squat squat I just back you are too tired, and now for you to back me Before I recovered, Mengtai a 182 head on the pressure on my back, I was shocked, the results of a center of gravity instability, the two of us fell a dog eat shit. Ma Qiuqiu You treat your benefactor is it Mengtai jumped up from the ground angrily shouted. I was almost a flattened too, like the only slippers shot in the cockroaches, struggling on the ground a few times, raised his head. I I fidget cube dodgerblue I ate a mouthful of gray, a word can not tell, tears Puchi Puchi to flow down. I took the skirt desperately to my face rub, hum, see how you give it away. How do d.

Hayakawa high school, most of them are rich children, for me, ordinary people, they have always been scoffed. The more the United States to see the temperament, she must also be a daughter Missy it However, she even took the initiative to reach out to greet me, to come here for so long, all the daughter of Miss, she was the first and I would like to be friends To this end, I am surprised. Come soon, you still have time blind Come out the school badge come out. Yue Mei asked. At this time I found that in the United States on the right arm even sets fidget cube sienna a red armband, which says the students on duty Do you want to register me I asked hard. Logically, the more the United States said seriously. My heart belch dengkou, down heavy sank finished It seems my high school career has to be recorded on a bad one. But The more the United States to see me crying like a sudden expression change, eyes half open half closed, naughty, said Today to give you a special case Really I rejoiced. Well, we are friends, but only this time Yue Mei nodded, smiling like an angel. Thank you I almost rushed to give her a hug. Ma Qiuqiu What are you doing fidget cube 3d here I suddenly came behind a ferocious voice. This voice I was too familiar. My heart sank heavily down. Run At this time my mind only two words, but I took a few steps, but how can not run I looked back, Monta a fellow that even tightly grabbed my collar M.World War II. Playing basketball His game must be sucky Hmmm Did he do anything else Ah Every time I lie, my heart is particularly powerful dance. No other Monte too satisfied with this answer, his brow tightly screwed up. Ah, there are Meng Tai one before the outbreak, I quickly and sprinkled a lie He likes others touch the face Oh Like others touch his face Mengtai an angry face was surprised to replace. Ah, ah I nodded affirmation, my heart desperately to Jinying Ming apology. He really is a metamorphosis small fidget cube hotpink white face I did not guess wrong, Monta a look of Bala s said. Hurry up breakfast I took out a piece of cake from the bag, Montana is also not satisfied with one from my bag to dig out something, scared me to seize the hole in the bag. Fortunately, his compassion went to the seat, because the bag in addition to the more beautiful chocolate, and I give Jinying Ming s croissant. Really do not own what evil, that is to buy a cake Montaigne, and even ran a lot of bakery. Now the bread has been fidget cube buying made fancy, so simple croissant is almost extinct. Spent a lot of effort, only in the school not far from a small bakery to find. I take advantage of the Mongolian too do not pay attention to secretly put the bread and the more beautiful chocolate secretly into Kim s desk. I watched nervously Jinying Ming sat down, I quickly turned to pretend to read in the morning, but.ited States Call you stop, did not hear ah Purple Lei catch up to grabbed my clothes. I really admire you too, did that kind of thing dare to go to school swagger You really are not thick fidget cube scarlet skinned ah What did I do Why is everyone talking about me Is I was scared silly their own ideas, do not the more the US accident. The more the more the United States, she I asked trembling. What the United States off the United States You do good things in the bar have been posted world announcement, but also what silly ah bar. Good thing. Announcement My head boom to a ring What happened I refused to take the cynical Lei Lei is still there, quickly ran downstairs. what happened what is the problem When I rushed out of the teaching building, found that the bulletin board that surrounded many people, Meng Taiyi and Zhang Qizhen also. Zhang Qizhen found me, surprised, and quickly patted the shoulder too Mengtai. Mengtai back to see the bulletin board is coming toward me, rushed over to block me. Hey Ma Qiuqiu You get out of school yesterday afternoon, where Meng Tai a pretending to ask calmly. I saw him at a glance, turned around fidget cube scarlet and looked around the bulletin board. Not allowed in the past Meng Tai a roar heard, held out his arm stopped me. That What is over there I am strong fidget cube scarlet to suppress their own fear and panic, pointing to the bulletin board asked. It does not m.

Fidget Cube Scarlet ed the tram satyr incident, my parents unanimously decided to give me the throne of summer to ride. In fact, I just do not want to encounter Jinying Ming, naturally can reduce some of the trouble. Yesterday was a too hit a uncle still stick to their posts today, stood next to a few students, all covered with dark clouds, head down. Oh seems to be wearing a badge was caught Push the bicycle, I went to the parking shed. Now the time is late, parking shed no people our school students did not ride a few , but I saw a familiar figure far and wide in the Zeitouzeizui what the brain. Ah I recognize the sneaky figure, exclaimed soon. Hush Monte too quickly covered my mouth. Do not tell Jin Yingming Jinying Ming I looked at him strangely, and looked at him next to the bike tires that did not gas the bike, he will not ride a bike, right Bad, even say it He really was a fool In short you are not allowed to say it Oh know Mengtai a warning to me, strode away, and I followed into the classroom Hey Really wicked without gall Look at the guy next to that still did not look, I really do not understand how he did it. Hey, little sparrow, you read here by what ah The next impact so I fainted for a while. Monta a surprise to take his bag hit my head I I do not call a sparrow. Ma Qiuqiu That might as well call the sparrow, you would have been like a sparrow, a look that is dep.Ma Qiuqiu I honestly answered. Very cute name The first time I heard someone praise my name, I could not help but hesitated. Carefully looked only to find, although he looks very rough The shaggy hair, the twittering beard, covered the half of the face, the ragged clothes, the blistered shoes, but if they were not to be looked at, he should be a tastier. Xie thank. I am a bit embarrassed to him nodded his head, walked over to sit next fidget cube scarlet to him. Yesterday I am a little worried that he would ask yesterday s things, after all, it is not a good memory, did not expect to hear him say. Yesterday, you ordered large, just fell out of my boat and Bingshu, anyway, fishing do not care about fishing more than two people. You you do not ask for why You want to say that No I thought of what happened before yesterday, my eyes darkened down. Since I do not want to say, why should I ask He pouted me at the pout. The fishing line drifting down the river twitched down twice, and he quickly brought the fishing rod, but the end of the line was fidget cube mediumturquoise nothing, and he sighed in disappointment, and put the line back into the water again. I m sorry, he went on, forgetting to introduce myself, I m a wanderer, and everybody calls me Mr. Wood. Bingshu is my good friend, but he s a little problem here He and two fingers and point his own temple. His head has a problem That he is not I pu.

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