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Fidget Cube Snow er the introduction of the class, and re opened the pot. Is not it This nerve, to play and do not drag me into the water ah To be honest, a little too much of this guy s mind Mengtuo line, but in terms of appearance, but also enough to describe the British gas pressing. But he was born untimely, and now this time, Kim Ying ming, the kind of looks more popular. Not to mention Jin Ying Ming then so like that person. In spite of this fact, if I say honestly, it is estimated that I will die miserably. Mengtai one in the podium put a relentless, maybe I will take a knife to kill an example. I swallowed my mouth, just open your mouth, suddenly felt the bottom of the invincible shot to the frozen ray. God, the class of girls are watching the sworn enemy s eyes looked at my mouth. Quickly, is not it Meng Tai a urge to ask the same. I I I I do not know ah Although I know But I do not know ah I was nervous, thinking completely chaotic. Little sparrow, what are you talking about ah What do not know I am confused In the end is my handsome or Jinying Ming more handsome ah Mengtai one I was confused, Jinying Ming is also a rare eye with a focal length. Hum hum Montessori Gold master. You two on the line OK, let me only sparrow it. You do not dare not speak because you are a woman of wood, said the little sparrow. I, I, I am not I an urgent, tears came out. Little Sparro.of anger in his hanging wheel prints chest burning. Teacher, ah, teacher Cycling man seems to have fun I still hurry to go, stay in this certainly no good thing, I turned around and hit a person. And then heard the sound coming from behind We are not allowed to go Go to the Chamber In the communication room, the head of the instructor kept rambling in front of me, and I tried to hide myself in the back of the crowd. What happened today, a school on the occurrence of so many chain events. I know Ma Ma Qiuqiu but never discipline, and anything does not matter. Mengtai one you fidget cube gray see what you have done a good thing I do not know how to say you Tram men bear the brunt and a group of students did not bring the school badge standing in front, looks a bit like a hippo discipline director cold face Looking at him. Ok Monte too I like the name where I heard. Think well familiar with Oh. Do not wear school badge Also crash on duty on the black teacher Hippo look to the cyclist. The cyclist s mouth was cramped, but he held back and did not speak. Charge director, these are first year students. Next to a bit wearing a glasses of the teacher handed the hippo stack of information, ah, probably we are a few guy s school file it. Hippo teacher took the school file, cold face read Your school badge Outside the classroom came the voice of the teacher on duty. Out. A voice without any emotion.

States suddenly became very quiet, their thoughts of their own thoughts So beautiful I looked at the window model body a small white skirt. Unfortunately, I simply can not wear ah. Qiuqiu, we go in Yue Mei let the sales lady to remove the dress, pushed me to dressing room. Miss, you wear this dress so beautiful, especially lining your skin dressing room fidget cube demo outside to the saleswoman exclaimed. Qiuqiu, you have not tried it The more the United States opened a curtain, the shrink in which I pulled out. She turned fidget cube snow out to fidget cube mexico be the same as my clothes Uh Miss, you may not be suitable for this style. Miss sales side in a very euphemistically said. In the mirror in front of two people wearing the same clothes White personal skirt worn in the United States who just bring out her little princess temperament and standing next to the meager body fat, ashamed of some want to hide. Well, this I want, and my clothes to help wrap up. Yue Mei took out the card from the wallet to the sales lady. Qiuqiu, you try this. Yue Mei took off a piece of clothing from the shelves, stuffed into my hands, your parents are workers, certainly did not give you bought this kind of clothes. Miss, this dress 5,800 yuan. Miss sales heard the more the United States, then immediately came to my side goodwill to remind. And not your size. Oh Thank you. My face flushed, and quickly returned the clothes.two people secret place, this makes me happy, let me sad place, but unfortunately I miss the little things have gone I sighed, pushing the familiar and unfamiliar door Still the same, nothing has changed, Jinying Ming s bag is still lying lonely lying sleeping position, some of the food on the ground can not tell the way. Bag, the last in the bag in the painting, they have been ripped purple bud, Ling is like a dream, people can not tell whether it really existed. I crouched down, picked up the bag. How there will be a lot of paper, I gently take it out Is Ling A lot of Ling. Lying like the fidget cube lavenderblush way running, playing the ball look like Each painting has the following date, as well as text November 15th Ling today is very happy, because it bought a wool ball, it played an afternoon, in the sun November 17th Today to see it, it seems a little uneasy, probably know you leave November 24 Month and I took it to the outskirts, it still can not get interested, always spoiled around me I kept turning over the hand painting, each turned to a tear down their tears out, do not know because happy or sad. I seem to see the gold Ying ming, sitting in this place carefully to see him see Ling Squeak Open the door to the sound, so immersed in this fidget cube snow mood I wake up. Is it Jin Yingming I am happy to go back Is actually more beautiful How could she know this Why do you wa.You let the young master to wear that kind of rags Mongolia too disagree to look at a piece of the table, it should fidget cube mediumturquoise be two pieces of stitching up the oval shaped cloth, one side is black, one side is silver this side Should be a mirror , but also in the mosaic of one end there is a black hat can drill into the head. What is the rag This is art The original love big white sister that there is no art of the cells too. Jin Ying ming, how are you going on Skirt, I do not wear. Jinying Ming said simply. Because too simply put it, the original love sister gas eyes are drum out you Unless he first wear. Kim Ying ming in front of the original love sister broke out before she gave her a step. That s good Monte too You go for clothes now The original love of gold sister on the Ying ming, and then turned to Mongolia too. Death mouse Do not want to wear your own do not fidget cube tomato framed me Mengtai angrily picked up the gold Yingming collar. Let go. Jinying Ming said coldly. What do you say Mengtai almost a rage. I told you to let go fidget cube snow Jinying Ming said the force broke off the Mongolian one. Mengtai inattentive by Jin Yingming broke free. Oh no They have to fight up I felt a tight, not enough time to respond, it has been blocked in front of the whole person Jinying Ming. Mengtai a stared at the front of me, had a little angry expression becomes more ugly Step aside Can not go away, Ma Qiuqiu I looked at Montana s eyes, my.

Fidget Cube Snow iet. Do not know why, he actually miss the original too much of a fight with Kim Ying Ming Day of the classroom. The whole class atmosphere has become very strange After class, I went to the bathroom. You know that Ma Qiuqiu Jin Yingming was the result of the suspension of that I heard in the toilet room outside the girls in the discussion. That is sitting in the middle of gold and Yingtan Yingtan ugly woman, I heard she actually pedal two boats fidget cube bisque Yes ah Usually also Jinying fidget cube snow Ming flirtatious, gestures, people Jinying fidget cube snow Ming she ignored her revenge Yes ah, Hayakawa how such a person, ah, see the hate I heard that she also tracked Kim Ming ming, but also a day and a Mongolian hook in a This woman is disgusting I sat slumped squatting, tightly bite the lips, not to make their own voice. Until the sound is getting smaller and smaller, disappear I was covered with collapsed like, slowly back to the classroom. Desks have been turned a mess, bag was pulled rotten on the ground, the book was torn There is also a letter, I dare to tear open the envelope, took out the letter, expand Turned out to be a threatening letter. Ma Qiuqiu Also we Jinying Ming You give me go back Do not let us see you in Hayakawa high school, or you die so ugly I looked up, all the girls around with the kind of hate eyes looking at me, twos and threes together to discuss. I was their e.who comes The audience emotions because the original love sister s words become excited, I squeezed out of office, but can not see the shadow of Jin Ying ming. Where did he go I subconsciously out of the hall. The more the United States We call you do not return, what do you mean How we will involve the Mongolian family Today, either run into, you are not going to have been hiding us Do not touch me I still have something today What do you say Tell us to come and call us to go away Who do you think you are Who are you The more the United States said do not go Lei Lei said impatiently. Less nonsense Go with us This strange tone strange tone is I suddenly raised his head, looked to the direction of the sound. It s them. Little White Dragon and a tall one. They are standing in front of the lobby and the United States what the dispute Is you, that is, you I refused to rush out You are where the stinky girl, go away Lankao did not seem to recognize me, beat me to throw off. I did not expect to fall, a physique caught me falling to the ground. Jinying Ming to see the more ugly face, I know who is behind. You You framed me I stared at the shy smile of the tall one, because the excitement, my voice is trembling. Haha, you little girl say ah I do not know you A tall thin I was baffled by disturbing. You You take me from the bar while I was drunk, but also took a p.

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