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Fidget Cube Tech Insider ll four hours In fact, I was the victim ah But I was dumb to eat berberine Ma Qiuqiu classmates, do you realize your mistake Hum ooo I quickly hastened to nod. Shen teacher saw me a poor phase, but also moved the compassion, long sigh Oh In fact, I know, you sit next to them is also very hard fidget cube tech insider Hum hum teacher really Shenqiuqiu Shen I finally know that I stay in the Bermuda magic of the pain of the bar. Finally, I finally wait for the seat of the day So be it Shen teacher thought. How Change seats Change seats. You write 3000 words of the review, this thing just like the past. what My eyes turned white and my chin fell to the ground. How could this be How could, how would VOL 4 Look is her, really shameless, even if ugly, but also wrapped around Kim and Monet too. Catch a night of review of the book, wore two huge dark circles in the morning but also to accept the students point fingers. All thanks to my two at the same table given, one heard of Hayakawa famous four family of a member, and the other is the school also holding a move can not big underworld. Hey early good morning Oh I am a cold sweat, trembling to put down the bag, sat down on the seat. The classroom the same as the silence of death, all the people are gloomy face, looking around a dark mass. Whirring whirring I find it difficult to breathe. Fortunately, the immediate a.sparrow, oh well Monta a pull me back to reality, I smile weakly toward him, and then sat on his seat. Deliberately forgotten the right side there is no sound, we have returned to the previous look, but now Ma Qiuqiu really can do and not the same as before I began to doubt Perhaps just unexpected performance, so that we have not yet clear, several classes down, in addition to a few supercilious, fairly calm. Other subjects through Mr. Wood s Catching Fortunately, mathematics has always been weak, listening to the teacher s lesson is still a little touched the North. The teacher loves to ask someone to say that the solution ideas, in case of pumping me I thought of this head buried buried down. Ma Qiuqiu students, please answer this question about the idea. Long time no see mathematics said to me smiling. I know, I know, looking at the blackboard a lot of XYZ, I look for help Mengtai one that guy actually this time to open the book, my day, even if fidget cube discount the book has, that idiot can not find To ah The whole class turned around and looked at me with gloat. I blushed, and slowly stood up. Page 5, question 5, row 2. Fortunately, montene one to find it I quickly opened the book to find a place. Well, x divided by the cube Looked at the teacher nodded with satisfaction, I finally relieved to sit down, too much of a Mongolian move I had to get stunned hesitated, not reflec.

l. But this time, I feel the body has completely lost its balance Even from the second floor of the railing turned down Ruined I was afraid to close my eyes tightly, my mind was blank. Huh who is it There is a hands seems fidget cube tech insider to be two hands clasped me. Falling down with me falling The twelfth war the unprecedented melee Princess fight 1 VOL 1 Boom what God Are they still alive Do not Jinying Ming hum whining In a burst of noisy argument sound, I slowly opened his eyes. My God My ass hurts But when I saw I just stood on the second floor of the railing, I began to glad that he was still alive Why is that Strange strange Oh When I looked down, I found more than two under the buttocks pad Two people who can not tolerate Monta and Kim Ying ming were all I sat in the ass below Mom Death Sparrow You have to me how long ah Hurry roll down Oh I was reminded to stand up quickly to his feet, only to feel a bunch of people coming up behind him, there are girls screaming, the original command of love in distress, a boy s cry I forgot how he was to the hospital, fortunately, Kim and Ming Tai yi are not a big problem, only to be hospitalized for two days. We are going to die, autumn and autumn, we go back, the original love sister to solve all the students back to the ward, You two give me points, tomorrow we come to.nyone dares to move the people in our class, I will fidget cube tech insider make them die hard Shen is the teacher of the Mongolian one by one earth overlord of the anger of the face of anger, fidget cube tech insider to hold back no seizures, I begged him to escape the death of the ugly eyes Fortunately, Jin Yingming does not seem to reflect too much, still the focus gathered in one place Montana one in the students applause and praise under the return to the seat, proud nose nose to the sky. Soon it was my turn, pounding I feel my heart to jump out. But I quickly went to the podium, because I was anxious to leave the two giant explosives quickly. Can face 30 pairs of eyes under the podium, face burning, the mind in addition to blank or blank. First of all tell you what your name The most dear Shen gently remind me of the teacher. I I am Ma Qiuqiu This year 16 years old My birthday October 10, fidget cube lightseagreen Libra I live in Every time I will be a nervous incoherent, and now is the case, I almost put my little treasury account password the secret does not even know my parents are shaking out. Fortunately, Shen teacher stopped me in time. Thank you Ma Qiuqiu students, please return to the seat The next student please come up Shen teacher said with a smile. Wait a minute, can I ask a question Mongolia students, you have any questions to ask Hey I than Kim Ying ming, handsome, right Montaigne a problem for Jinying Ming calm aft.The door came the headmaster deep voice. I opened the door, the principal, discipline director, class teacher Shen all in the inside You shameless base hoof, my face makes you lose out. My mother came to see me rushed to a slap in the face, hard to beat me. Please calm. Shen teacher immediately pulled my mother. Mother cover his face kept crying, my father in her side Yinlian Lian Doom smoke. Ma Qiuqiu students, please come here. The principal pointed to his desk. This is an anonymous letter I received this morning, which revealed that you have done a serious breach of school discipline and discipline of things, we would like to ask you to explain. I opened the principal handed over an anonymous letter, a soft feet, feel dizzy The letter actually described yesterday and I went to the bar with the United States And those two people meet, and I do what aid communication, private life chaos How how could this be I was surprised and anger is fear, the hand could not help shaking up. Is it true The principal asked sternly. No no I do not I said in horror. Your photo in the bar is a fake The instructor said, threw the photo on the desk. photo My God This turned out to be yesterday when I was drunk in the bar photos. Stumbled I actually do not know Little White Dragon when the hand on my shoulder But also someone else took a photo. Is this you Asked the headmaster, raising.

Fidget Cube Tech Insider hers are very curious to you, to talk to you Talk about, usually how you are connected with those men A boy with a hand on my shoulder. Let me I want to find the United States, she can help me explain everything. Dead girl You do a help communication, air what ah Just standing next to you, I still have my own dirty clothes He said to me spit a mouthful of saliva, attracted a burst of laughter around. You have a good time A ten times more vicious than the boys sounded behind them. Monte too. The bastard every time I embarrassed to appear, see a joke Look at this caused by his big joke fidget cube tech insider Do not give me a quick roll Monte too a sudden roar. A few boys like a group of mice met the cat, dingy run the whole. With Meng Tai a behind Zhang Qizhen, but also the back of the group fidget cube uk ebay fidget cube backer edition of mice raised his middle finger made a curse position. You all right Monta looked at me, handed a bread and a can of milk. Eat something it is good If not you, how would so good. I waved his things forward. Mengqiu autumn You dare to push me, you want to die ah Mengtai almost eye catching burst up, You actually dare to me One too Too You are not to say to comfort her Have something to say Zhang Qizhen hastened to come up to the fire. Meng Tai a force to push him to continue shouting Ma Qiuqiu Do you think I open the photo of Kim is not Hearing this, I finally turned around and looked at him angrily. It is because head drifting. Mengtai a Mengtai a Although you are not very good, but was punched and killed should not be. fidget cube hotpink Dead woman, you can not go away Monte too. I looked up and saw three rogues have fallen. He When did he so much Be careful I saw one of the rogues get up from the ground, took a stone came over. I screamed toward the Monte too rushed past, we fell heavily to the ground. When I opened my eyes, I found that too much of a Montana head was under pressure in my chest Ah I screamed from the Monte too climb down, Monta was a drop of gratuitous fall fell dizzy, that took the stone of the rogue was stunned by this scene. Flow rogue I pointed to Monte too a cry. Mengqiu autumn You say who is the rogue Monte too sat up from the ground, rubbed his head and shouted. I I said to fidget cube rosybrown him I suddenly recovered, the finger of a shift, pointing to the rock of the bad guys. I seemed to remind him of his move, he suddenly wake up, holding the stone towards Mongolia too fast to a red. Maybe today I really was bad God paid the body, not just myself, even the people around me will follow the bad luck. Poor rogue has not come to Montana one, he was still sitting on the ground to my feet to tripping, and his head still hit the stones in their own holding Ma fidget cube amazon Qiuqiu, I finally understand what you say bad luck is going on Mengtai one with me looked at each.

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