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Fidget Cube Uk mbrace of a Mengti initiation of a trace of nostalgia can not do this He is the victim of the gold Ying ming, he harmed me I repeatedly warned myself. VOL 4 Exclusion and targeting the drama continues to be staged every day, the school girls on my hatred seems to have not appeared because of Jinying Ming and increasing. Almost every day, I will receive two to three letters of intimidation, curse more and more vicious, but also attached to the dissected beyond recognition of the frog, slugs, textbooks have been painted, tearing beyond recognition, often so the class Was severely criticized by the teacher, and then stand. Monta one always insisted and stubborn accompanied the face of all this, I feel a corner of the psychological collapse, because of his dedication. Jinying Ming will come back, I struggled to survive Autumn weather, do not know is not affected by the atmosphere, began to become cold. Drops SMS fidget cube uk Is the more beautiful. Qiuqiu, you all right, I do not go to your class to find you. Can you come to the rooftop of the school building after school Do not call Monte too, there or fidget cube maroon be square Is the United States, she still believe me. She still treat me as a friend Clutching the hands of the phone, my tears do not live up to the fall, at least in Hayakawa I have a friend Look at the Mongolian one fell asleep, I am busy wiping away tears After school, I have not w.onsible for What I will really be responsible for you do not like that little white face, he should be protected every day, the four families is the most unpromising is his He said is Jin Yingming Four families What do you mean I was still thinking about what he had just, too much of a face, but closer the closer, the poor I have narrowed to the corner, retreat no retreat, can only be afraid to close your eyes. Do not Do he likes me Do not my first kiss I m going to vomit Mengtai one from the throat Biechu these words, even against me is a burst of wow wow wow to Kuangtu Poor I at least silly for three minutes, wake up when the body fidget cube uk is full of Montana a spit out of the dirt I have no tears Rushed fidget cube lavender into the bathroom, all the way to see me all pinched my nose a look of disgust to escape, as if I was a huge garbage. I desperately to wash clothes pants and hair on the dirty things, so after washing the body has been soaked. Hum ooo I began to regret today s impulse. Back to the box, Montana is still on the sofa asleep. A total of 250. checkout the waiter to see the dirt on the sofa, his face is not good, the tone of nature is not much better. More than two hundred, good luxury I have four months of pocket money. Fortunately, I did not pay. I am drunk from the mud into a mud on the Monta one to explore fidget cube uk th.

o sad for a man Come Drink and drink Lengao a finally understand how the matter, pushing me tightly in the hands of the bottle, desperately to encourage. My brain is now completely chaotic, I do not want to, put the rest of the half bottle to filling down. Soon, Jiujin up, and my emotions completely out of control, the whole people like crazy like crying and laughing. Good drink, how do I feel the more the United States their voice more fidget cube diy distant Sight slowly began to blur I just feel that some people continue to give me the kind of drink to drink, and then someone hugged me, I am so sad, these days seems to have all grievances in the chest, I began to cry VOL 2 We ll take you home, OK Ah I want to go home Cold, the wind was blowing, I played a shiver, people suddenly wake up a lot. The more beautiful I found myself being stuffed into a car, next to the tall and small white dragon. The more the United States in the back of the car, we first send you home Two people clasped me in the middle. I m looking for beauty I began to struggle. Yue Mei said, we fidget cube uk take good care of you Lankao a hand touched my face, I suddenly feel sick. No, I want to get off, I want to find the United States Extreme fear made me completely wake up, but my body because the role of alcohol can not move. Give me down The car finally stopped, lanking a tall I pulled out. Is this what the hotel is. Do not. Let seems she is really gone I I sighed, and my heart suddenly feel empty. Rumble rumble I was surprised to see Mr. Wood, he shrugged at me, said do not know. Qiuqiu Ma Qiuqiu Huh This is the original love sister voice ah where is she I looked around her eyes wide open. Here I m here I saw far far over the engineering car stood a man, before the sound is that came. What are you doing there I asked in astonishment. Do not ask me You look at those gangs Do not let my things lost The original sister said loudly. Something What I looked at Mr. The next half an hour, I and Mr. Wood are shocked One after another high level furniture, there are senior clothing, daily necessities, several workers were moved to the bridge hole below. The original love sister constantly commanding the workers, but also to tell them the location of things placed, but also told them to take things carefully, but also called me and Mr. Wood to help her optimistic about her home. The workers had finished the last thing a luxury bed, and drove off. Well The original love of the hands of the sister patted the dust, satisfied with the front of a large pool of things. This This is I was surprised to say that is not clear. Mr. Wood also looked at her face puzzled. Why do you look at me this way I see life here is too difficult, and nothing, so I put all the things in my room all mov.n can not afford to go Montana one to join and the original handle Shushu, so these days of life flies. To die Kitahara said to himself. You know I did not mean to scold them, I m just too angry Uh huh yes yes I can understand the origin of the storm in Kitahara love morning, more understanding of my stomach is hungry cuckoo called. North of the original holding a hamburger love to fidget cube marketing watch the left hand, right hand holding chicken wings, like a lifetime of hunger, I sent a note of super supercilious eyes. This can eat me, my mother do Coke chicken wings I can Speaking of which I suddenly had no appetite, do not know how the fidget cube demonstration family now My mother did not eat chicken wings for a long time, and I should not take this opportunity to make a phone call Small Miss, can I exchange a business card with you I m sorry, I do not have not to have. A deliberate strike up the guy interrupted my thoughts, north of love waved to strike out of people, proudly ineffectively ineffectively laughing, but also against the glass all the way to gather their hair. Oh vanity woman I reluctantly put a piece of chicken rice into his mouth, once again to consider whether to call home Oh Kitahara love suddenly exclaimed, his head fidget cube uk twisted over, back against the window. How how is it I puzzled to see the table below the North of the original love, and then turned to look o.

Fidget Cube Uk ow to do better than nothing Old woman, do you think are the same as you in the blind and so on, the old one nobody wants Well, fidget cube orengered I do not want to, then you do so many autumn and autumn to you Then you simply knelt down to beg her ah I I do not care how she thought, I only know that she wants her happy If I have to try to Well, well, goose bumps are out take it, do not waste ah I stood outside the tent dumbfounded, do not know how to do. why Why Mengtai one to me, trying to make me happy I do not have to do Is not it I used to bear, accustomed to complaining, but forget that I can actually refuse to sad, forget the fact I can find ways to make their own happiness Every time the face of difficulties, I have chosen to escape, to escape and then escape, when fled to retreat no time to retire, I actually decided to end their own lives In fact, I do not want this ah How I want to be happy and happy I do not want to have been hiding in the abyss of pain crying ah Why why am I so weak I do not want to do not want to Autumn Mr. Wood did not know when to come to me, handed me an apple, You do not reach out, then I have to eat it Do not know why, the heart has been confused with the heavy haze suddenly lit a lamp. Let my mind suddenly become clear, I just want to find a monta Why, death, sparrow, you run into me Oh I heard his.hes, with a pair of eyes as clear as the dew, Ying Ting s nose, like rose petals, like pink lips, and white skin really , Very beautiful You Hello such a strong visual impact makes me nervous, do not know what to fidget cube lightyellow say. He said you stepped on him A voice in the next good intention to remind me. Oh, right I m sorry because because that that I timid look to the location of the incident. He looked down the direction I indicated, frowned up If you think he will help, you are wrong. That kind of voice reminded me. I look back only to see the close up NIKE logo, Oh, this man is high ah I was just in his chest. Zhi not so I see the way people look, suddenly felt his body was a strong fall out. Please do not panic passengers, due to emergency temporary brake, and now the normal operation of the train. Broadcast came the gentle voice of the broadcaster, did not seem to have been affected by the situation. Fortunately, fortunately, their reaction quickly, easily grasp the handrails, or will certainly fall four Yang eight fork. Who Which do not want to live I dare to catch Vicious voice came from behind, looking down the past look That is you Smelly girl Even when I handrail The face of the rampant bully staring at my hand tie. Is not it Ma Qiuqiu how do you so careless ah I subconsciously look at the hands do not know where to com.

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