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Fidget Cube White fidget cube demonstration ility, I have some loss. Kim Ying ming, or as usual, so I think things that day, always felt like a dream. The morning sweep because of a person s sake, I went to school early, and finally the cleaning work done, the classroom was empty, I took the opportunity to lie on the fidget cube white desk began to add strength. Good itch Even a sleep is not stable, I scratched the ear, for a sideways, to continue Bells and bells, bells and bells class, the class Class begins Class begins I was surprised, and immediately sat up, but saw a huge face scrape together in the nose 1 cm place. Ghosts My first reaction to drill under the table. Ha ha ha small sparrow you are so afraid of death ha ha ha Good familiar voice Monte too I looked up in disbelief. fidget cube steelblue Ha Ha you really are stupid ah How Think of me Who is not he A I the best in the world, the face, plus the arrogance of the mighty. Why not speak, is not a dead mouse while I m not bullying you I ll help you avenge When it comes to Kim Ying ming, fidget cube video he becomes teeth. You you okay Although he is now alive, but the thought of the fragile look that day, I could not help but ask out loud. Of course good I am too a monk, but a hero Hit the win, lost the fight, the last laugh to be considered ruthless Now Mengtai a glimpse of gold. It s still early inverted This is what tongue.rrival of the teacher to save me, but a whole morning feel that they are in the middle of the low pressure. Well, this afternoon is the school s regular holiday time, I hope you can seize the time to learn. Shen teacher announced the end of the hurriedly left the classroom, does she have to leave this as early as possible Hey hey hey Suddenly, a burst of Yin sorrowful laughter sounded, it sounds like from the hell came out of the same. I frightened to a turned Mother Ghosts I saw a monta is holding his swollen like swollen face, staring at Jinying Ming Wang. His eyes swollen a big one small, the left eye is also a large green The right cheek swollen than the left to be much higher, like with a whole orange in fidget cube price at walmart the mouth The most horrible thing is, he would also like to put a very sinister cool look, the results are more horrible Hey hey hey Jinying Ming you dare to offend me Tell you, you give me to remember, I want to put your face goes into the wood face labeled pig card I do not know what made in the nerve, in this cusp, even raised his hand, flaring out such a word Class students have been my incredible move scared to take a deep breath. Hum ooo this sentence I can recover ah. The word an export I immediately regret it. But this is impossible Little Sparrow, you have trouble with the nerve, what card Mengtai a very unhappy I interrupted.

t to To comfort her. Uh do not say anything today, will you Uh well. Thank you, my name is Yue Mei. I I am Ma Qiuqiu. You are Ma Qiuqiu The more the United States to hear my name seems to be surprised, uh you are famous. Yes My God, I can think of my famous way is what, just as just heard. Oh. The more the United States heard my name Puchi smile, no you want to be so bad, I want to go home early, you too fidget cube darkslateblue Meng Taiyi know I did not stare gold Yingming, then, will certainly die miserable. Fortunately, looking for gold Yingming is not a difficult thing, just take a decibel measuring instrument can accurately find his position Ah Jinying Ming Jin Yingming Girls screaming sound of the gymnasium ceiling to overturned I love you Kim Ying ming Come on Jinying Ming Girls in the stadium like a mad, eyes and mind are only gold Ying Ming, and pulled his throat shouting. Jinying Ming in the field running practice, every time he ran, shooting baskets, in exchange for a wave of waves inside the cheers. Finally understand a little bit of China s entertainment is what the rich. I was thinking about this, Jin Yingming suddenly accelerated dribbling, approaching the basketball rack, he suddenly vacated the sky, single handedly grasp the ball, with the ball into the basketball box All fidget cube for stress relief the people inside the venue to see this scene are stunned, the basketball hall silence, only carrying a stray cat, like I picked up. No no I started incoherent. Do not know Mengti a violent thunder, seeing the second palm will split down, and I quickly said quickly Just now I suddenly thought of myself did not see anything, right I can fidget cube white not provoke a new storm ah. I just did not see anything. Kim Ying ming Is your right Monte too suddenly thought of a hand hanging in the air. Call my little life temporarily be saved. He let go of my hand, glaring at the golden medallion, who was leaning against the back of the chair. Dead mouse Are you doing it Jinying Ming is still lifted without expression of poker face, and then actually a smile, smile Damn I want to kill you Montaigne one said, Jin Jinming rushed toward the DPRK. Said that when the time is fast, I have not had time to see, Monty has been a bitter to mention, discipline director, he really came in time, it appears that there is Lianxiangxiyu girls timely tipped off. Accompanied by a monkey killing a pig like sounds farther and farther, the classroom has finally returned to calm Jin Ying ming around a lot of girls surrounded by greetings, as if really a very serious injury, can be injured completely without expression, as if thinking about what the major problems. Of course, as two of my accomplices, there will not be a good life too. In the teacher s room, I was a teacher earnest lessons to Shen a fidget cube white to his place. I have not figure out how things will happen, We have come back after another. But I clearly felt that the storm was coming soon Hey, little sparrow you do not stare at the door in a daze blocking the way Long too late to the Mongolian unceremoniously to reward me a record violent chestnut head. Oh Oh Oh You are stupid I quietly skim a glimpse of gold, he seems to have nothing happened, lying on the table nap. Hope nothing, huh, huh, but how to look like a quiet before the storm. I see you really silly Forget it I continue to sleep Today, how so sleepy Meng Tai a stretched a big lazy waist. what Mengtai a piercing screams into my ears. Which bastard dry Mengtai fidget cube white one from the buttocks to unplug a few pushpins, probably because of too much pain, his face red, his eyes still hung with tears. Which bastard dry I stand out Mengtai a lung are fried. The whole class did not dare out the atmosphere. Who in the end Do not stand out I let him die ugly I almost intend to own a hole to bury them, I do not know anything, really do not know Ma Qiuqiu Who Mengtai one to me to a thunderstruck, at the very beginning is to beat my head melon seeds. Fortunately, my head is also hidden in the book below, the book to help me block half of the strength, but I still hurt my straight bared teeth. Can be too much or not reconciled, a grabbed my clothes after the collar.

Fidget Cube White small sparrow You have not listened to me From heaven, a book hit my head, I recovered from the trance. Ling has not in a few days, and Jin Ying ming is like nothing happened what you want in the ah, you would have to help take care of ah May have a small voice in mind Maybe In case he would say something You are still in a daze Sparrow, do not confuse themselves with the same lovelorn Definitely blame me recently snubbed you is not, well, this uncle to take you out to play tonight Mengtai said this happily went to take a bike. I stay in place, forget everything to do Small sparrow, do not make their own with the same lovelorn Do not confuse yourself with romance romance No not I suddenly frightened to refute the repeated words in my mind. Ah Suddenly feel at the foot of an empty, I did not even step to the stairs, the whole people are moving forward to go Do not Ah Vaguely heard someone screaming around. I simply do not know what to react, just feel the body continue to sink to sink All around are upside down Suddenly the body stopped, as if something stopped me Slowly opened his eyes, raised his head Jin Yingming Jinying Ming Really you I stared at him, really is he I understand, I finally understand the at this time in the arms of Kim Ying ming, I was like to fin.a gloating gloomy face Only Mongolia too know Mengtai one Thought of this, I stunned, innocently standing motionless, only to feel dizzy. All the people are accused of me, ridiculed me I violated the promise of gold Yingming Montaigne a fidget cube shop violation of my promise Why is this so I really do not want to Mengtai one Mongolia too I looked up fidget cube white and stared Mengtai one. At this point, Montaigne is snapping those who say to me rude, turn on my eyes, he seemed to overawed. Is you you are doing right I first shaking with anger, never with a loud voice to Meng Tai a roar. Monte too one by one, eyes widened. Is he he must be in addition to who he can I pushed him away, rushed out from the crowd. My tears kept pouring out, the whole face, even the collar has been wet. But I refused to so much, my mind constantly emerge out of the shadow of Jin Yingming, at a loss, smiling, nervous, silent Ma Qiuqiu Mengtai one behind me made a mad shouting. However, now, my mind is only one idea I want to go to Jinying Ming I want to tell him, I have to explain VOL 2 There s no classroom The playground did not Shen Shen teacher I refused to so many break into the teacher room, the office of the teachers were suddenly broke into me to startled. I desperately swallowed saliva, said Shen teacher, Kim Ying ming, where.

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