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Fidget Cube With 10 Color Schemes ility, I have some loss. Kim Ying ming, or as usual, so I think things that day, always felt like a dream. The morning sweep because of a person s sake, I went to school early, and finally the cleaning work done, the classroom was empty, I took the opportunity to lie on the desk began to add strength. Good itch Even a sleep is not stable, I scratched the ear, for a sideways, to continue Bells and bells, bells and bells class, the class Class begins Class begins I was surprised, and immediately sat up, but saw a huge face scrape together in the nose 1 cm place. Ghosts My first reaction to drill under the table. Ha ha ha small sparrow you are so afraid of death ha ha ha Good familiar voice Monte too I looked up in disbelief. Ha Ha you really are stupid ah How Think of me Who is not he A I the best in the world, the face, plus the arrogance of the mighty. Why not speak, is not a dead mouse while I m not bullying you I ll help you avenge When it comes to Kim Ying ming, he becomes teeth. You you okay Although he is now alive, but the thought of the fragile look that day, I could not help but ask out loud. Of course good I am too a monk, but a hero Hit the win, lost the fight, the last laugh to be considered ruthless Now Mengtai a glimpse of gold. It s still early inverted This is what tongue.ll four hours In fact, I was the victim ah But I was dumb to eat berberine Ma Qiuqiu classmates, do you realize your mistake Hum ooo I quickly hastened to nod. Shen teacher saw me a poor phase, but also moved the compassion, long sigh Oh In fact, I know, you sit next to them is also very hard Hum hum teacher really Shenqiuqiu Shen I finally know that I stay in the Bermuda magic of the pain of the bar. Finally, I finally wait for the seat of the day So be it Shen teacher thought. How Change seats Change seats. You write 3000 words of the fidget cube lightsalmon review, this thing just like the past. what My eyes turned white and my chin fell to the ground. How could fidget cube with 10 color schemes this be How could, how would VOL 4 Look is her, really shameless, even if ugly, but also wrapped around Kim and Monet too. Catch a night of review of the book, wore two huge dark fidget cube on facebook circles in the morning but also to accept the students point fingers. All thanks to my two at the same table given, one heard of Hayakawa famous four family of a member, and the other is the school also holding a move can not big underworld. Hey early good morning Oh I am a cold sweat, trembling to put down the bag, sat down on the seat. how to buy fidget cube The classroom the same as the silence of death, all the people are gloomy face, looking around a dark mass. Whirring whirring I find it difficult to breathe. Fortunately, the immediate a.

onsible for What I will really be responsible for you do not like that little white face, he should be protected every day, the four families is the most unpromising fidget cube makers is his He said is Jin Yingming Four families What do you mean I was still thinking about what he had just, too much of a face, but closer the closer, the poor I have narrowed to the corner, retreat no retreat, can only be afraid to close your eyes. Do not Do he likes me Do not my first kiss I m going to vomit Mengtai one from the throat Biechu these words, even against me is a burst of wow wow wow to Kuangtu Poor I at least silly for three minutes, wake up when the body is full of Montana a spit out of the dirt I have no tears Rushed into the bathroom, all the way to see me all pinched my nose a look of disgust to escape, as if I was a huge garbage. I desperately to wash clothes pants and hair on the dirty things, so after washing the body has been soaked. Hum ooo I began to regret today s impulse. Back to the box, Montana is still on the sofa asleep. A total of 250. checkout the waiter to see the dirt on the sofa, his face is not good, the tone of nature is not much better. More than two hundred, good luxury I have four months of pocket money. Fortunately, I did not pay. I am drunk from the mud into a mud on the Monta one to explore th.ngtai one Soon, I was caught by him. I blindfolded my eyes, bite the bullet and wait for the arrival of punitive punches. But I broke his head would not have thought Montr al one even put me into the arms My God This is how is it boom My mind a blank, I became a sculpture straight to stay standing in situ, moving also dare not move. Heart how to buy fidget cube beating like a jump to want to jump out, his face burning like a fire. Small Sparrow What I Monte too head on my shoulder, a little bit adjusted position. Mengtai a ray of hair lazily to take on his forehead, let me see his handsome outline. My heart jumped more powerful this atmosphere, such an action he he will fidget cube with 10 color schemes not be to continue yesterday s bar How how could how how to do Finally get a clean Meng Tai looked up, let go, bad laugh. Wipe clean I was confused by his sudden change confused, and after a good while suddenly Hui Guoshen, toward their shoulders a look My God I even stained on the snow white uniforms mimeographed, vague noon fragrance of rice. This guy even put my clothes when the napkin with Monta hands rubbed in the pockets of the pants, nothing to go forward as self serving. Suddenly, he came back to fill the sentence Yes, little sparrow Where is your chest Amoy book off www.taoshuke.Cn VOL 2 Why do I always do this fidget cube with 10 color schemes kind of.mbrace of a Mengti initiation of a trace of nostalgia can not do this He is the victim of the gold Ying ming, he harmed me I repeatedly warned myself. VOL 4 Exclusion and targeting the drama continues to be staged every day, the school girls on my hatred seems to have not appeared because of Jinying Ming and increasing. Almost every day, I will receive two to three letters of intimidation, curse more and more vicious, but also attached to the dissected beyond recognition of the frog, slugs, textbooks have been painted, tearing beyond recognition, often so the class Was severely criticized by the teacher, and then stand. Monta one always insisted and stubborn accompanied the face of all this, I feel a corner of the psychological collapse, because of his dedication. Jinying Ming will come back, I struggled to survive Autumn weather, do not know is not affected by the atmosphere, began to become cold. Drops SMS Is the more beautiful. Qiuqiu, you all right, I do not go to your class to find you. Can you come to the rooftop of the school building after school Do not call Monte too, there or be square Is the United States, she still believe me. She still treat me as a friend Clutching the hands of the phone, my tears do not live up to the fall, at least in Hayakawa I have a friend Look at the Mongolian one fell asleep, I am busy wiping away tears After school, I have not w.

Fidget Cube With 10 Color Schemes thing. I frowned to take a Montana to the registration form, walked to the ladder classroom. Do not know where he inquired to Jin Yingming participated in the astronomical agency, also vowed to determine the middle must be ghosts, coercion to induce me to participate. The gold Yingming the guy or with the usual, see my eyes for help but also a little reaction, whatever the outcome, I am also Ling s savior ah Oh Why met Monte a and Jin Ying ming, I have nothing good. The more the more beautiful. I saw people talking on the corridor. Huh Talk to her is not the North Morning Star it Qiuqiu, a long time did not see, recently okay North Morning Star I saw fidget cube with 10 color schemes a very friendly greeting. Yep Qiuqiu, soon to class, and you go The more the United States also looked at me smiling. I I want to participate in Astronomical Society I really do not know how to explain the reasons for participation. Astronomy North Star smiled and said, how girls are the same, the United States a few days fidget cube with 10 color schemes ago also clamoring to go. I the more the United States smiled at me, Yes ah, Qiuqiu, I always wanted to participate in Astronomical Society, a person can register and embarrassed, just we together The United States intimacy to pull my hand, waving goodbye with the North Morning Star. I saw the oh the more the United States a look of ambiguous blush I played a face. Look see whathastened to say goodbye to him. There is nothing else to do How, how today thank you No no I do not have to run into you like I did not dare say the last part of the sentence. what s your name No, do not have it A girl inside the toilet to help a toilet to fidget cube for stress relief forget the paper with the idiot, but also the man, tell others to listen to, it should not be a very glorious thing now Not to mention goes on old newspaper that is unknown, if he had a long and short , such as anorectal cancer within the physiological disease I not trouble What are you saying, say This no I find the only point outside the fear of power, to the door to explore the past. My name is Montana, what are you He seems to like howling ah Ah I, I must know Yes He answered categorically. Well, then, my name is Ray, Lei Feng I do all the effort to run away, the back of the question also came the voice of terror what s your name what s your name what s your name VOL 5 Purple bud, I was too Meng ah Meng Tai a very excited to leap to the purple lei before self introduction. My God I also think that metamorphosis should not be a student of Hayakawa high school How are the top students of Hayakawa high fidget cube darkviolet school will have him such a stupid I was careful to hide behind some, so be recognized by that metamorphosis. Go away Purple Lei impatiently stroked his hair, to rely on the Jin.

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