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Fidget Cube ge for, want to scare the dead Face to face, then let the sales lady stuck in the throat, but also embarrassed to not work. In exchange for their own jeans, so that sales of the Miss unloaded, and wear their glasses back. Looking at the mirror of their own, suddenly there is a urge to cry. Head down to see Montana one, his blush, and really want to be so angry with me Little sparrow over Mengtai took a thing on my chest gestures, and then turned to the saleswoman said This I bought. I looked down and looked carefully, turned out to be a flower sparrow puppet brooch. Oh, Ma Qiuqiu, you have been a modest little sparrow, you simply do not need to dress. Along the way, I did not speak too much of a Mongolian, he would drunk for the purple bud, certainly for the present birthday will be nervous Only to the PARTY on the music broke the silence between us. Although there are heard Wakamatsu students are aristocratic argument, witnessed or was deeply shocked. The restaurant is decorated with pink ribbons and balloons, and the gorgeous French buffet table surrounds the hall with a lavish array of foods and beautiful fruit, while the glamorous guests are more enjoyable. Purple buds Purple bud Mongolia too to see the guests standing in the middle of the purple bud, immediately played like a strong heart needle alive. You you come to do You want to spoiler Mengtai one, you give me out, I did.Sparrow, how do you so hungry ah Mengtai looked at me in surprise. I swept the two empty tables on the table Disposable chopsticks Take more than two pairs back home. Look at this Look at this Monta like a magic from the arms of a stacked as a neatly stacked paper. paper correct I from the table tissue box, pumping a long piece of paper towel stuffed into the bag. Tomorrow, wipe the table to keep Ye Hao. Ma Autumn Autumn Suddenly the roar took my thoughts from the grief of emotions pulled out. Meng Taiyi Ma Qiuqiu s strategic alliances See the first line of paper written in these characters, my eyes almost out of the eyeball. Yes Montaigne nodded a heavy, a bit like a martyr about to be generous martyrdom. Over, over, a kind of strong anxiety in telling me this is a catastrophe of the beginning. I went on trembling to see Meng Taiyi Ma Qiuqiu s strategic alliance book Mengtai not remember the hatred of Ma Qiuqiu students out of sympathy and compassion, decided to remove from today hoe strong and weak, the establishment of strategic alliances. Strategic objectives the establishment of a firm alliance friendship, determined deliberately draw a key symbol defeated Jin Yingming Strategic requirements In view of the Mongolian one with extraordinary heroism, Ma Qiuqiu must obey the order fidget cube white and arrangement of Montana Those who disobey orders are not punished loan In addition, Monty also has a re.

ake up while Mongolia too, ran out. Hurriedly climbed the roof, I really want to see more beautiful, these days all the depressed mood, let me breath. The more beautiful the more beautiful Open the roof of the door, the roof whiz cold, a person did not. The more beautiful The sky was overcast, and it was going to rain. I stood on the rooftop of Connaught wrapped in uniforms, thinking that the United States should be immediately over. Purple buds, is the voice of purple bud, I fidget cube dice turned around and saw the terrible buddies and her group of buddies. How could they be here I subconsciously rely on How Afraid Montr al one now can not help you, I think you have any good arrogance, dead girl Do not be afraid, Ma Qiuqiu I keep telling myself, I have not done those things, I do not have to fear them. You are really thick skinned, doing so much nausea thing, actually still stay in Hayakawa I I did not Well, actually still do not recognize the death, I tell you, today you d better write this confession to the whole school, and then obediently rolled out Hayakawa, or else Confession To seduce you too one, framed those things Jinming Ming write clearly Yes, shameless woman, apologize to everyone I did not, I did not. I shook my head hard, I have not done, why no one believed Snapped I was hit by the sudden slap on the ground, purple buddy side of the.the kite far away If I could, I d rather have never met him My eyes emerge out of the gold Yingming deep eyes. What are you still staring at Monta stood up and looked at me. No no I I will not Early said ah Really a stupid sparrow Monte too one side complained, while the kite with both hands lifted. Windy Run Meng Tai a loudly said. I surprised a moment, and then quickly ran up along the river bank. fidget cube feldspar The wind was great, and the kite was blown up. I feel it seems to have the same life in the sky, flying higher and higher, kept pulling the line in my hand, but also pulled I have been stopped at the bottom of the mood. Kite flying high good high, one day so high I am excited to blush, happy and called and jump. Look at the look Good high good high Is it Oh My God Mongolia too smiled He laughed the fidget cube ship date look really handsome ah No How do I so heart. I slammed my head off. Hey Sparrow put the line, fast release line To swap out Monte too suddenly pointed to the kite cried nervously. I was too screamed a Monte too flick, the thread fell from my hands Kite I swoop to pick up the kite was flying to run the thread. Little sparrow Care But it was too late, I only heard Monte one cry behind me, and then the foot of a slip, fell into the river. VOL 5 I panic stricken eyes desperately fetching water, completely forgotten that they learned to swim this thing.atter to you Monta said, glancing at his eyes. Several from the bulletin board back to the classroom that girls through our side, they look to me with a look of disgust. It s her, Ma Qiuqiu, three shifts a year She She turned out to be a aid to communication Also to seduce Jin Yingming It s disgusting You give me shut up Montaigne one yelled at them. That several girls were scared ran into the school building. This in the end is how is it This in the end is how is it. I am more and more frightened, while Mengtai fidget cube by ansty not pay attention, I ran to the bulletin board ran. Zhang Qizhen, stopped her I heard Monte too shout behind me, and soon I was Zhang Qizhen to tightly grabbed. I beg you to let fidget cube me I 6 sided fidget cube with case desperately struggling, but Zhang Qizhen said nothing to let go, I am anxious to cry out. Mengtai a chase over, big step rushed to the front of the bulletin board, a tear off the poster, and then it torn pieces, and thrown into the trash. I stood there, no longer struggling, Zhang Qizhen also released his hand. Ma Qiuqiu class three students a year, please go to the principal s office immediately. Repeat again three classes of Ma Qiuqiu classmates fidget cube immediately to the principal s office Broadcast over and over again to broadcast, so I feel more afraid of panic following what happened. Standing in front of the principal s office, I feel that even the hand knocking on the door are shaking. Come in.

Fidget Cube smiled and looked at Monte too one classmates, what is your name, really thank you I am very happy, Ha ha I called Mengtai a Ma Qiuqiu is the students Montaigne said, talking and found the atmosphere is not, the sound down. Monte too Just his face has clearly cleared the mother now suddenly became cloudy. Mom I also became nervous. The last time you call Ma Qiuqiu temporarily in your home Do not tell me the specific address, call me dead old woman Montoya had a phone call for me to go home But he even called the mother on the phone My God. He was impatient This is his suicidal, I can not help him Mengtai a wake up call, and quickly play ha ha Ah Aunt The weather is not early I should go back Bye ah Ha ha ha ha Finished, he quickly disappeared. This guy, run him fast I saw his awkward back, I suddenly relaxed a lot. Ma Qiuqiu Come back with me Mom said modestly. Oops, I forgot my disaster is not over yet I turned and followed my mother upstairs. But the strange thing is, I did not intend to return home bombing, the two ghosts brother showed extra quiet, my father just kept repeating back like, come back like. Back to their familiar room, skillfully turn on the lights, fidget cube insider looking around the room. I came back nothing has changed the room seems to have carefully cleaned up the traces fidget cube of Suddenly, I remembered something, opened the cur. Is the more beautiful I suddenly remembered the top floor of the appointment, uncomfortable looking at her. I m sorry, I do not know they will meet you The more the United States eyes are red. There are two rooftops in the school building, and I forgot to tell you which one. No no matter, the more the United States. You really do not blame me You really fidget cube do not blame me The more the United States to wipe away tears, happy to hold my hand, so I have a lot of depressed mood Yehao. Mengtai one can not fidget cube figure out the situation, but to see me happy, no longer say anything. Qiuqiu, we go shopping, get some fresh air, okay But I really did not mind, but the United States so happy, I do not have the heart to let her down. Little sparrow, you go, ah, you have not been out for a long time. Mengtai not interested in a shopping, he turned and told the more beautiful You remember to send her home earlier. No problem, rest assured Phone with the body, something hit me phone We sent to the school gate of the car, Monta was a peace of mind to the bag to me. Ma Qiuqiu, I envy you Envy me The more the United States suddenly said how envious of me Monta One recently changed a lot you did not find it The more beautiful, then I have to face Monte too, has been his care of me, and I did not care about his existence. Probably he is to redeem it, I comfort myself. The car I and the United.

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