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Real Fidget Cube like carrying a stray cat, like I picked up. No no I started incoherent. Do not know Mengti a violent thunder, seeing the second palm will split down, and I quickly said quickly Just now I suddenly real fidget cube thought of myself did not see anything, right I can not provoke a new storm ah. I just did not see anything. Kim Ying ming Is your right Monte too suddenly thought of a hand hanging in the air. Call my little life temporarily be saved. He let go of my hand, glaring at the golden medallion, who was leaning against the back of the chair. Dead mouse Are you doing it Jinying Ming is still lifted without expression of poker face, and then actually a smile, smile Damn I want to kill you Montaigne one said, Jin Jinming rushed toward the DPRK. Said that when the time is fast, I have not had time to see, Monty has been a bitter to mention, discipline director, he really came in time, it appears that there is Lianxiangxiyu girls timely tipped off. Accompanied by a monkey killing a pig like sounds farther and farther, the classroom has finally returned to calm Jin Ying ming around a lot of girls surrounded by greetings, as if really a very serious injury, can be injured completely without expression, as if thinking about what the major problems. Of course, as two of my accomplices, there will not be a good life too. In the teacher s room, I was a teacher earnest lessons to Shen a fu.iberately wailing Cyclist side of the man is very nervous to explain for themselves, I have said to you out of the way How your reaction is not so brilliant You the earth s fingers and moved. Teacher, are you okay He squatted down to observe the frog being crushed , and then shook his body nervously. Teacher Are you still alive You must not be in trouble. I nervously shrink the shrink of his neck, but fortunately he is not the bad luck of the frog, or even if nothing is such a shake also went to half life. Ah Quick help fountain students, he seems to be second year football department of real fidget cube the handsome guy rattan kaye Ah, he was not hurt, just unconscious Shoot the club s Niu Chunhua, who wants you to do artificial respiration Ah, he woke up, and looked a bit dementia, quietly in the bicycle next to the tears Just stunned the teachers and students seem to immediately wake up, the school entrance suddenly chaos to do a ball. In a few teachers together under the treatment, but also pinch people, but also rubbed the stomach Finally, uncle finally breathed. Uncle jumped up from the ground, trying to grab a bicycle man s neck, his on the spot Dhamma. Oh, ah I want to kill the brats ah, the teacher, I said not intentional Cyclist side of the man explained, while jumping dodge. I am tolerating you for a long time Today is not your death is my death Ouji Sang irrational, the fire.

eat has been empty, Jinying Ming in the morning in the thoughtful, calm and disturbing morning Class bell rang, Mongolia too one has not come yet. Get out of class, and Mongolia too did not come. After school, Monty one still did not come No one knows why he did not come, and no one knows where he went. A series of three days, have not seen a shadow of Mongolia too, the day was a bit tranquil people panic. Jinying Ming almost did not speak, more and more time to meditate. Today, I and Monte too do a duty day, he is not, so I am the only one. Erase the blackboard on the value of the list of the moment the moment, I suddenly a little sad this guy even if I fear he was looking for him to debt, do not not appear ah, say he does not give, then who can get him any way. Immersed in their own thoughts, I did not find the sky late, the campus becomes very quiet. Meow meow Huh cat meow Monte too Probably my hallucination Meow meow Huh. Really is a cat called Could it be said and Monte too a first encounter scenes quickly replayed in my fidget cube order mind again, is it a fool. I had no time to think about real fidget cube it, then quickly ran to find the sound in the past. The school s fidget cube pictures parking lot was a basketball hall, rumors had been haunted events, has been wasted. Now, the day has all black, looking for cat cry I stood on the first floor of a small wooden door outside, hesitated to enter or not in.o disobedient the child For a long time not been a lesson to her mother, and sometimes do not know is kind or uncomfortable, the two bastards brother only heard me scolded, only head out from the room, gloating to laugh. The speaker has been until 12 o clock before the end of the last mama s mask saved me my mother every night at 12 o clock deposited mask. Back to the room, put on pajamas, lying in bed, obviously very tired, do not know why or over and over again to fidget cube lightblue sleep, Mengtai a guy s face kept in my mind, he and purple bud happened before There are at night that the mysterious figure who is it I feel like a question mark was involved in the unfathomable whirlpool, immediately into the last moment of sleep, I remind myself to remember to find the guy to recover my two months of hard earned money. VOL 2 fidget cube backer survey The next day is Sunday, my mother early in the morning to go to the other side of the river to shopping, father overtime, the two brothers are slipped out to play, I am a man to sleep at noon. Do not go to school, feeling a little better, but the touch of empty wallet, all the plans can only be canceled. Decadent at home watching TV one day, filling a brain paste. Finally looked forward to Monday, Oh, and quickly find a return to the loss of Monte too, or I have nothing. I do not know can not be recovered from that Overlord that I cynical, did not find the class has begun. Mengtai one s.of anger in his hanging wheel prints chest burning. Teacher, ah, teacher Cycling man seems to have fun I still hurry to go, stay in this certainly no good thing, I turned around and hit a person. And then heard the sound coming from behind We are not allowed to go Go to the Chamber In the communication room, the head of the instructor kept rambling in front of me, and I tried to hide myself in the back of the crowd. What happened today, a school on the occurrence of so many chain events. I know Ma Ma Qiuqiu but never discipline, and anything does not matter. Mengtai one you see what you have done a good thing I real fidget cube do not know how to say you Tram men bear the brunt and a group of students did not bring the school badge standing in front, looks a bit like a hippo discipline director cold face Looking at him. Ok Monte too I like the name where I heard. Think well familiar with Oh. Do not wear school badge Also crash on duty on the black teacher Hippo look to the cyclist. The cyclist s mouth was cramped, but he held back and did not speak. Charge director, these are first year students. Next to a bit wearing a glasses of the teacher handed the hippo stack of information, ah, fidget cube peru probably we are a few guy s school file it. Hippo teacher took the school file, cold face read Your school badge Outside the classroom came the voice of the teacher on duty. Out. A voice without any emotion.

Real Fidget Cube ressed He seemed very proud of their own smart, completely ignoring my meaning, this idiot One morning class, two people also live in peace, Meng Tai a sleep until the fourth class with a big yawn, declared his wake. Jin Yingming has been very quiet, even the get out of class does not move, sometimes in lectures, and sometimes in thinking, the standard good student Mo Yang to attract a lot of girls eye I just relieved to feel left hand was pulled, my facial features began to wrinkle into a ball, pretend not to know, pretend not to know. Sparrow, you court death ah Hurry Mengtai a thief smiled and handed me a piece of paper, and made a strange wink. On the note, a man with a long tail of the mouse frowned and thought, next to a note, read Jin Yingming. Although there is no art to speak of this painting at all, however, always feel and Jin Ying ming somewhat similar, I could not help but also Puchi out laughing. Throw it to him, hurry up Mengtai commanded me, raising fists and warning me not to real fidget cube fidget cube instagram do the end. Kim Ying ming was a laugh and I Mengtai awakened, raised his noble head, I quickly in the Mongolian one of the despotic power of the paper handed in the past Jinying Ming frowned and looked at, actually there is no reflection, but also took out a pen on the paper drew up. Little sparrow, to see what he painted Hurry to take over, hurry up and see what he was to his place. I have not figure out how things will happen, We have come back after another. But I clearly felt that the storm was coming soon Hey, little sparrow you do not stare at the door in a daze blocking the way Long too late to the Mongolian unceremoniously to reward me a record violent chestnut head. Oh Oh Oh You are stupid I quietly skim a glimpse of gold, he seems to have nothing happened, lying on the table nap. Hope nothing, fidget cube tan huh, huh, but how to look like a quiet before the storm. I see you really silly Forget it I continue to sleep Today, how so sleepy Meng Tai a stretched a big lazy waist. what Mengtai a piercing screams into my ears. Which bastard dry Mengtai one from the buttocks to unplug a few pushpins, probably because of too much pain, his face red, his eyes still hung with tears. Which bastard dry I stand out Mengtai a lung are fried. The whole class did not dare out the atmosphere. Who in the end Do not stand out I let him die ugly I almost intend to own a hole to bury them, I do not know anything, really do not know Ma Qiuqiu Who Mengtai one to me to a thunderstruck, at the very beginning is to beat my head melon seeds. Fortunately, my head is also hidden in the book below, the book to help me block half of the strength, but I still hurt my straight bared teeth. Can be too much or not reconciled, a grabbed my clothes after the collar.

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