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What Is Fidget Cube n, listen carefully to the sound coming out of the sound. Life for the first time in front of people singing, so I was almost unable to pronounce the voice of tension. Oh sing well Oh why, why do you want to sing this song. Monta a I carefully dropped the microphone, to his close, If you do not like it, I ll change a song. Ha ha ha The melody of the music continues, can be too one is too laughing, secretly light I can not tell his face is wine or why This guy even rely on my shoulder I suddenly stiff, like a stick of wood did not dare to what is fidget cube move a move, do not know what to do. This brats fidget cube peachpuff do not want to take advantage of my cheap bar I reached out and tried to push him away, but on the shoulder he looked like a puppy. How do I use this metaphor Puppies, homeless and injured puppies Is this really him Is that usually bully I love to find Jin Ying ming trouble that eternal wicked monta too Is that one stand up and admit that he painted a piece of the heroes of Monte too Usually so tough, he would like a puppy I sighed, put out the hand and put it down. Purple bud For a long time, Monte too suddenly raised his head, staring at me. At the moment, his face and my face is only three or four centimeters away, my face brush to look at the red. I, I, I I am not Purple bud, remember the last time you kissed me, I said, I will be resp.ller coaster started a few minutes later. Roller coaster began to climb up slowly, Monte too like a very happy, blowing a whistle in his seat, from time to time back to laugh at the back of the face was pale and tense tourists. I have been resigned to sit in my seat scared, waiting for the arrival of the deadline period. Roller coaster climbed to the highest point, I closed my eyes tightly. Suddenly, I feel the whole body suddenly sank down, the whole heart are hanging up, the ear is only the whining wind scared my voice can not send out. Do not know how long in fact, not to two minutes , and finally stopped. Monte too seems to be screaming at me desperately, but the only buzzing sound in the ears, he said something, I did not hear a word. A few seconds later, I could not even hear the hum, and doubled his eyes, fainted. Hazy, what is fidget cube I feel like a shoulder is very large people carrying, but soon I lost consciousness. Little Sparrow how do you so without scare, you give me up, hear no Mengtai a guy in a dream but also threatened me Do not scare me ah I do not play the roller coaster of the you up How can he heard a trace of worry about his words. Well Well Seems to sleep for a century, I wake up with his head. Huh When lying on the park bench how also soft My God Is too one I actually lay on his lap. I quickly sat up, today is really the next life s.

he feet are particularly clear in the light of lightning Kim, who are you Jinying Ming, I really can not hold fast Time in the top floor of the still, I seem to feel that someone is calling me, so far, and good near Small Sparrow Sparrow BANG I what is fidget cube heard the sound of broken glass. Monte too Is Montana one, in the last close your eyes that moment, I saw a glass too Mengtai smashed open the door and rushed in. That guy, or so violent Seventh war the desolate desolate embattled 1 VOL 1 Once again came to the school is two days later. High fever and nothing, but delayed early Kawakami school two days to become particularly nervous mom and fidget cube sounds dad, see a better turn immediately out of my school. Jinying Ming is still not, but his desk every day, the girls were clean in the class, compared to my desk on the appalling. But the strange drawer and I did not expect the frogs, slugs, threatening letters and the like, perhaps after the last thing, those girls a little convergence, think of this I was relieved. Two weeks is the mid term exam, because all the results will be published, but also held the whole school parents meeting, the students are nervous up, began to enter the phase of the preparatory phase of the exam, the teacher began to layout a lot Of the review questions. Finally to the afternoon after school, Mongolia too help me a good bag, ready to send me home. Qiuqiuter. The original love sister can not go, that morning has enough shame The thought is still cold wind giggle my face on a burst of weakness. You listen to me can not be wrong Rest assured The original sister mysteriously blinked his eyes. But I m going to help you collect the popularity, specifically to find the school for the party ah. I was pushed on the road of love, a lot of pedestrians frequently look back at me. The original the original love sister Always looked back at me, is not my face dirty ah The original love sister Minzui smile, said Qiuqiu, you have a little confidence in their own good Tonight, but fidget cube olivedrab you are very beautiful Oh Is is it Oh Although the training under the bridge, but to wear such a person is still a little guilty. Into the hall, the students came a lot, a rare opportunity to exchange, we are particularly happy laughter, playing noise really extravagant, did not expect a grade even friendship will be wrapped under such a large venue. The auditorium is two stories high, in front of a performance hall, on the left side of the hall also stood a grand piano. I suddenly remembered Jin Ying ming in HOTLINE piano look, my heart throb. Small sparrow Do not know where to jump out of a big mouth looked at me too. I looked at Monte too surprised, I do not know where to put hands and feet, so I am more upset. Montaigne, you first take the aut.sumo like girl step by step close to me Squid, do not talk to her wordy, received her cell phone Do not I watched the schoolbag was the sumo wrestling girls away, I put all the stuff in the bag out, completely no way to resist And so on, purple bud, you see what is this She is actually out of the paintings of Jin Yingming. Purple buds lug eyebrows to see paintings and look at me, the nose hum to sneer. I was horrified staring at the purple pull in the hands of the painting, the heart was pulled tightly. Ming Purple bud, is the gold Yingming Jin Yingming actually gave the painting to her I nervously bit my lips, do not Please do not Jin Yingming actually give you his paintings You unscrupulous woman also harm him Ma Qiuqiu You squid mind desperately searching the most vicious fidget cube yellow words to describe me, but her line of sight suddenly set what is fidget cube in the painting, she took the purple bud in the hands of the painting You do not deserve the painting of Kim Ying ming Do not, my heart bitter to a piece, do not, beg you do not Sap pronunciation of a handful of hard to pull his hands, the painting torn into two halves. My heart seems to have been torn into her as two, it hurts It was Jin Ling Ming gave me the Ling, is my I refused to whole body pain, throat, uttered a dry screaming, suddenly rushed over the fight for her hands in the painting. She unexpectedly was I sudd.

What Is Fidget Cube . I suddenly felt the pupil suddenly zoom I I, I Oh, right, remember to record the situation in the book every day Oh Mengtai a revealing his righteous awe inspiring smile. My God Montaigne my poor high school life A tension not to digest the bread began to mischief, and I do not live up to the strength of a hiccup I, uh, back, uh, back in the classroom Less, er, less nonsense, uh, I have to go back Mengtai a brats even learn to speak to me, but also mercilessly laughed. I am angry face Biede red, pretending to be indifferent to walk in front of him, and my heart to a Mengtai a thousand times a million times. But to see him finally a little normal, and my heart always feel a fidget cube saddlebrown lot of peace. Hey Sparrow I was about to enter the classroom, Monte too suddenly stopped me. Uh uh I sat or not stopped, it seems that this gap to hit the old days to hit Oh Oh Thank you for taking care of me that day Mengtai a grasping hair, it seems a bit embarrassed. Ah uh uh Next time you talk to you again, I ll hit you He raised his fist. How there will be such a bastard I go Hurry into Montana s eyes and impatiently stare too big cattle. I see the potential is not good, fidget cube sides and quickly slipped into the classroom. The fourth leg the fate of the game chase gear 1 VOL 1 On the Xia sister, you heard it The ugly woman to find Montenegro to the phone, he g.sponsibility to protect Ma Qiuqiu. Usually must be unified action Ma Qiuqiu if there is a personal will, must be allowed to be free to move too Strategic plan within a semester to prove that the Mongolian one more than Jinying Ming more out of the limelight, more talented than Kim Ying ming, more mannered than Kim Ying ming Completely out of the school Jinying Ming, from the Hayakawa Institute will be a Montana and Ma Qiuqiu the world At the end also added an exaggerated smiley symbol. God Why I am always involved in the center of the hurricane Come Sign it Is not it Also signed. I did not no pen Oh I found a good excuse. Then press the fingerprint Press fingerprint. There is no ah Is not a deed But not much better than the sale of the body is also strong. No no printing platform I quickly thought of a reason. Mengtai a drop of beads to a turn That easy to handle Say, press the fingerprint, after a few days do not admit it He grabbed my hand, forced out my thumb, hard to dawdle on the ground, the pain I wow who cried. Only to I feel that they are grinding out the bones, he put my thumb to the contract book force a press A very clear gray ash does not leave the what is fidget cube finger print will appear. Mengtai a happy to fidget cube kickstarter put away the paper, folded back to hug the arms, happy like a child. From now on, we have to go home together from school, do you know Why I said one hundred thousand unwillingly.

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