2015 Global Prophetic Word Given By Prophet Brian Carn approximately at 2:30am
January 1, 2015 RoSharon, TX @ Word Restoration International Church NYE Service
(Please reference the links below the prophecies to see where they have come to pass.)

1. Stay away from pork – a disease will hit pigs.

2. Jeb Bush’s son, George Prescott Bush will rise to power this year.
This is the beginning of this prophecy. Clearly stated in the article.

3. George W. Bush, Sr. health will take a turn for the worse. We will witness his transition. Jeb Bush will become the patriarch of the Bush family.

4. The East Coast will be bombarded by hurricanes this year and there will be many power outages.

5. Many storms will hit Boca Raton, Florida – tell your loved ones and friends, when a storm warning/watch comes for that area, don’t ignore it – get out! Be very prayerful.

6. California will experience record breaking fires.
Most definitely the set up news for this prophesy to be fulfilled.

7. The feminist movement will move forward in a massive way.

8. The homosexual agenda will flourish greatly.

9. Pope Francis will have a health scare, but he will be fine.

10. Pope Francis is being maligned, but he is not the one to worry about…it’s the next Pope that comes into office who will do very dark things. Be very prayerful about this.

11. China, Japan and India will experience much violence.

12. “I saw Kanye West lose his mind…reminiscent of Michael Jackson. People around him knew what was happening but no one intervened and tried to help/stop. Pray for Kanye West, God’s hand is on his life. Pray, pray that he does NOT lose his mind. Kanye & Kim will not be married long.

13. There will be no peace in the Middle East…and all the countries acting like they are friends are not.

14. Be prayerful about traveling to the Middle East in 2015 – you might not come back.

15. Pray, pray, pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!

16. There will be many violent school shootings.

17. Cyber attacks will be much worse. It will be so bad, people will go back to using cash and refuse to use bank/credit cards.

18. Pay attention and pray for Virginia or Connecticut – there will be small terrorist groups that will come from these areas. ISIS and all other stuff they are not really ready to attack YET they are really just gathering right now.
Here are some news stories from Virginia:

Virginia High School Student Accused of Helping Man Join ISIS in Syria
ISIS Movements Near West Virginia Being Monitored

19. Civil war in America.

20. Pray about your travel.

21. There will be a plane crash around the area Ukraine/Russia area many people will be killed.

22. Planes will just start falling from the sky – there will be many plane crashes…don’t just get on planes and not pray. Pray and cover your plane and ALL planes in the sky. you think of an aerial accident you will immediately think of planes and neglect helicopters. I count this on as part of the prophecy)

23. Pray for Kenya – there will be great calamity there.
I believe this is the beginning of this prophecy. This is the first Kenyan news of this year that gets international attention.

24. A well known preacher will suffer a stroke. God will judge him for not preaching the real gospel.

25. The Prophet also mentioned in a different day that the Holy Ghost revealed to him that many stars were going to die this year. The Holy Ghost told him the number 18 but did not reveal to him what it means.
This news starts with “Three French sports stars!!!”

In a different message the Prophet mentioned that a major shift in the atmosphere will occur in the month of April, it would be as if there was a “change of guard” in the spiritual realm. He also prophesied of the biggest earthquake.

Jihadi John will get murdered or beheaded. Prophesied on March Clarion call.

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