The Word of the Lord for 2017 given by Prophet Brian Carn on January 30, 2017: 

  • February: A month of backlash; protest and reaction; bold political moves; America will mark her enemies.
  • March: A month of repositioning and making important moves; the media will make major moves.
  • April: A month of release; hope is found; there will be an older face that will expire from the scene (an athlete from another era); there will be a major announcement made for the political season and history will be made.
  • May: A month of negotiation and slippery slopes; we will see in the news North Korea’s leader admires President Donald Trump, but will he admit this?
  • June: A month of shock and awe; unusual things in the headlines and questions it’s motive; people will begin to lose interest in authority.
  • July: A month of compromise; humility is found; and relevance to America’s past time memory is found.
  • August: A month of rebirth; a new contract is made and is beneficial.
  • September: A month of celebration; we will see the Queen of England in the news, her time is short and she is fading away from the palace; see a king coming into power.
  • October: A fighting month; a wicked month; a month of aggression; begin to intercede for the major wickedness that will occur.
  • November: A month to dictate soldiers as commands pray for America’s military.
  • December: A fair well to a certain famous leader.
  • In 2017 a famous evangelist will die; continue to pray for preachers and men of God.

Other Prophecies Given on January 30, 2017 by Prophet Brian Carn:

Protest will become the norm.

Prior leaders will speak against our leadership and will be in demand for his [President Donald Trump] departure.

Pray for Chile; I see an earthquake happening that will be over a 7.0 magnitude.

Major news story in New York City; it’s as if it’s having a “heart attack”, can’t move, and are stunned. November returns again.

There will be an embassy controversy in the news that is linked to President Donald Trump’s plans; problematic issues will come if this embassy is created.

There will be a news story around a woman who is a newscaster who will be passing (this woman compares to the tutelage of Dianne Sawyer — the woman is not Dianne Sawyer.)

A train collision at the dawn of a new day; continue to pray for travel.

Will see on the news an actor that has been arrested, but he’ll say he was “framed”.

A prior United States President will return to the hospital again. Keep him in your prayers.

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