2021 Word of the Lord

2021 is The Year of Scandal. Many scandals are going to be revealed in the church, politics, Hollywood, and every sphere. The word of the Lord is to sanctify yourselves (Joshua 3:5) so that YOU won’t be involved in such scandals, and to pray and intercede concerning this in our nation and our churches. View the Prophetic Word of the Lord for 2021 given on January 4, 20201 by Prophet Brian Carn below:

Latest News

  • After January 18, 2021, a moment of oppression is coming and chaos is going to follow the week of January 18. This will ignite anger throughout the land.
  • I believe I see that McDonald’s will have a major recall this year. People will  consider a lawsuit against McDonalds.
  • Misprinted lottery tickets and scratch offs where there will be a lot of winnings and people cashing in overnight. A scandal coming to the lottery industry. 
  • I’m hearing conversations of assassinations in the Spirit. Something is going to happen where there’s military intervention, and it will be found as a result of a threat to the president, and we’ll feel as if we’re back in days of JFK. A special bullet is being made for the President. 
  • A lot of cheating scandals on historic levels revealed. Cheaters will be exposed and will be judged.
  • A famous CEO exposed and will step down
  • Month of April is a major transition. 
  • November needs to be a month of enormous amount of prayer cause it will disrupt the peace of millions, says the Lord.
  • A famous bridge in America will have major issues. Pray for the bridges in America.
  • Historical protest this year.
  • See the flag at half staff. I believe in the next couple of months it will be half staff. 
  • Controversy is getting ready to breakout at the end of January.
  • I keep seeing on the news “Recall! Recall! Major recall!” on the news.
  • February is a month of protest; overwhelming protest. The military may get involved. Pray concerning this because even though they’ll get control of this pandemic, the social unrest will not be able to be controlled.


  • America is almost going to be a “2 Nation Country”. Even though Joe Biden is going to be our President, it seems like there are going to be 2 Presidents, and Biden is only President over a certain part of America. This will be on news. This country is getting ready to be divided.
  • See President Donald Trump at a crossroads because of a shocking disclosure. Something is going to come out and he’s going to wonder what he is going to do next.
  • The month of June is significant in disclosures of government paperwork and documentation. Theres something that is going on undercover that will be revealed by summer time.
  • The State of Georgia will rise against the system, says the Lord, and defy its preface and we need to prepare for backlash. Everything is shifting in the State of Georgia. What is up is coming down; what is down is coming up. 
  • A shakeup is coming to the White House. Pray concerning this.
  • This is a year of political war. Back and forth all year, republicans against democrats and democrats against republicans. The voice of the independent will bring reason. 
  • A major bill will be signed into existence in America in the month of September.
  • All over the news you’ll hear about a “Trump Cult” or Trump group. This is the term (Trump Cult) you’ll hear on the news. A divided America. 
  • August will be a unique time in the nation and for politics. August is historical. 


  • Hurricane coming to Carolina that will be all over the news and change everyone’s mind about what is next as it pertains to their safety.
  • See a new age of California fires, and an unusual, historic earthquake coming and it will be bad, like “911” bad. Pray!
  • Major earthquake coming to a Spanish speaking country. I saw the nations of the earth going to them and helping them because it was so bad.


  • Had a vision of Navy ships seen where they shouldn’t be seen; and saw a fire power exchange grafted before the seas of the middle sea. There is a shocking confrontation that will lead to the thought of war. Be prayerful about this.
  • See shock and awe coming to our nation, and I see Chinese military leaders discussing a certain approach that will find us in conflict in the South China Sea.


  • This will be the sign that this is the Year of Scandal— I see a famous talk show host that is getting ready to die this year. Pray, this may be diverted, but they may be close to death. 
  • Something strange is coming to media, where I see an online petition where people are fighting against the media and pushing to shut the media down.
  • New TV network program like Netflix that will be big is coming out soon. It may be bigger than Netflix.
  • Famous African American TV host will die suddenly with no warning.


  • The month of April will reveal a significant payout. Prophetically, this is the year of wonders and a financial year for those who are hearing the Lord and staying close to Him.
  • Keep investments in gold and silver. This decade it will triple. 
  • Pray for our country. Economical collapse is coming.
  • I see a Crypto currency increase through the month of April. Invest in it.

Watch the 2021 Word of the Lord Video from January 4, 2021