2023 Word of the Lord


A resurgence of women coming to the forefront who are consecrated for God to be used powerfully and prophetically. 

People in the back of the desert, “no names”, are rising up and God is giving them a voice!

There are a group of young men and women that God is putting a sovereign mark on and are willing to walk away from everything to serve Him and will see a manifestation of God like never before!

There shall be a surgence of men and women on fire for God! A prophetic sign is a national headline of a gentleman who broke out of prison (like Shawshank Redemption). There’s a liberty coming to the people of God!


On the news there will be an assault rifle ban.

Major plane crash coming that’ll so be big that it’ll startle the nation.

A mall massacre is coming.

A night club shooting will be all over national headline news.

A lot of strange deaths and freak accidents. Pray and intercede like never before.

This is the end of an era. What was once popular won’t be popular anymore.


We’ll hear more conversations about North Korea; a North Korean threat.

Russia will retreat and regroup for future plans. It’s not over yet, but they’re planning something in the future for Ukraine.

I see President Barack Obama a lot this year making unusual announcements.

Pray for President Joe Biden. He will be diagnosed with something major. The question is ‘Will he remain the President or will Vice President Kamala Harris be President?’

Bad news in the country in a couple of days. Everyone will be crying. We have to pray!

A conversation about assignation attempt. A political leader will deal with death at his door.


Pray for Kanye West. There’s a strong call of God on his life.

Pray for Steve Harvey. Pray for his heart and high blood pressure.

Actor will commit suicide or attempt it. Many will say it’s a overdose, but it’s actually intentional.

Jerry Springer came to me and asked me to pray for him and said he’s going through a health crisis.

A major talk show host will soon be out of here.

Saw a major icon look like they lost their son or child and it’s all over the news.

A strange, bad accident coming to a major big time preacher. It is his sin finding him out. They need our prayers.


Real estate market is getting ready to crash.

A bitcoin collapse, and it will shock investors.

The economy will decline. See an economic decline.

Self service stores this year, robots will replace the human experience. Working from home will become more and more popular.


Major storm coming to the Caribbean island to the point of no return. A major geophysical disaster.

Wild fires in the west will be very bad in 2023.

California weather will be strange this year, and it’ll be all over the news.

A PROPHETIC Sign for the Word of the Lord: Next couple days a major earthquake is very near. There may be an American earthquake. Pray for Japan — An Asian nation earthquake.

1st of the Month Prayer Calls:

1st Day of Every Month of 2023 – 6:00am Eastern Prayer Call — Dial 605-472-5209 with Code 341333#