2020 Word of the Lord


The Word of the Lord for 2020 given by Prophet Brian Carn from the Heavens Newswire App (Documented: December 7, 2019, January 1, 2020, and January 13, 2020): 

2020 Word of the Lord


  • An American earthquake will shock the nation. It is going to be so big, not really on the West coast, but somewhere else that will be very shocking. Pray that it doesn’t come nigh your dwelling!


  • A shocking discovery by the end of August to revel a great secret that will create a stir.
  • A famous preacher has heart problems in 2020 and will take a break from ministry.
  • Rapid amount of children overdosing on prescription drugs. Know what your children are involved in because there’s a spirit on what they’re listening to and watching. Pray for your children and have discernment.
  • 2020 is the year of the giant. Many major giants and preachers will be removed, says the Lord. Pray that God will begin to deal with leaders so that God will give them an “exit strategy” to train up sons in the ministry to take their place.
  • 2020 will be a year where everyone will talk about the prophetic or say they are a prophet. Pray for great discernment and for it to be strengthened.


  • A New York City problem that will be found to reshape the way people view real estate.
  • A famous class action lawsuit begins in 2020.
  • Famous luxury car recall shakes confidence in consumers.


  • There will be a tragedy for one contestant like American Idol
  • A famous famous famous director or producer, one of the biggest names in Hollywood, dies suddenly, but this could have been prevented.
  • A major problem with Bill Cosby will be found. There will be a stir between him and the White House. Pray for him.
  • A famous 1980s star dies in 2020 who was a big name.


  • A new work begins for Asia as a true change of tariffs reveals a difference.
  • There will be a conflict in South America. One nation and one issue. A big news story pertaining to South America.
  • A certain city will have a major evacuation. This will be on the news.


  • A famous medical breakthrough with teeth will be found in 2020. I suggest that you invest in something concerning new inventions pertaining to teeth because there will be a major invention connected to teeth.
  • Astronauts, NASA and more to be seen in 2020.
  • A famous alien discovery is known in 2020. There will be a lot of talk about alien discoveries on the news. Don’t be afraid.


  • A shocking change of government reveals great discord in the nation.
  • Turmoil in the White House shall be seen, says the Lord.
  • Pray for President Trump’s heart. I see the enemy attacking his heart.
  • New President will be the talk of the town. But will it happen? President Trump will become president once again. After him there will be someone from the Democratic Party or Independent Party coming into power.
  • The U.S. flag will hang half mast, there will be a death of a former president and a supreme court justice. The supreme court justice seat will become empty and God will fill the seat so that the courts can rule in the favor of the church.

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