The Word of the Lord for 2018 given by Prophet Brian Carn on December 31, 2017: 

  • January: a time to see the transition of speculation in consequence. Many such ideas of “what if this happens to the president?” or “what if that happens?” regarding his removal.
  • February: a time when market watch will be in play. Many will learn of a system or a stock or digital currency to invest in. Many will get wealth by doing so.
  • March: a time when a forced decision will be made overseas. One that is highly controversial.
  • April: a time to gather the approval of the American people. For one specific vision will be implemented with force.
  • May: a time to celebrate. Success has been born. A true change is coming. Especially in regards to how we trade and buy and sell.
  • June: a time of defeat. It will seem that we have tasted defeat and caught by surprise. Next time we will be on the look out and this secret threat will not come again.
  • July: a time of upgraded security. Also a time of independence in patriotism.
  • August: a time of removal. A great removal will be found or suggested. It’s historical consequence will create a new climate in our nation.
  • September: a time of overload. Many people are seeking many questions. A demand has met the eye in the sky and the mission to know more will be in mind.
  • October: a time of seizure, but also a time of surrender. Favor will come to one specific political project.
  • November: a time of departure. The end of one age leads to the beginning of brand new. Awkward will be its feeling.
  • December: a time of remembering an icon; his legacy transcends a generation.
Other Prophecies Given by Prophet Brian Carn on December 31, 2017  at The Crossover & January 2, 2018 via Periscope:

Pray for the children. I saw in a vision so many demons on children. There was a spirit on them where murders were becoming so rampant, where they were focusing more on the age of the person who did the murder rather than the actual murder/incident. But I saw an influx of demonic activity in children. Pray for your children strongly.

There will be fires on the East Coast like there were on the West Coast. Those fires were spiritual, supernatural. I saw in a vision that the fires on the East Coast were so bad that the only thing that stopped it were the prayers of the righteous.

2018 will be a year of history. So many historical events. It is going to get the attention of the world.

The churches that don’t want the prophetic and supernatural, something is going to happen that will make them run to the prophetic. Give it time, sooner or later they will need the voice of the prophet in their churches.

If God doesn’t move for President Trump, something is going to happen where he’s going to be forced to step down.

Watch the months of April, May, June, & July, you’ll see in the news gas prices going up like you’ve never seen before. This shall be a sign that the Lord has spoken to me on this night.

God is getting ready to induce the labor of the church; the church is behind schedule. God is about to “induce their birth” and make them give birth to this baby. He is going to force us back on our knees, force us to get back into the secret place. Whatever He has to take from us to get us on our face and seek Him, He’s going to take it! Nothing shall come before God.

Pray for Billy Graham. A transition is going to happen. When he makes the transition, revival is going to hit the church in a way that you’ve never seen. Continue to pray for his strength.

There is another cryptocurrency that will soar. Talks of regulation will invade government minds.

There will be another Sports controversy similar to Pete Rose (former professional baseball player & manager).

Marijuana will become more legal all over America. More millionaires will be made from this controversial stock in marijuana that is getting ready to soar.

Pray for Men of God like never before. There are a lot of men of God in the way, but they won’t pass the baton; they won’t move, shift, or change. God is saying because they won’t move, He’s about to move them. There is going to be a major shift in the body of Christ.

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